The Law of One – The Universal Natural Laws

There are complex quantum mechanics that govern energy and consciousness and all matter through our Universal Time Matrix. These mechanics are based on Laws, Universal and Natural Laws, and nothing escapes these Laws.

Universal Laws

The Universal Laws are understood to be:

  • The Law of Compassion
  • The Law of Intent
  • The Law of Consent
  • The Law of Structure

Universal Natural Laws

The Universal Natural Laws are understood to be as follows:

The Law of Mentalism

  • Astrological: – Aries – Mars – Fire
  • 1st Harmonic Universe or HU
  • 1st Sphere and 1st level of consciousness – Subconscious Mind of Ego/Personality
  • 1st Chakra

The Law of Mentalism is routed in an essential understanding that everything that we see in its physical form, is the result of a belief system and mental state that preceded it. Everything is made up of an energetic intelligence from a corresponding energetic frequency and vibration. Depending on the quality of the frequency and vibration being expressed is what determines the quality of form. This is behind all the references and sayings about being careful what we think about and speak about. Our thoughts are quite literally creating energetic and subsequent manifestations into physical matter.

The Law of Correspondence

Corresponding Aspects:

  • Astrological: Taurus – Venus – Earth
  • 1sr Harmonic Universe or HU
  • 2nd Sphere and 2nd level of consciousness – Instinctual Mind of Ego
  • 2nd Chakra
  • Royal Star – Aldebaran

This Law is an understanding of the principle of as above, so below, as below, so above. This expression holds a depth of meaning that has become heavily underestimated and cast around flippantly. This Law is about the corresponding reflections and representations occurring between the microcosm down to the microscopic cells in the human body, and the macrocosm of all matter existing throughout the Universe, and everything in-between. Whatever is happening in one dimension, has a corresponding energetic reality in the others. For example, if there is a mutation in the cells in our DNA, there is a mutation somewhere in the environment, the planetary grid, our solar system, and so on, and vice-versa.

In the architecture that forms the main Four Cardinal Directions of North, South, East, and West, the Law of Correspondence is manifested as The East. In accordance with the Law of Correspondence, this also manifests as the Royal Star of Aldebran, which is a Giant Star in the constellation of Taurus which is located about 65 light years away, and is why this star is known as the Guardian of The East.

The Law of Polarity

Corresponding Aspects:

  • Astrological: Gemini- Mercury – Air
  • 1st Harmonic Universe or Hu
  • 3rd Sphere and 3rd level of consciousness – Conscious Mind of Ego
  • 3rd Chakra

This Law is akin to the expression ‘two sides of the same coin’. For example, Temperature. There is no hot and cold as such, these are simply expressions of temperature. They represent polarities on a scale, but they are still ultimately temperatures. Take weight as another example, there is no heavy and no light, these are again polarities on a scale but each is essentially a measurement of the same thing, weight. The same with Light and Dark, they are but differing degrees of polarity of the electromagnetic spectrum, and so on. Just like human beings, we are all human beings, irrespective of our physical appearance, characteristics and personalities.

The Law of Rhythm

Corresponding Aspects:

  • Astrological: Cancer, Moon, Jupiter, Water
  • 2nd Harmonic Universe or HU
  • 4th Sphere, 4th level of consciousness – Astral Mind of Solar Body
  • 4th Chakra

The Law of Rhythm is the awareness that everything has a rhythm, a flow between polarities, the in the out, the up the down, life, and death, everything. Everything changes, everything has a rhythm. The exertion of movement in one direction will always be preceded and followed by the same amount in the other direction. How much something rises will have a corresponding energetic equivalent of something that falls. The measure of a thing that goes in will be the measure of an equivalent thing that goes out. A Pendulum. A measured movement of energy. This is the Law of Rhythm.

As humans, the relevance of this Law is to find the middle point. We can be thrust in one direction and then another, and react according to these pushes and pulls which can put us out of balance, When we can rise above the swing of the pendulum, we can act from a state of neutrality and thereby without bias, judgement, or expectation. When we find the middle point, we can conserve our energy. We don’t give our energy away and we don’t let others take it – not without our consent.

The Law of Suggestion

Corresponding Aspects:

  • Astrological: Leo, Fire, Sun, Maldek
  • 2nd Harmonic Universe or HU
  • 5th Sphere and 5th level of consciousness – Archetypal Mind of Solar Body
  • 5th Chakra
  • Royal Star Regulus

A person can guide the thoughts, actions, and behaviour, of another person through suggestion. This can be both beneficial and harmful to an individual. When we know that we are the sum of our beliefs, we can be more discerning about which events, words, experiences, and thoughts we hold on to and those which we need to release, whether they be our own, or those that are postulated by another. We all have a choice in this matter.

