Asymmetric Warfare – Dark Arts Deployment

This article is intended to help with an understanding, for anyone who is experiencing, or who knows someone who is experiencing, any sort of nonsense or madness at the hand of another.

Asymmetric Warfare

Insurgency is a rebellion against authority, when those taking part in the rebellion are not recognized as belligerents (lawful combatants).

Asymmetric Warfare is war between belligerents whose relative military power differs significantly, or whose strategy or tactics differ significantly. This is typically a war between a standing professional army, and an insurgency or resistance movement militias who often have status of unlawful combatants.

Asymmetric Warfare can be defined as a war that occurs between two forces of uneven strength and size. The most common methods used in asymmetric war are guerrilla tactics and elements of Psychological Warfare. Guerrilla tactics are mostly used by insurgents or rebels – non belligerents.


Let’s cut to the chase…

The on-going battle between the forces of dark and light is for control of our planet, human DNA, and human consciousness. Spiritual Warfare and the use of Asymmetric Warfare strategies has recently soared and intensified in the world arena. Those people who are awakened and connected to the planetary consciousness body, have felt the intense pressure as this battle rages on in the interdimensional planes. And when forces or armies of belligerents and non belligerents who are greatly different in character fight each other, it drastically changes military tactics and ideologies.

This is not a battle of guns and bombs, and to most it’s not even visible. It is veiled in the energetic and psychological domains. In this largely unseen arena, we are being used and manipulated to fight each other to bring about our own demise for the agendas of another race with the intention of taking complete control over our human DNA and human consciousness. This is not a joke, and we are at the apex of this battle round. Those who refuse at a minimum to even consider this, are probably most at risk.

If a person can’t control their mind, how they feel, or behave, someone or something else will.

For the record, when we do exit this world we don’t get an automatic clean slate. We start from where we left, and this determines our next reality. This can be positive or negative, depending on how much personal miasma we have accumulated, or cleared.

The Dark Arts Deployment

When it hits, it hits hard. This is the point in our life when we are pushed to the extreme through some form of torment or ordeal. It can be considered as a test, essentially to determine which way are we going to go – Up or Down? It is so serious, that in the context of the Ascension Process it’s quite literally a time when both the opposing forces of light and dark fight for our Soul. One outcome is freedom, the other is slavery. It is the crunch time that will determine the path of our continued existence.

To be clear, both Human and Non-human entities are involved in the deployment of Asymmetric Warfare tactics on our planet, that is turning family and friends against each other, inciting confusion and chaos in the spiritually unaware, dividing us and perpetuating karmic loops, through all manner of psychological warfare strategies, all for the agendas of other inorganic forces that are not part of the human race.

Many will have already experienced some of the tactics involved to de-rail us from our individual, collective, and planetary ascension, even if the forces at play and the reasons behind them are not understood. The Dark Arts Deployment typically present us with:

  • Having a first hand experience with entities clearly not human in nature
  • Psychic Attacks and Events, particularly in the small hours
  • Having people around us used as puppets with dark entity attachments to incite chaos in our life and derail our awakening
  • Having an unexplained illness that can’t be sourced, from the seemingly small, to a chronic disease
  • Sensing something unseen is draining our life force – exhaustion, again for no apparent reason
  • A sudden awareness of thoughts that are not our own, with incessant mental looping and increasing fear or desires to numb through self medication of excessive alcohol and other drugs, and inciting and/or perpetuating addiction states
  • Having a series of betrayals within close relationships, ranging from gas-lighting to abandonment to character assassination to persecution and more, that damage trust and leave us feeling totally incredulous and bewildered
  • Going through a total circumstances dismantling, from losing a partner or a job or housing or a car or friends, or any combination of, and often all of, and usually suddenly

As we start to go beyond what has been our perceived individual frame of reference, we become aware of what is happening and the other energetic forces at work – additional levels of our DNA have now been activated. People will discern this and attribute an intellectual explanation of this in different ways, some of which further deny and obfuscate the facts, whereas others swallow hard and get to work.

Once the truth of the matter is realised and faced, deeper understanding comes thick and fast, and perhaps surprisingly, can seem obvious. But aren’t all answers obvious when realised?!

And so when the Battle has been brought to our door, which way are you going to go – Up? or Down?

The Up Response

The Black and White

Handled correctly, not necessarily perfectly, but with the right intentions, this is when we begin to step into our true power.

