What’s Really Going On?

We all know something is happening, something is different, so what’s  really going on?!


The Universe the Planet and everything on it is Evolving. That’s what’s going on.

This evolutionary shift marks the end of Old Energy and a move into a New Aeon. As we move into this new Timeline, we will continue to see more and more changes happening in the Cosmos and on our Planet with disclosures, developments, and advances in all areas of Humanity the like we have never seen before.

This site is a basic guide and resource to help to understand this evolutionary shift individually, collectively, and planetary. We unravel the mysteries of the universe told by our forefathers throughout our history in the languages of Philosophy, Quantum Mechanics, Bio-Chemistry, Metaphysics, Math, Astronomy, Spirituality, and more, and disclose the real stories behind the narratives.

We are finally coming out of the dark ages that humanity has been locked in for the last 26,000 years and beyond. We are rediscovering long forgotten and buried truths. We are re-learning about our rightful existence as humanitarians, our connection to ourselves, each other, other dimensional consciousnesses, and source energy, and how and why it’s happening on a global scale – now.

So here’s what we KNOW, the rest is up to you…

Follow the blogs. Follow that white rabbit. Find the way out...

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