The Universal Time Matrix

The Time Matrix is a Map of all the Timelines of consciousness that exist throughout the Universe. Mathematically, it is the formula for how consciousnesses is experiencing time and matter. Energetically and for the purpose of embodying consciousness in different forms in different dimensions and with the intention of experiencing Time, there are 6 x 15 Dimensional Universal Time Matrices, which together are known as The Universal Time Matrix.

When we embody into a 3D electromagnetic realm or sphere, we have already been implanted with the entire Universal Tree of Life interface blueprint. These are the instruction sets that detail everything about creation and the structure on which it is built and the laws that govern it all. There are five tiers each made up of three dimensions, which make up the Harmonic Universes within the Universal Tree of Life. Each dimension corresponds to a level of consciousness that sends commands for our consciousness that is experiencing all of time and space.

These tiers or dimensions also regulate the spin rates of all the fields that are transmitting electromagnetic currents throughout the universes. They are founded on the Sacred Geometric Laws and the characteristics of the Frequencies and Vibrations that are present within each system.

The mental facets and timelines of the consciousness aspects of identity, are components of the 12 Tree Grid in the Universal Time Matrix.

The New Scientist

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