Lamb to Revelation, and 7 Deadly Sins

Sheeple to Shepherd.

The Lamb

No clue. Spiritually asleep. Sheeple. This is when one is clearly operating from the layers of the ego of the 3D level of consciousness. One example of this level of consciousness perception would be being opinionated to the point of judgement of ourselves, other people, and things, everything really. Like when we perceive what is right or wrong in relation to who should and shouldn’t be doing what they are or are not doing. Like not being aware of cause and effect and that what we put out comes back. And parroting such a phrase without having genuinely experienced the understanding of, and awareness of, when it is happening, and having the ability to take appropriate actions at the pivotal moment.

Like when a parent is physically violent with a child, and then, usually on another day, something negative happens to the parent, a confrontation in a shop, or an altercation in the street, or a minor injury whilst gardening, or a bad day at work, or anything else where something doesn’t seem to go right. It’s the equivalent return of the energy the parent put out when they struck their child but because the return energy is usually in a different form, from a different person, on a different day, the connection is not made, though the energetic signature is written in plain view. It is a fundamental expression of the Universal Laws. Another example is seen in those who go to Church and pray, or kneel on a mat and pray, and then go home and shout at their spouse, or judge or treat unkindly another due to their own absence of true spirituality, and then wonder why their prayers are never answered.

Egotism may be fulfilled by exploiting the sympathy, trauma, emotion or ignorance of others, as well as utilizing coercive force, deception, manipulation, Mind Control and fraud. The egotist has an overwhelming sense of the centrality of the ‘Me’ operating in their personal qualities and personal identity. These are people who can’t be trusted as they will always manipulate the circumstances to Service to Self as their primary or only concern.

Sadly, this lack of spiritual development and associated lack of awareness can allow other programming to dominate such a person’s thought processes and behaviours. A person can be caught up in an emotional bouncing suit that would see them lurching from one drama to another of varying degree like they were a human ball in a game of universal tennis on a planet court, with a sleeping door-mouse umpire, and all against the backdrop of noise of a stereotypical crowd at a gladiator pit.

This whole level of ego consciousness-based perspective is so familiar to these individuals that in the early stages and unaware of the irony, they will even fight to hold on to it. Anything that is perceived to challenge this state of mind, and anything going wrong in a person’s experience of reality, is externalized and blamed on other people, places, or things. Rather, it is a demonstration of a total lack of personal accountability.

There is a lot to unpack here in relation to all of the other shadow side programming of mind control, and implants, and projections, and related thought processes and behaviours. Essentially, it really is a stage where one cannot only not see the wood for the trees, but one doesn’t even know that they don’t know. This is the danger zone where people are used as puppets and portals for dark entities, wandering around like zombies but all the while thinking they are smart, looking in all the wrong places, for all the wrong things, and pursed lips deaf to anyone or anything that suggests otherwise. Sadly, there are those who are manipulated to the point where they are willingly carrying out shadow work for the dark agenda under the impression that it’s something else, and then of course there are those that understand what is happening and choose to betray humankind regardless. All are not even sheep at this stage but lambs to the slaughter.

So, where do we start? The Chinese call it Wu Ji er Taji, the Tibetans called it Dao, the Japanese call it Zen, in Sanskrit it’s called Marga, and it simply means ‘The Path’. To walk it takes masses of courage, selflessness, persistence, and love. And as with all journeys, it starts with putting one foot in front of the other.

In order to understand that the mind is operating from the first three lower levels of Ego Consciousness, it is also necessary to understand that these three layers are operating from the Pain Body aspect of ourselves. They function together and are rooted in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Energetic Centres or Chakras, of our Electromagnetic Field, or Aura. Further they correspond directly to the 1D, 2D, and 3D layers of DNA, and lower spectrum ray frequencies and sound field vibrations of the Light-Body, the first Horizontal Triad of the Hova Body, and the First Harmonic Universe.