It also means that the new experiences, things we see, things we do, and things we hear, should all be done with consideration, always in truth and with authenticity, but without any expectation of a particular result or outcome, that way we are never disappointed, or left with feelings of wanting. It is what it is, and all of that is for our expansion and the greater good.

In the architecture that forms the main Four Cardinal Directions of North, South, East, and West, the Law of Suggestion is manifested as The North. It is also known as Alpha Leonis and is a White and Ultramarine Star located in the heart of the Lion in the Leo constellation. In humans, it corresponds to the area that is 2″ below the top of the Kidneys.

The Law of Response

Corresponding Aspects:

  • Astrological: Virgo, Mercury, Jupiter, Earth
  • 2nd Harmonic Universe or HU
  • 6th Sphere and 6th level of consciousness – Celestial Mind of Solar Body
  • 6th Chakra

The important Law of Response is also exemplified as the Golden Rule. It accents compassion, humanity, justice, and humility. Every Doctrines around the world throughout our history is rooted in the Golden Rule, however it is portrayed, represented, or termed. It is the understanding and embodiment of all the expressions, do unto others, or treat everyone as you want to be treated, The Law of Response is the understanding and application of Universal Unity Consciousness and the connection between us all as parts of the same whole.

The Law of Cause and Effect

Corresponding Aspects:

  • Astrological: Libra, Venus, Saturn, Air
  • 3rd Harmonic Universe or HU
  • 7th Sphere and 7th level of consciousness – Ketheric Mind of Astral Body
  • 7th Chakra

Everything has a Cause, and everything has an Effect. Chance is but a Law unrecognized, the Law of Cause and Effect. Every effect in any given situation is the result of a chain reaction of causes. The causes of a situation can be traced back almost infinitely.

What should be considered is that every action we take is a cause for an effect that we have intentionally or unintentionally created. We always have a choice in any given situation, and that choice is a cause that will determine the effect. The point is to act consciously and with a quality intention because the effect will hold an equivalent energetic vibration of the intention that caused it. What trips many people up on this Law is the failure to recognize when an effect is realized. It may be immediate, it may be years later but at some point, a cause will yield an effect. At the end of each cycle, there is a summing up and a dealing out and all causes are reconciled. Nothing escapes this Law. People should be very clear about this.

The Law of Transformation

Corresponding Aspects:

  • Astrological: Scorpio, Pluto, Water
  • 3rd Harmonic Universe or HU
  • 8th Sphere and 8th level of consciousness – Monadic Mind of Monadic Body
  • 8th Chakra
  • Royal Star – Antares

There is no death in the sense that we cease to exist, how can there be when we are made of consciousness energy? Energy does not just cease to be, it transforms, from one state to another, as does our state of consciousness, irrespective of what form or system it exists in. We transform as we move through the realms of the energy matrix of time in a never-ending story. Only aspects of ourselves cease to be, as we learn from a particular experience and transmute the knowledge we gained to expand and transform into a further and further evolved state of energetic consciousness. This Law is essentially energetic transmutation alchemy.

In the architecture that forms the main Four Cardinal Directions of North, South, East, and West, the Law of Suggestion is manifested as The West. This why Antares is referred to as the Guardian of The West, or the Archangel Star of Uriel.

The Law of Transcendence

Corresponding Aspects:

  • Ophiuchus – Chiron – Divine Fire Water – The Golden Gate
  • 3rd Harmonic Universe or HU
  • 9th Sphere and 9th level of consciousness – Keriatric or Causal Mind of Monad Body
  • 9th Chakra

This Law is all about connecting with Universal Knowledge. The layers of the ego are no longer in control as we realise we are not the mind, that the mind is simply an aspect of our body. that we control our mind, not the other way around. This is the fundamental understanding at the root of all schools of consciousness expansion. It is happening on a global scale now in differing degrees and duration for every human being. whether they realize it or accept it, or not.

The Free Will concept is often misunderstood, it’s really the choice to exist in service to One or to Self. The Law of Transcendence is when we come to the exposure and understanding of the truth and our truth – what we really are, why we are really here – our purpose, and the wonderment and marvel of it all.

When our Pineal Gland is decalcified and reinstated to liquid matter it is the trinity unity of our Pineal, Hypothalamus and Pituitary Glands, that then enable us to grasp Universal Knowledge. This is a knowledge that supersedes all self pre-occupation and personal desires. That which is beyond the mental state of reasoning and without the hinderance of false belief systems.

The Law of Verification

Corresponding Aspects:

  • Sagittarius, Jupiter, Fire
  • 4th Harmonic Universe or HU
  • 10th Sphere and 10th level of consciousness – Solar Christos Mind of Avatar Body
  • 10th Chakra

When we are presented with a situation or another person’s viewpoint that is unwelcomed or different to that which we would consciously choose, it is verification that an aspect of ourselves is out of alignment with the highest good of all involved on some level. This leads us to understand that such a person or situation is a reflection of that misaligned aspect of ourselves and when we can accept and investigate this concept, we can then identify that aspect of our self which is misaligned. Our interaction with others is for each party to teach or learn from, it is an energetic exchange that reveals where we can improve and thereby expand our unity consciousness state of being.