Because your DNA has been activated to receive and download higher levels of energetic consciousness, your energetic signals have changed. Usually the people, places, and things around you are no longer an energetic match. You will know if they are or are not, though whether you choose to accept it or not is another matter. The Light intelligence consciousness and all that it represents, and your corresponding higher intelligence aspects of yourself, are trying to guide to you to the people, places, and things, that are of an energetic match, to further evolve and experience higher energetic vibrations and frequencies. Ironic then that we often try and resist what it in our best interests based on little more than our lower ego mind opinions, fears and desires. Dark intelligence consciousness and all that it represents, is trying to hold on you through such ego driven belief systems. This is the battle.

It’s as if when we come ‘online’ we set off some sort of energetic warning system…

The Dark: “oh look, here’s another light that’s just gone on, quick, deploy the Dark Arts Initiation strategy, we must turn that light off!”

So the more you resist, the more aggravation, distress, and trauma, you will be exposed to and which will reflect in your physical environment. This is because you are feeding the negative forces, and it is in their interest to keep you in a never-ending karmic loop rather than you breaking free and cutting off their supply.

Instead, stay strong. Don’t blame yourself, or others; though both may take a little time, which is why getting educated is necessary to make sense of why blame is not appropriate.

You are not going nuts, you haven’t done anything to deserve any unacceptable treatment, and it is unacceptable. It is very important not to react with a matched low energy and thereby add to the chaos, as difficult as this may be. The hope and intention is that you will – don’t. Nor should you enable it by allowing it to continue. If you do either, realise it, forgive yourself, and do better if there’s a next time.

During any nonsense, take and make as many opportunities as possible to find relief from what can seem very practical issues requiring immediate action and of which may seem to carry adverse consequences. Just stop, take a breath. Make yourself go for a walk; preferably in nature, look after your body, eat healthily as often as you can, drink water and lots of it, get rid of unhealthy habits, take pleasure in what you can; a stranger’s smile, a child’s oblivion. Avoid loud and aggressive people. Release your emotions when things seem too much and there is no ending in sight, and understand you are being tested because of your strength and light. Circumstances will change, just as the sun rises, it is one of the Universal Laws.

You are not the first, which is the good news because it means that others have gone through it and can help you navigate your way to come out as unscathed as possible and all the more incredible for it. Take your personal power back by deciding how you feel in this moment. You decide. You control your emotions and how you feel, nobody else, so don’t give away that power to anybody else. Build your spiritual house, make it strong. Command your space, take control of what you allow and do not allow. Smile.

The Dark Arts Deployment Trial is a common tactic to stall and divert us and always a huge turning point in our life, but one for the better because through it we also realise just how powerful we really are, and why. Importantly it also creates the strong foundation necessary for dealing with the Spiritual Warfare happening on a much larger scale both on and off-planet as our assailants pitch their forces throwing everything they’ve got in these end games.

We are living through another attempt at a Great Reset, this one is scheduled in an orchestrated plan to be complete by 2030, filled with timeline deceptions, and historical facts and records that are being falsified and erased in front of our eyes, as done many times before. This is the end game and it’s upon us. That’s why so much is going on and why so many know in their gut and in their heart, that something big is happening. This is also why to choose to stand by and do nothing and just let this happen means all that matters is forgotten again. This affects each of us.

As Earth goes through its evolutionary journey through the galaxy, interacting with varying geometric relationships made with the astronomical universe, the solar plasma frequencies are being transmitted to the planetary grid network and humanity. So despite all the attempts to de-rail us, the change of frequency occurring during the bifurcation cycle is still happening with those individuals willing to change their consciousness accordingly and they will naturally find themselves in harmony with the shifting frequencies of the organic timeline of Ascension.

This is a momentous time for human liberation as we are awakening into greater realizations of the emotional betrayals that may be prevalent in many situations as they are being revealed to us. This is the time for radical self-care, a time to pray and meditate, of knowing our physical and emotional limits, whilst supporting our loved ones and friends as best we can.

As we come to comprehend the larger playing field and learn how to read energy, scan and clear it, and also activate our own protective energetic 12D Shield, life changes on every level. There is no going back and no desire to. The world as we know is changed forever, and then in the moments of true joy, which become more frequent and longer lasting, in knowing, we smile again.

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