Precession of the Equinoxes – Triple ‘A’ Alignment – Introduction

François-Marie Arouet

Francoise Marie Arouet was a French Man living between 21 November 1694 and 30 May 1778 and is more commonly known by his literary double, or pen name, Voltaire. It’s a clever name and the first indication of his talents as a wordsmith. The translation of Voltaire means something close to ‘like a volt of lightning’. It is also an anagram of the Latin Spelling of his surname Arovet Li, further the syllables of Vault Air are the reverse of the name of the town where he grew up Air Vault.

He was another modern-day Trail Blazer with knowledge that challenged many static beliefs of his time. He spoke several languages and his works covered a range of subjects from Philosophy, to Math, Science, Religion and Theology. He wrote in various literary formats including poetry, essays, plays, and novels, which were often accompanied with scientific based expositions.

He lived a fascinating life. Reflected in his literary works amounting to over 2000 books and around 20,000 letters, he was a Humanitarian and advocate of freedom of speech, freedom to choose religion, and of basic civil rights in general.

In particular he challenged the Roman Catholic Church and he championed a Constitutional Monarchy which serves the people, as opposed to an Absolute Monarchy which in essence serves itself.

Expressing these and similar such beliefs drew unwarranted attention from the French Monarchy and certain aristocratic families in French society, so he was always on the receiving end of chastisement and recriminations.

On two occasions he was sentenced to imprisonment, and another time exiled from France. One of these sentences was due to Voltaire’s claims that the French Regent Phillippe 11 was having incestual relations with his own daughter. He was imprisoned in the Bastille for it. On another occasion his main rival and adversary arranged for Voltaire to be attacked and beaten up by some of his lackeys. When Voltaire challenged the orchestrator to a Duel, seemingly due to his foe’s aristocratic connections, and we daresay cowardice, he was instead sentenced to imprisonment in the Bastille again. Fearing indefinite incarceration this time, he managed to bargain and secure exile to England instead. The people he met there are amongst some of our finest and seemingly the intended punishment of exile was instead a great blessing for Voltaire, and us.

The context of referencing Voltaire here; in addition to highlighting another being persecuted for truth saying, is due to his knowledge of the Precession of the Equinoxes. It was Voltaire who respectfully re-introduced the values of the Platonic Month into modern history, following up on works from Hipparchus, one of the Ancient Greece Trail Blazers and followers of Socrates, and who pulled this knowledge over two thousand years ago around 130 BC.

One Great Year

A Platonic Year is the amount of time it takes for the Vernal {Spring} Equinox to move through a complete ecliptic. In total this cycle is around 25728 – 26556 years, depending on sources. From a geometrical aspect, it is the time taken for the Equinox to regress a full 360 degrees and is the longest of the Cosmic Cycles. It is also known as One Great Year, an Astrological Age, and a ‘magical’ Aeon.

On average the Vernal Equinox spends around 2144 years in each of the Zodiac Signs, and this Epoch {time event} is what is known as a Platonic Month. Exactly 1/12th of One Great Year.

Voltaire’s calculation of One Great Year is 2160.4 of our Earth years.

Carl Jung’s calculation of One Great Year is 2143 of our Earth Years.

Either way, if we break this down further, a Platonic Day works out to be around 72 years. Interestingly this is the same number of years of the average life expectancy of a Human, according to UN global estimations.

So, What Is the Precession of the Equinoxes?

From the perspective of the sciences of Astronomy and Quantum Physics, the Precession of the Equinoxes refers to the Earth’s axis of rotation in relation to inertial space, which is a frame of reference in relation to stars in deep space whose positions are relatively unchanged over really long periods of time and is caused by the differential of the opposing gravitational forces of the Moon and the Sun on Planet Earth. A precession is essentially a full cycle through all of the Astrological Ages and at a rate of 1 degree every 71.6 years.

