First Chakra

Sanskrit Chakra Name: Muladhara
Alternative Chakra Name: Root
Frequency Colour: Red
Vibrational Note: C
Shape: Square
Element: Fire
Astrological: Mars, Aries
Biology: Adrenal Cortex
Location: Base of the Spine
Energetic Essence: Subconscious Mind of Ego

The Root Chakra is the Memory Hard Drive. It is the storage for the memories from ALL life times. Irrespective of whether we consciously remember an event that happened to us or not, at any stage of our life, and in any life, everything is recorded here on a cellular level.

Because it is the Chakra at the Root of our Light Body, any conscious or unconscious unresolved traumas will weaken the entire structure of the individual Light Body and the related Planetary and Universal Light Body as a result.

Walls – If You Put Them Up, You Can Take Them Down

The depth of any unresolved issues determines the density of the structure we create to hold any unresolved issues at bay. The walls we put up and the separation from our self and others that this causes, varies to the degree of the depth of the effects of the trauma and are personal to each individual. What affects one person deeply may barely affect another. It is the individuals threshold that is relevant.

  • A blocked Root Chakra is a victim based mentality
  • An overly open Root Chakra is a bully based mentality
  • A balanced Root Chakra is harmony with self and others, a sense of security and stability, feeling grounded and at ease

These states are further affected depending on the level of understanding of the illusion of external circumstances. The positive or negative results on an energetic level are carried into the second Chakra, and so on. This is why Chakra cleaning and allowing energy to flow freely through them is important. Every true humanitarian is entitled to be free.

Root Chakra Imbalance – Physical Symptoms

  • Lower Back Pain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Aching Joints
  • Weight and Image imbalances
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Panic Attacks

Introductory Root Chakra Healing

It takes 21 Days to rewire and activate a new behavioural or thought pattern.


The Minerals in Crystals hold specific vibrational frequencies. Carry or Wear Red Crystals and declare positive affirmations – with intent. Clean them before and after use in water or sea salt water


Cleanse the Chakra with or by listening to, a singing bowl of note C and let its resonance permeate your energetic field.


Do what you need to do to be healthy, get rid of what isn’t.


Irrespective of the presence or absence of a conscious associated memory, any shock, trauma, abuse, or devastation, is recorded here in the Root Chakra on a cellular level. Therefore to unblock this Chakra, it is necessary to focus and set the intention to no longer engage in any illusions relating to self worth based on external circumstances. No one can intimidate, or bully, or affect another’s inner sense of stability or well being, unless they are given the consent to do so. You are responsible for how you feel, no one else. Don’t give away that power to someone else.

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