So, having heeded the call, it’s time to get to work. This process is different for everyone because we are all different, with different experiences, with different accumulated miasma, and with different individual soul missions. However, there are some processes that have the same structure if not the same details. Few incarnated here Karma Free. What Karma we have accumulated from all lifetimes and how much, is what determines the details of our path. The clearing of it initiates the dark night of the soul and can vary in the time it takes to go through this intensely spiritual experience which bends every component of every aspect of our self. Other ingredients are added also in all forms imaginable, designed to ensure the lessons are learnt and the related specific detrimental blocked, damaged, or absent, aspect of our energetic field is realigned, and rids the associated mind control belief or implant that our corresponding inorganic behaviour comes from. The more resistance, intentionally or intentionally, the more the lesson repeats and with more severity, until mastery is achieved. Then it’s on to the next one…

This is all reflected in our environment and by the people around us. It all feels very real and usually sends us on an emotional rollercoaster with onlookers and spectators many of whom can be seen as sent to invoke the distress we experience. Heck some even seemingly cheer it on and do anything they can to add to and prolong it, though why is the point. In many cases, ghoulish and witchy faces start to reveal themselves behind otherwise perceived pretty people, eyes turn black and yellow replacing brown, blue, and greens, snarls and slight of hands before unnoticed suddenly becoming glaringly obvious, and perfumes and aftershaves no longer block out the offensive smells before undetected. It is a different kind of sensory overload.

Meanwhile, those who have already been on that ride are operating in a completely different type of theme park and are nowhere to be seen. Their absence from you is not intentional or personal, they are just on a different frequency in a different reality. Instead of those potential allies, at this stage one is left speaking a different language to those around and left standing alone but then intentionally for desired relief from the madness, and all the while left incredulousness and bewildered at the extent of human cruelty. And that’s before the spiritual warfare psychic attacks awareness kicks in with new rules to learn and master. It can seem never-ending. Over and over the end dangles in sight only to be plunged into another level. It’s relative to the aforementioned amount of miasma accumulated. It’s a dark time. It’s called dark night of the soul for a reason.

Seven Deadly Sins

So the process for clearing Negative Ego Fear Based Programming is well underway. We can identify the Ego Houses as what some refer to as The Seven Deadly Sins, and they’ve all gotta go:

  • 1. Addiction / Lust
  • 2. Wrath / Rage / Vengeance
  • 3. Greed / Avarice
  • 4. Envy / Jealousy
  • 5. Gluttony / Waste
  • 6. Laziness / Discouragement
  • 7. Pride / Extremes of Self-Importance

Consider that Ignorance is defined as that which is only identified with the material world and the use of external organs of perception.

To remain ignorant is a choice. Many people make this choice consciously and unconsciously but both stem from fear. There is no judgement in this. To consider, accept, then change the belief systems that have defined us and governed our lives is not an easy task. Inorganic and Satanic forces as well as the NAA and Controllers, understand this Trauma behaviour aspect in humanity and they exploit and cultivate this weakness aggressively. If we remain ignorant and operating out of a fear-based mentality of what if’s and I cant’s, confusion, chaos, and power conflicts, we are easier to manipulate.

This is the time to leave the fear and leave the ignorance of the Negative Ego thought patterns. To reclaim our spiritual power and our body in the authority of Source Creator or God, takes a great deal of determination and strength to overcome the Imposter Spirit and the Negative Ego in order to control the mind. To stop Negative Ego, we acknowledge the thought and related emotion, we locate where it came from in our physical body, and corresponding energy centre, and then discontinue it from accessing the mind, body, and soul, with intentions of No Consent, by interrupting it, changing it, and terminating it.

We have access to and are capable of and used to operate from much higher levels of consciousness. There are vast and multiple layers of intelligence fields where we as humans have the consciousness power (when disciplined or trained) to build discernment as to where that intelligence is being sourced from. We must take control of our own minds. We must expand our consciousness.

Mental Discipline through Devoted Focus and Meditation for Expanding Consciousness increases energy through the intentional connection with higher frequencies which is what changes the rate of vibration. What we think and how we behave is a rate of frequency. If we change how we think and behave, we change our frequency. Access to higher frequency is how one accesses higher intelligence which are levels of higher operating sentience. God, Divine, or Source, or other similar meaning names, is the highest intelligent consciousness frequency there is, encompassing all that is benevolent, loving, pure, organic, holy, joyful, creative, compassionate and everything else that is represented by such.

Attuning to and maintaining this frequency requires Expanding Consciousness. It goes way beyond acquiring mental knowledge in Linear Thinking though, and into the realm of direct cognition and higher sensory perceptual experiences. Expanding Consciousness allows one to perceive things as they really are and not what one wishes them to be. Expanding Consciousness is all about training the mind.

