Divergent – A Split in Time, A Return to Rise

From Divergent to Insurgent, to Allegiant, to Ascendant, this article looks at both the Quantum Physics and Metaphysics aspects governing the Individual and Universal Consciousness mechanics of the Ascension Process.


  • Divergent – Books
  • Divergent – Point
  • Insurgent – Bifurcation of Time
  • Allegiant – 3D v 5D
  • Ascendant – Rising
  • Factionless – Madness and Evictions


The Divergent Book Series {listed below with their literal meanings}, was written by Veronica Roth and first published on 26 April 2011. The Books reached #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List and were later made into Films. Veronica even made a guest appearance in the first film in the Zip-line scene. Noteworthy is that the film version of the fourth book title ‘Ascendant’, was cancelled:

  • DIVERGENT – meaning: Tending to be different or to develop in a different direction to the expected
  • INSURGENT – meaning: a person fighting against a government or invading force; a rebel or revolutionary
  • ALEIGANT – meaning: An allegiance or duty of fidelity said to be owed, or freely committed, by the people, subjects or citizens; to their state or sovereign
  • ASCENDANT – meaning: Rising in power and/or influence

The Factions

The main storyline surrounds Beatrice Pryor and the citizens of Chicago, who are divided into Factions according to their dominant and specific personalities and characteristics, and living as a ‘perfectly flawed society’:

  • AERIODITE – meaning: Intelligence
  • DAUNTLES – meaning: Bravery and Courage
  • CANDOUR – meaning: Truth and Honesty
  • AMMETY – meaning: Compassion
  • ABNEGATION – meaning: The action of renouncing or rejecting something – Self Knowledge as opposed to being told
  • FACTIONLESS – meaning: None Belonging and failing an initiation of some sort or willingly abstaining from belonging to something

All of these characteristics reflect the different personality types and changing terrain during the Ascension Timeline.


What is the Point of Divergence? The Ascension Process is intrinsically linked to the complex quantum mechanics process involved in the movement of intelligent energetic consciousness throughout all of time and space. Energy is intelligent consciousness, and consciousness is energy, so when energy shifts, whether it be a force, a form, and further anything from a subatomic particle, to a universe, then so does that consciousness.

As the planet shifts its frequency in time and space, there are many and significant effects and on every level. As the planet receives higher dimensional frequencies from different stellar matter, so too does its own frequency change, and so too do the frequencies of everything that inhabits the earth. We are moving into a New Timeline, one that transmits and receives and operates at a higher dimensional level of frequency. We are pushing through The Wall In Time, we are moving into new territories.

This doesn’t happen overnight. This is an astronomical process. Before we can settle-in to a new home, first we have to deal with the removals process of the packing and the cleaning, and also figure out how we are going to move, and where we are moving to.

The planetary collective energy field has many, many layers of intersection links which are building more access points into diagonal lines moving throughout interdimensional fields. These links make it possible to directly intersect into many different reality timelines, traveling in the past, present and future. This is called trans-dimensional time travel. The accumulative effect of gradually increasing frequency and changing instruction sets in many of the trans-dimensional time and space fields has reached a Point of Divergence.

The culmination of reaching this Point of Divergence within trans-time and space is forcing the shift of the overall planetary energy field parameters. That pressure of force being applied in the planetary energy field is resulting in accumulative intensity and extreme polarity amplification. When the extreme polarity of combined forces that exist together within a collective energy field reaches its apex, a split occurs. This is called the Point of Divergence – within the fixed point in the field (in the range of possibilities) of which a Bifurcation of Time transpires.1

INSURGENT – Bifurcation of Time

  • Particle – In the physical sciences, a particle (or corpuscule in older texts) is a small localized object to which can be ascribed several physical or chemical properties, such as volume, density, or mass.
  • Conversion – In order to change a number of particles to mass and vice-versa, there needs to be a middle conversion step in the process, called a Mole.
  • Bifurcation – Bifurcation literally means the splitting of a main body into two parts. In the mathematical study of change that occurs within a structure or space, bifurcation occurs when a parameter change, causing the stability of an equilibrium (or fixed point in a field) changes. 

The Bifurcation of the planet, is relative to the split of the Timelines within the earth’s electromagnetic fields, from the global particle fields. On a consciousness level, 3D Earth is well past the initial phases of a streamlined process of particle conversion which is aligning us with the future fields of the Soul Matrix and progressing humanity into one of the increasing upward or downward polarity spirals. This in turn is reflected in our individual upward or downward polarity spiral.

To determine our individual upward or downward polarity spiral and future projection path, this process has been testing our individual energetic integrity. How well we navigate through the chaos on the planet is a measure of our personal self-mastery and it has deep and far-reaching consequences. We all have to deal with the chaos of the collective mind because we are all a part of it. All of us have, or will be, presented with circumstances and events to test us on this energetic level, there are no exceptions. This is why taking personal responsibility, accountability, and control over our thoughts, words, and actions, are so important.

