Emerald Order Holographic Plates – What Are The CDT Plates?

The Emerald Order Holographic Plates are also known as the Founder Records, and the Cloister Dora-Teura Plates {CDT Plates}. They are holographic records, and storage and transmission devices. The immense amount of information they hold is collated and recorded on 12 holographic plates and encrypted in an Electromagnetic Scalar Standing Wave format. They contain definitive and unequivocal knowledge about the human race referring to our origins, genetics, and purpose.

The Founder Records

The Founder Records or CDT Plates, include the entire historical timeline records of Galactic History and are deemed to be the divine birth-right of all Angelic Humans, which is what all original humans started out as. These holographic plates contain highly advanced quantum mechanics technological information about the structures, locations, and functions of the planet’s Templar Stargates, Ley Lines, and other energetic related network systems. They carry very specific and definitive ancient wisdom teachings in relation to the unification principles and concepts of the Universal Law of One, in which humans learn how to activate their Light Body through spiritually conscious training processes, thereby achieving true freedom and liberation. The Founder Records hold the fundaments for explaining the consciousness mechanics and unification of all expressions with the eternal One Source, also referred to as the All-One, Divine, or God.

The Archivists

According to dictionary definitions and as is applicable in this context, an Archivist is responsible for collating, cataloguing, and preserving, important records of historical importance. Additionally, in this instance the Archivists of the Founder Records were charged with the responsibility of mapping and organizing the DNA coding’s that serve as the Genetic Library, specifically for all creations throughout the twelve naturally organic timelines.

It wasn’t and couldn’t be until the planet transitioned through this Ascension Cycle and reached the benchmark to have the ability to hold and maintain high enough energetic consciousness frequencies, that the information held on the CDT Plates could be realised. Essentially when enough humans were awakened to who they are. This is where many of us are at now. Where we are being pushed to receive and embody the highest frequencies that our bodies can hold on a cellular level, which is enabling levels of additional DNA to come online along with corresponding increasingly higher levels of consciousness. This transitional ascension process is anchoring in the Crystalline Grid, and all of which is enabling and developing our connection to Source.

The sacred knowledge held on the CDT Plates has been under the safekeeping and protection of the Sirian High Council, appointed by the Emerald Founders, and as part of the covenant vow. This vow was the promise to find and rescue the souls who had embodied but become trapped on planet earth and to assist with the return to their spiritual home. It was to be a failsafe measure, implemented during the Covenant Pallador, also known as the Palaidorian Covenant and was the Guardians decree.

The Syrian Council is mainly made up of those from the high consciousness frequencies of the Three Founder Flame lineages – the three Eternal Gestalts of Consciousness of primordial Sound and Light. These are the phonons and photons based intelligence entities of the Sound and Light fields of our Universe that the scope of quantum mechanics is trying to further understand and define. These consciousnesses exist in the 13D, 14D, and 15D, as the Elohei or Elohim Emerald Order,the Seraphei or Seraphim Gold Order, and the Blue Flame Melchizedeks. These lineages were appointed as the main Archivists of our planet’s immense genetic library and timeline history. This sacred library exists outside the realms of time. There are many who refer to this library as the Akashic Records Library though there are two more that we know of.

The Twelve Tribes

The Emerald Order Holographic Plates sacred knowledge originally belonged to all original angelic humans, and carried on through the Twelve Essene Tribes and their direct lineages. The sacred knowledge was held under the protection and administration of different Maji Grail Kings on earth, each of whom served as a principal guardian of a planetary demographic and stargate of their particular Tribe. Each Maji Grail King was responsible for allocating spiritually trained and adept members of their Essene Tribes to be Keepers and Protectors of the Universal Law of One, sacred knowledge and teachings throughout multiple aeons and lifetimes, and for release and access during the appropriate Ascension Cycle. We’re in it.

Back To The Future

The Essene Tribes are direct descendants of the Universal Tribal Shield, which constitutes the entire collective gene pool of original humans incarnated on the planet from the future timelines of Tara as a result of the explosion of Tara. In addition are those who incarnated in this past timeline on 3D Earth to aid and reclaim the lost souls from the future timeline of Earth on Tara, and in order to allow them to ascend out through the opening of the star gates during the end days of this Ascension Cycle.

Each of the Twelve Tribes are key coded to their particular demographic planetary gate location through the information held on a cellular level in their DNA and which is an aspect of our Tribal Human Identity. We activate our individual planetary key codes when we activate out highest inner consciousness through utilizing the 12D Spectrum Ray energetic frequencies, each of which holds 12 levels. This means running the entire 144 sub harmonics which we accumulate over many life times throughout the solar system, and channelling them throughout our individual Light Body in order to evolve to the level where each set of DNA coding and corresponding sets of consciousnesses within them can be accessed, harmonized, and utilized. This is what forms the 12D Shield of our Light Body. These are facets of the Soul, Monad, and Avatar Body.

As ambassadors of the Syrian administration council, Maji Grail line Indigo children from the 6D and holding the 6th DNA strand codes, have been incarnating on the planet for over 100 years to prepare for the consciousness reclamation mission at the end of this specific Ascension Cycle. Further, for the purpose of activating the higher Double Diamond Sun DNA codes. Although they have also managed to reassemble the even higher Diamond Sun DNA codes holding the 24-48 DNA code templates.

Precious Plates and Sacrosanct Shields

The Emerald Order Holographic Plates or CDT Plates are connected to an even larger aspect of technological and spiritual apparatus called the Signet Shields. In addition to the wealth of details about Universal Unified Field Physics, the Law of One, advanced Ascension Merkaba and Kundalini training, Masters Templar Mechanics, the DNA Template, HSP, and Bio Re-genesis Healing technology, it is the CDT Plates that can also be used to activate the Signet Shields and their related quantum mechanics Star Gate system technology.

The sacred knowledge of geodesy and quantum mechanics technology details of these planetary and universal stargate operating systems is vital throughout the universes and on many levels. In the wrong hands and with immoral applications, the information held on both the CDT Plates and the Signet Shields could be used to bring desolation to our entire Universal Time Matrix. It is why they are so highly protected by those in service to the Law of One, why we are only now starting to hear about them and the knowledge they contain in the public domain, and why they are so highly sought after by the negative inorganic forces at play, the latter of which have gone, and are going to, extremes to covet it. This is at the route of all warfare.

The Founder Races have sent us this sacred knowledge after various cataclysms over the aeons to help us recover our histories and purpose and which was all common knowledge and usual practise in the Atlantean Timelines and prior to. As the protection of all our sacred knowledge has prevailed, all be there many sacrifices to ensure its preservation through the Dark Ages, it is in this timeline that we finally have ready access to it once more. This is just the tip of what has been kept hidden from us for the last 26,000 years, and beyond. It is the great culmination of consciousness, physical, environmental and planetary events on-going at this time, that is seeing human beings finally break free from the consciousness prisons that we have been locked in. Along with recurring looped karmic incarnations which have kept us separate from ourselves, each other, unity consciousness, and source.

All is being revealed in the intentional and highly orchestrated Great Disclosure Event in this timeline. That which is in alignment with our evolution stays and expands, all that is not is exposed for realignment or expulsion. This applies to all of the planet’s inhabitants, along with physical and energetic structures and systems, and on all levels. There’s going to be a lot of noise whilst this all plays out but we are advised to stand our ground and hold our space and to look out for each other as best we can.

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