When we get it, then the shift. You feel it when it happens. There’s still more to do, but you can feel your shoulders relax, you breathe more easy, ugly energy people carriers fade away, and you start to see beyond the faces and the trees and now it’s all in colourful energetic fields. There is no going back at this point, and you wouldn’t want to. New energy courses through your body, everything has a meaning you never noticed before, nothing is as it once seemed. It’s the fascinating aspect of the Redemption process, the good bit, and not a moment too late. Life is amazing. You smile a real smile for the first time in a long time. You might catch yourself laughing. The Divine is divine. Gratitude for all of it ensues. A will to strive thrives. To do better, to be better, to tell everyone, though the latter should be tempered until you are regrouped!

One trip up to look out for though, is the unintentional Self Projection echo. By now so used to being received and treated in such a way that when we now get the opportunity to be received as we actually are without others basing treatment on knowledge of our past experiences and narratives, we have to be careful not to bring that past echo into the present by regurgitating that story. Tell a new story, not a lie by any means, just a new story.


Once the Redemption phase ends however, we can feel tentative. This is for those who have already connected with Source and followed the guidance over an extended period and may be in a state of wondering what their next steps should be. It can feel like we are worried to take actions in case it initiates a chain of events that are not for our highest good or that invoke the wrong energy, as if we need to receive confirmation before embarking on anything new. After a commitment to following guidance for so long, it’s understandable. Even more so as we are aware of cause and effect and want to avoid any negativity of any kind whatsoever. We want to avoid such at all costs after what we have gone through, usually still unbeknown to most.

Thus what is next, is the practice of the application of what we have learnt, and the kind reminders of our evolved understanding levels and awareness gained of the protection that will not fail us, that now we can not only rely on what we have learnt but build on it without the very issues we have worked so hard to be rid of. It is time to move from a conversation with the Divine where we are told what to do, to a conversation with the Divine where we are co-creating. This is the shift from Redemption to Revelation. We are no longer being guided To as such but being guided to What. It’s now time for us to take the wheel as ambassadors of the Divine, to start taking affirmative actions towards the life experiences we need to heal, close, and move on from in preparation for our next consciousness level of experience, in line with our individual soul path and the Law of One practices.

The Law of One constitutes the necessary and fundamental principles of behaviour, the practices and belief systems that humanity is essentially required to learn and embody in order to achieve true spiritual freedom and sovereignty. By committing to re-educate and expand consciousness into higher frequency realities is what allows us to progress into the future GSF Timelines, during this Ascension Cycle.

In these Timelines dwell the Cosmic Trinity of the Three Universal Founder Rays which are the Blue Ray Mother Arc, Magenta Ray Father Arc, and Golden Ray Sun of Christos and the Three Original Primal Order Sound Fields, that make up the Ray Aspects of our entire Universal creation in the Universal Time Matrix.

These Ray Aspects of Illumination are another way to describe the higher intelligence field that we are able to access and receive when connected into another dimensional frequency. Remember that higher dimensions hold higher intelligent energetic frequencies. The Founder Trinity Flames embody as the Guardians which are the intelligent energetic consciousnesses hosting this Ascension Cycle for the purpose of protecting the rights of spiritual liberation for all living things to evolve and exist and cocreate as the divine and sentient beings we were designed as.

Reportedly the 12D Ray current of the Christos Ray was returned to portions of the Earth’s planetary grid network in early 2000. This has made it much easier to connect to higher intelligent consciousness frequencies and is why more and more people ae coming ‘online’. Really there is no right or wrong meditative reflective vehicle to get there, whether it’s mantras, prayer, visualization, imagery, or a combination of these or more, as long as whatever process you choose, works. Consistency is key though. It can take a while to get into it and also to feel and then see it, but sincere intentions and perseverance will be realised. It takes 21 Days to rewire and activate a new behavioural or thought pattern -21 days, that’s all.

Essentially this amounts to consciously directing energy. Whatever the chosen process, it is the Medulla Oblongata which is at the base of the brain stem that acts as the energy receiver of cosmic energy. When we are proficient in establishing and maintaining this channel, we can then direct the intelligent consciousness energy accordingly, for self-healing, banishing lower entities, communicating with higher intelligences, knowing the difference – if it doesn’t feel true, it isn’t, and so on.

Then life really starts. Not existing but living and really living. This is why we came here. Breathe. Find a rhythm to return to. Do what you can. Watch the magic happen.

Rumi – The Black and White Cow – Feb 2022

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