In accordance with The Law of Cause and Effect, whatever the quality and frequency of the energy we transmit, will be equal to the quality and frequency of energy that we receive. Peace, Love, Gratitude, and Forgiveness of self and others, is what counts now more than ever.

During the Bifurcation of Time process in this planetary Ascension Cycle, it is helpful to know that the planetary intelligent energetic consciousness shift, has been dramatically accentuating and speeding up the exchanges of energetic consciousness frequencies – manifestations are happening much faster. At the same this warrants caution. We have to be smarter about what we are broadcasting energetically, because the response delivery time is much faster and can even be instantaneous.

When faced with any perceived adverse circumstance, or event, and from whoever and however that may be presented to us, we must all endeavour to stand our ground in strength and compassion. It can be extremely challenging but armed with an understanding of what is happening and why, and in the bigger scheme of it all, it becomes easier and for some, even fascinating.


The Bifurcation in the planetary electromagnetic field is between manifestations and forms in the 3D frequencies and those in the 5D and above. This is effectively a frequency splitting happening at the subatomic level of the core instructions or blueprint that is implicitly connected to all of creation. It’s a monumental event in our individual, collective, planetary, and universal evolution.

Crucially, this Bifurcation in Time is being concluded in this cycle. This impacts on how we manifest from the 3D and how it translates in the 5D. This is because we are moving into that future timeline, and from there what we manifest will translate to a form of manifestation in an even higher dimension, which we are yet to experience fully. How our minds have been directing intelligent energetic consciousness, is about to change forever.

We all had a choice, the Free Will to choose the path of Service to Self or Service to One, which to some may some like the same thing but which are actually polar opposites. Wherever our Allegiance has been, consciously or unconsciously, that is where we are headed to. Depending on our choice, some have connected to the 5D Morphogenetic Blueprint whilst others remain connected with and will be governed by the 3D Morphogenetic Blueprint.

The ‘Sorting Hat’ process is done. Now it’s just a matter of the verdicts playing out.


As an Ascendant goes through the Ascension Process or Spiritual Awakening, there is a corresponding increase of consciousness expansion. This is because our physical body consciousness is connecting to the other energetic aspects of itself and those consciousnesses.

When the Pineal Gland receives enough higher dimensional frequencies, DNA activation begins. It’s the Pineal Gland in the brain and the ‘Silver Thread’ connected to the coiled Kundalini in the coccyx, that instigates the movement of our individua spark through the Kundalini or energy currents in the body, until the frequencies reach the higher heart complex. At this point, communication with the Thymus Gland releases specific hormones into the blood creating the necessary energies required to ignite what is called the ‘Permanent Seed Atom’ which is what contains the Divine Christos Blueprint – connection to Source Consciousness Energy.

This process can take many years during which time we as the Ascendant shift our perceptions as we experience higher levels of consciousness. This is realised by way of increases in awareness of energies around us, sensing multidimensional realities, communicating with Source, and feeling and often seeing the energy existing between everything. It is the change in the facets of a Spectrum of Frequency Ray that enables us to move our consciousness reality to another dimension. Our Ascension is effectively a dimensional reality shift.

FACTIONLESS – Behind The Madness

The higher the quality of energy and frequencies being transmitted and received, the better the personal and environmental experiences will be. Conversely, the lower the energetic frequencies that are involved, then the lower the quality of personal and environmental experiences.

The High Level Consciousnesses Elders and Guardians, representing and working in line and in service to the Law of One and the eternal loving Source and Creator, have never stopped working on our behalf since the great fall of humanity. There are stewards and stewardesses embodied on the planet now who have been co-working with many of these high-level consciousness Elders and Guardians in the background in a vow to protect the fate of humanity, for decades. Their hard work is now being realised.

Those who cannot or will not biologically and mentally align to the planet’s ascension of higher frequencies and vibrations, will be and are being removed. The foundations and structures in place on the planet that are not in alignment or concerned with the compassion for the planet’s inhabitants in all its forms, will be and are crumbling. Anything and everything inorganic is being deconstructed from the inside out as it simply cannot continue to exist in the higher frequency dimension we are moving into.

This is a big part of all the madness going on. Those that failed or are unfit to pass what is effectively a humanitarian embodiment, are being evicted. Inorganic forces and those severely damaged and unwilling to rehabilitate will be unable to reincarnate as a human in physical form ever again after the close of this cycle – their paths lead elsewhere now. These are essentially, The Factionless.

“One choice can transform you. One choice can destroy you”.

Veronica Roth – Author of the Divergent Books SerieS

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