Expanding Consciousness – The Third Hall of Wisdom

Consciousness is Energy, Energy is Consciousness. Everything in the entire Universe, seen or unseen, heard or unheard, when broken down to its most basic form is Energy consisting of a rate of frequency and its corresponding vibration. But what is the Consciousness of Energy, how does it expand and how do we enable that?

Three Halls of Consciousness

In some esoteric literature the three stages of the spiritual path are defined as The Three Halls.

The First Hall is The Hall of Ignorance Identification with the material word and use of outgoing organs of perception.

The Second Hall is The Hall of Learning – Restlessness and a search for the knowledge of the self or soul.

The Third Hall is The Hall of Wisdom – Realization, expansion of consciousness, and identification with the spiritual self.

Nature of Consciousness

Expanding Consciousness means:

  • increasing energy to the body, mind, heart and spirit
  • increasing intelligence through non-linear thinking
  • increasing consciousness frequency
  • increasing sentience and sensory abilities
  • increasing connectivity between body functions; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
  • increasing awareness of intelligent energy in all things
  • increasing the connectivity of higher spiritual bodies
  • increasing frequency rate of combined energetic bodies
  • increasing energetic synthesis which initiates dormant DNA/RNA
  • increasing health and wellbeing through homeostasis
  • increasing peaceful and benevolent feelings
  • decreasing energy blocks which reduce density levels in matter
  • decreasing pain, addiction and suffering
  • decreasing deception, lies and delusions from magical or wishful thinking 1

To understand the nature of Consciousness is to also understand the electromagnetic spectrum of frequency, and to experience Expanding Consciousness is to increase the personal frequency and energy of our individual electromagnetic field. This goes way beyond the intellectual comprehension of linear thinking and thought addiction, to involving additional senses beyond the five limiting traditional applications we have been bound by. We must be the Master and not the Servant of our Mind.

Stealing energy is intrinsic with the theft of consciousness. Humanity has been continuously lied to about the true purposes behind many world events designed to steal energy resources. The Controllers and their puppets who conspire against humanity, invoke and afflict havoc on the population through various forms of oppression to take away basic fundamental needs enforcing fear of survival, whilst simultaneously promoting genocide and war, thereby feeding those pillars of society that seek to enforce such anti-human belief systems. To stop and reverse this, an individual is expected to expand their consciousness and thereby be able to connect with and experience higher sentience and unity consciousness.

Energy Consciousness, Consciousness Energy, has a specific relative frequency pattern that is instantaneously transmitted and received into the planet. Consciousness is not limited to time and space. When frequency and vibration rates rise or fall below a certain intensity, they fall outside the visible spectrum of light and thereby becomes invisible to the five traditional human senses. However, just because one can’t see or hear something, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. A very basic example of this are the sounds inaudible to humans but audible to animals. Thus just because many can’t perceive consciousness frequencies, doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

When higher consciousness is expanded, sensory ability levels of sentience are increased. This means that one can develop consciousness to perceive and sense energies in higher frequency ranges, and then perceive sentient beings that one was not aware of previously.

This is happening all the time with people but without any context of developing higher sensory abilities instead people are being medically diagnosed with anything from Depression to Cancer and a range of other alleged Chronic Diseases. The freedom enabling human consciousness to expand as naturally intended is not being allowed to develop as it should. Capture into the medical system is just one method designed to supress consciousness on our planet. This is not an attack on the medical professions, but the systems, control, and limits, that those behind such and similar structures intentionally manipulate. Along with rejection and persecution of those that challenge anything that assists the awakening of consciousness expansion, this is just one method to thwart, de-rail, or prevent entirely our natural biological process of evolution.

Thus becoming educated about Ascension, Consciousness Functions, and World Humanism, while committing to expand our personal consciousness and sentience, is one of the most effective actions we can undertake for the preservation and evolution of our self, the human collective, and the planet.

There are different routes and destinations relating to Consciousness Expansion. One road leads to Service to One, and the other leads to Service To self. Initially these might seem like the same thing, but they couldn’t be further apart, and are in fact polar opposites. Understanding the nature of energy is crucial to this distinction.

Syntropy and Entropy

From Greek language, Syn means Together, and Trophe means Nourishment. In biology, syntropy or cross-feeding also known as Negentropy is the phenomenon of one species feeding on the metabolic products of another species. In this type of biological interaction, the growth of one party depends on the nutrients, growth factors, or substrates, provided by another party. Jan Dolfing describes syntropy as “the critical interdependency between producer and consumer”. 2 

This term for nutritional interdependence is often used in microbiology to describe the symbiotic relationship between bacterial species.3 We can think of this like the micro-organisms in soil that live off shed plant leaves. The micro-organisms mineralize the shed leaves, and in turn the released nutrients are taken back up by the plant.