The Law of Cycles

Corresponding Aspects:

  • Astrological: Capricorn, Earth, Saturn, Moon, Nibiru
  • 4th Harmonic Universe or HU
  • 11th Sphere – Buddhic Mind of Avatar Body
  • 11th Chakra
  • Four Royal Stars Unified – The Maji Crown

The Law of Cycles regulates the planetary structure of the Cosmic Clock of the Ages. It also correlates directly to the four main cardinal directions that govern the formation of humankind in the four archetypal worlds of Creation, Emanation, Action, and Formation, and at the same time, in the energetic consciousness element of Fire and the Creative World, the element of Water and the Formative World, the element of Air and the Material World, and the element of Earth. Once consciousness has travelled through these states of matter it then moves through the Tree of Life acquiring all the knowledge and spiritual development from the planetary body, the collective body, and the individual body. This is the consciousness expansion which then ascends back out through the same bodies in the Tree of Life and into the infinite God or Source realms. This is the Cycle.

In accordance with the other Laws, because this Cycle also reflects in the microcosmic Tree of Life, for us it means we have to incorporate this expansion within our own mind, emotion, and spirit in order to receive these new expansion realities.

The geometric movement that the Law of Cycles follows is a Mandala Eternal Creation Spiral Geometry, moving the overall collective consciousness throughout the numerous Timelines in the macrocosmic Tree Of Life. When an Astrological Cycle comes to an end and aligns with the galactic core, we are able to advance in the Ascension Timeline and thus the Cycle continues and begins its process once more. A beginning, an expansion, an ending and then a repeat of this process from a new beginning point. This is The Law of Cycles.

The Law of Vibration

Corresponding Aspects:

  • Astrological: Aquarius, Piscis Austrinus, Air, Uranus, Solar Logos
  • 4th Harmonic Universe or HU
  • 12th Sphere and Avatar Mind of Avatar Body
  • 12th Chakra
  • Royal Star Formalhaut

Everything Vibrates, everything moves, seen or unseen, and at different rates. Because Love has such a corresponding High Frequency and Vibration, to experience higher frequencies and vibrations, we must use the other Laws to cultivate similarly high expressions of our individual frequency and corresponding vibration, such as Love. We cannot evolve and experience energetic consciousnesses in higher dimensions if our own frequencies and vibrations cannot match them. The comparable is that in both the highest and lowest frequency dimensions, an object would appear stationary but for totally opposite reasons. One would be vibrating and moving so fast, that the movement would be barely visible, whereas the other would be vibrating so slowly, that the movement would be barely visible. Between these two degrees of polarity, exists every other form and corresponding frequency and vibration.

The Law of Vibration is amplified due to its location in the Universal Time Matrix and because it’s governed by the Solar Logos return. which holds the energetic consciousness frequencies of the 10th, 11th and 12th Avatar Body aspects of the Tree of Life. In the architecture forming the Four Cardinal Directions of North, South, East, and West, the Law of Vibration is manifested as The South. This why the star Formalhaut is referred to as the Guardian of The South.

The Law of Gender

Corresponding Aspects:

  • Astrological: Pisces, Neptune, Water, Aether
  • 5th Harmonic Universe or HU
  • The 13th Gateway, Orb Light Body, Albion, Kryst and Krystallah
  • 13th Chakra

Everything and in totality, has a Masculine and Feminine counterpart energy, from a sub-atomic particle, to an entire universe, multi-universe, and beyond. Each has an energetic match to the other. It is an absolute, it is The Law of Gender.

Unity consciousness is intrinsic to The Law of One therefore to attain true Unity Consciousness in line with the Law of One, as individuals we need to establish unity of the horizontal spheres and axiatonal lines of our Light Body, which merges the masculine and feminine principles which embodies the eternal life body, and thereby the immense spiritual healing that is part of achieving complete Unity Consciousness and eternal Light. Life itself cannot exist and there can be no creation of anything organic and in accordance with sacred geometries and intelligent living energetic consciousness without both of the participating masculine and feminine principles that are the Law of Gender.

These Laws form part of The Law of One sacred knowledge and are practised by all benevolent consciousness beings in the Universe that are in service to One. The Law of One and its sacred knowledge was also known and used to be practised as the norm throughout the history of human beings. However this sacred knowledge has been systematically distorted since the Orion Wars and those that held it threatened and persecuted, until the masses disconnection from these teachings over 5,500 years ago when human DNA was finally unplugged from its own collective consciousness and histories. Its survival is a testament to those that have been the protectors and keepers of The Law of One sacred knowledge on behalf of humanity until such a time that it could be reactivated. That timeline is now.

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