The Light-Body

We are Pure Energy Consciousness. We exist on planet Earth as a physical representation of our energetic consciousness self that is also existing in different energetic representations of consciousness, in multiple dimensions, simultaneously.

The combined energetic consciousness bodies that are existing on the planet through all the different densities are also facets of both the future Timelines and the Light Body of the planet. The earth consciousness body also correlates directly in all the Harmonic Universes and is interconnecting with the human consciousness, which is its expression and embodiment of life forms in different densities.

We need to understand that we are multi-dimensional beings, and what this actually means, we need to understand that there are multi dimensional aspects of ourselves, and what they actually are,

The Human Light Body is the energetic field body of a human, also known as the Aura or Energy Aura Body. It is this Body that is projecting our consciousness – our energetic intelligence, through a holographic image template which in turn creates a physical representation or manifestation which we then experience as reality.

The Light Body is made up of multiple layers of interconnected electromagnetic waves – the frequencies and vibrations of light and sound waves. These hold energetic consciousness intelligences which operate in each of the dimensions within the Universal Time Matrix. The records of consciousness and identities throughout all of space time are held by the Light Body. It is the Light Body that is holding the living light code of our original core structure and it preserves our direct communication and connection with both out Higher Self, and Source.

There are very specific locations within our Light Body where an individual’s choice of expressing emotion, thought, memory, and experience, all contribute to the manifestation of experience and form into physical matter. Using these expressions of ourselves to manifest incorrectly in this physical world will lead to states of di-ease, lack of fulfilment, dissatisfaction and depression. Using them to manifest in alignment with the true one source consciousness, is what leads to health, wealth, fulfilment, and joy, and all the unlimited possibilities of co-creation.

The objective is to expand our consciousness by using these expressions to raise our individual energetic vibration and corresponding frequency, which in turn raises the collective and planetary energetic vibration and corresponding frequency, thereby making the matter world itself less dense and easier to navigate through. Another objective for ‘its bigger than us’ reasons that we go into elsewhere, is that our souls and the universe is depending on it. This is why an understanding of our Light Body is very important. Understanding the microcosmic and macrocosmic Tree of Life and its Horizontal Triads, is an understanding of the first level of The Light Body.

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