Note the term interdependence and that such relationship types embody Reciprocal Syntropy. These involve a healthy and natural exchange of energy. Negentropy is an open source and symbiotic architecture of free energy designed to replenish any loss of energy that may occur in the management of a system, in order to retain its balanced functioning in all of its component parts.

As opposed to its opposite Entropy and co-dependence relationships where only one party benefits through an extraction of energy that is not returned. This is both unbalanced and unnatural and Entropy is a closed source and endobiotic or parasitic system of architecture.

In human bodily systems, Syntropy or Negentropy, increases the available energy to more efficiently run the internal systems which manifest externally, as a balanced, clear and healthy person. Negentropy or growing the available energy access given to that system, improves or maintains the higher capacity and efficiency of the whole system. 4

Conversely, Entropy or Non-Reciprocal Syntropy and Endobiotic systems, follow the Consumptive Modelling structure. This architecture was created by the False Gods who developed and implemented things like the food chain and the enforced vampirism of others through manipulation of Human Genetics and Mind Control because whoever controls the mind controls the soul. The strategy of Mind Control is used to create socially acceptable belief systems which shape anti-human principles in the Death Culture, directing oxymoron thoughts such as killing for peace. This is unnatural on every level, in every way, punto.

The Controllers persist in maintaining their stronghold through propaganda using media outlets to incite Consumptive Modelling fear-based systems of Armageddon Software which are rooted in Terrorism, Cataclysm and Pestilence. This is interchangeable in all societal systems including education, finance, medicine, and facilitated through such things as the genetic modification of foods, chemtrails in the air, oil and gas dependency, pharmaceutical drugs, lack of pure drinking water, debt enslavement, fear over our financial future, poverty, war and terrorism. These are strategies of the controller games of consumptive modelling intended to de-rail or prevent the natural biological and Consciousness Expansion process.

Thus Negentropy, Syntropy, Symbiosis, and Multiplication systems, can be thought of in terms that are synonymous with free energy circulation with the infinite and internal energy source, cosmic order, synchronous alignment, the sustainability of open-source systems, and correlating consciousness expansion. Whereas Entropy, Non- Reciprocal Syntropy, Endobiotic and Consumptive Modelling systems, can be thought of in terms that are synonymous with energetic debt, disorder, chaotic forces and traumatic alignment, the parasitism of closed source systems, and corresponding consciousness enslavement.

Consciousness Expansion Practice Techniques

It is usually more difficult and takes more devotion and discipline for a person that primarily operates from a linear, mental and social orientation, to reach discernment of one’s mental impulses and develop Self Awareness. This is because over time for most people our negative ego has become the primary identity which is recognized as the Self. The higher the academic pursuit, the more repetitive conditioning takes place. This comes from a stronger and more dominating Ego Mind. Therefore, it is these groups that have the hardest time naturally recognizing negative ego and false identity, and of releasing the Mind Control.

Understanding the mind and its functions is not just an academic study process. A person cannot solely think themselves to a higher state of consciousness. It comes from allowing deeper feelings, emotions and sensory experience to override the strict intellectual control the ego has over the body and mind.

Practicing Meditation may sound naff to the initiate, but this is The Third Hall of awareness, and developing the observer point is the critical skill which must be learned, trained and developed to discipline an unruly ego mind. With rogue thoughts and an undisciplined mind, one simply cannot access higher consciousness levels or experience higher sensory perception, neither discern the source and energetic quality of other consciousness levels.

The process is one of self-observation and gaining increased self-awareness. Through dedicated observation of the Self and gradually discerning between the functioning aspects of the mind, we can attain the direct experience of the consciousness levels there are. The still point of which this consciousness connects to in the parts of our mind is that which forms all of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences that direct us through life.

To begin this process, one must observe the functions of the mind and discern them in action and intend to return that part of that mind function or thought, back into the internal still point or neutral. As we observe the thought, action or behaviour in ourselves externally, we source this as an aspect of our mind that is connected to the internal whole and can then return that thought to the still point of Consciousness inside our heart.

In the earlier stages this is the intention and goal of specific meditation, to become aware of inner stillness without the mind interfering. Later it is a walking meditation in which every single thought, behaviour and activity, is witnessed by the Observer Point in the day-to-day activity. As this skill is developed this becomes possible with little to no effort to remain in the Observer Point. It is at this point that a massive leap in higher consciousness and awareness of sentient forms may be experienced.

To allow the deeper comprehension of the Self to discern the functions of mind, we need to discern the functioning of each part of the mind and accept its nature without judgment of its content. This means to train the mind to learn to observe, discern the part of the mind, and accept its nature. Through observation, discernment, and acceptance we can train the mind to be disciplined back to neutral which allows access to still point of higher consciousness.

Train The Mind

With practise and once in meditative state, it’s possible to Observe, Discern, and Accept thoughts back into Neutral. Then the next stage is to develop skill in coordinating multiple functions of the mind that happen simultaneously. This involves setting the intention to coordinate the multiple functions of speaking, behaviour, and actions, while at the same time observing the inner thought process.

Observing our communication, our speaking, and actions, reveal the underlying thought process and belief system which is operating in the mind. When we observe our movement and words, they reflect the contents of the mind. We can learn our mental and emotional state by observing our gestures, body language, actions, behaviours, and words. When we have a thought, we aim to observe what we are feeling, along with what our body is doing, and which part of it does not remain still.

In order to be responsible for every thought we have, we need to determine where the thought form is sourcing from, and choose if we want to accept that thought, behaviour or action in relationship to its consequence, which in essence is the Natural Universal Law of Cause and Effect. There is a consequence to every thought behaviour or action generated, that will influence and impact the individual thought, as well as the collective field of accumulated thoughts on the planet, and further on all the corresponding expressions of that quality of energy in our universal time matrix through quantum entanglement.

Observe, Discern, Accept, be Neutral.

Influences Shape Beliefs

Our motivation influences our perception, our perception of our reality influences our beliefs, and ultimately our beliefs influence our actions.

The three major motivation problems to overcome in the Buddhist tradition are greed, anger and delusion. If these constitute much of a person’s motivation then perceptions, beliefs and actions can be twisted. So, Don’t Judge, Don’t Hate, Don’t Worry. When we apply these three intentions to our thoughts, we can easily see if we should be giving our consent to a given thought or not. To expand our consciousness in line with The Law of One Teachings, Unity Consciousness and Service to One, and the Universal Natural Laws, we must discern and master our motivation, perception, beliefs, and actions.


There is no time in Space. Thoughts are transmitted and received instantaneously into, and by the planet. While observing our outward actions and speech, we should directly observe the inner process of thoughts and feelings at the same time. In the earlier stages it is common to have realizations delayed until after the action occurs, that thing we call hindsight. The goal then is to become aware at the same moment we act and speak, to be fully present and aligned to our Self in order to observe the outward actions and behaviours along with the inner thoughts, while they are occurring. We observe how all of these parts have their own separate function yet are all interacting with each other.

This can take a while to grasp but this ability is a Consciousness Expansion skill that brings heightened awareness along with a sense of inner peace underlined with knowing.

Clean It Up

For Consciousness Expansion, an individual is also expected to clean their mental and spiritual house and maintain it through regular good housekeeping. In the beginning, this is not an easy task. One is forced to face much of what has both defined us from outdated belief perspectives of understanding, and that which we have hidden or misunderstood, albeit intentionally or unintentionally, and then completely rid ourselves of it. However, this is imperative if a person is to cease operating from the first three layers of Consciousness and the Ego mind and access the higher levels of consciousness in the additional dimensional fields and increasingly higher consciousness levels of the 4D, 5D and 6D, and further the 7D, 8D and 9D, and further and further the 10D, 11D and 12D, and beyond, and which are all available to all of us. For those in the early stages, it is recommended that the following three processes are worked on:

  • Mental Discipline through Devoted Focus and Meditation for Expanding Consciousness – Increasing energy through the intentional connection with higher frequencies and corresponding higher levels of DNA Strand activation.
  • Clear Negative Ego Fear Programs
  • Resolve Emotional Conflicts in the Pain Body – Understanding and clearing of miasma stored in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Chakras and cease operating from those corresponding first three levels of Ego Consciousness

Mental Clarity in Changing Scenery

All the while we have to discipline ourselves not to fall prey to the mouthpieces spouting the world is crumbling. There will be a lot more noise and distraction. Do not fall prey to the Service to Self-hypnosis and narratives that do not belong to you.

Service to One through Service to Others is becoming more and more anchored in the collective consciousness in line with the Universal Natural LawsLaw of Structure. We need to realize there is enough for everyone and integrate this understanding into how we look at things. Whatever we are doing to create income, knowing where the creepers and consciousness traps are will help us avoid the pitfalls and distractions of drama and fear.

Following the Law of One Natural Laws and Service to Others Principles, in turn allows the Universe to return those resources to us. It cannot if we are caught in Consciousness Traps and corresponding lower frequencies and vibrations. As we uphold personal value, spiritual integrity, and collaborate with the many benevolent spiritual forces aiding us, in the coming months we must try not to place any conditions on how any of what is going on plays out. It never happens or looks like how we expect it to, and besides, the most aligned options often come at the 11th hour. Master The Mind.

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