However, there are many additional impacts and consequences relating to the Precessions of the Equinoxes, and our current in particular. The understanding of which is reliant on a lot of additional knowledge in relation to humanity, and the mechanics of our galaxy.

There are complex quantum mechanics that govern movements of Energy throughout all of space and time, and as we should understand by now, consciousness has Energy and Energy has consciousness. So how this all translates and what it actually means Astronomically for the Universe, Astrologically for our Planet, and Anatomically for Us, is sincerely massive…

Astronomical Alignment

At the end of each Astrological Age or Aeon – a full cycle through all of the Astrological Ages, our planet comes into alignment with the Galactic Core.

We have been moving out of the Astrological Age or Aeon, of Pisces into Aquarius. This is behind the references in the public domain to The Age of Aquarius, it is to which the introduction on the Home Page of this website relates to, and the shift which many have been referring to and feeling for the last decade but particularly even more so recently. However, it is important to note that starting from 10,500 BCE which is the consensus date of the start of the Holocene Age, and further, based on each Age throughout our history spanning around 2200 years, then the actual start date of the Aquarius Age does not officially begin until 2400 CE. This date is still an approximation and whether we are in or approaching it, the energies it is associated with are evident now.

Astrological Alignment

Astrologically and in relation to our Planet, the Earth is moving to a different location in Space. This means that it is gradually being exposed to different stellar matter in Space and that means exposure to different frequencies from different stellar forms of matter and light sources. Therefore, Planet Earth as we have known it is changing. It’s changing to a higher frequency. 

This is behind much of the geological activity on the Planet at this time. Because of the intense energies being broadcast into the earth, the planet is undergoing significant changes which is affecting the very structure of the earth including the movement of the tectonic plates. In response to these enormous pressures, we have been seeing some of the planet’s release and adjustments by way of more volcanic eruptions and other geological events. The natural environment and habitat of Earth is adapting and re-calibrating in line with the higher frequencies it is being exposed to.

Anatomical Alignment

As Above, So Below. This shift of frequency for the Planet is forcing all of its inhabitants to shift too. These new frequencies are a call to each and all to adapt to the energetic impact both on a personal level and collective level. The effects are already being evidenced through many of the events and issues that humanity has been experiencing both positive and negative. On one side we are seeing some incredible advancements and developments in all areas of life, whilst for others much of this is showing up as confusion, aggression, nonsense, and illness, all as purposes are re-aligned, old energy is being forcibly released, and the body rids itself of stored up low frequency energies, blockages, and misguided out-of-date belief systems. Frequencies in alignment with the Planet’s higher frequencies are being highlighted and increased, and conversely those frequencies out of alignment are being exposed for the purpose of re-alignment. Anything inorganic is being evicted.


The ripple effect is from top to bottom and back again, affecting both the microcosmic aspect of us as individuals, and the macrocosmic aspect of the universes, and everything in between.

The significance of this particular Precession is that it has pushed us through the Wall in Time. This is a quarantine field that has been in place for Aeons, to both block the lower dimensions from accessing us, and also to block us and all our accumulated miasmic mess from accessing the higher dimensions in our Universal Time Matrix. These closed doors or portals are also known as the Halls of Amenti Seals.

At certain points in the time cycle when merges occur, new architecture can be created which impacts the particle and antiparticle time field. This time is now. It means those doors are now open and we can finally access and reconnect with higher levels of intelligent consciousness.

Right now we have access up to and including the 12th Astrological Precession from our Inner World Timelines. This includes a further 288 potential organic Timelines – that’s 864 potential organic Timelines in total so far. That’s a lot of untapped information from the memories held within our DNA. It’s mind boggling. We used to know a lot more than we do now, and as we move through this process, those memories and lost knowledge are being restored. As we absorb more of the organic higher intelligent sound and light frequencies that are being projected onto our planet, our DNA is affected. The higher the frequencies we can hold, directly correlates to our ability to access higher levels of DNA and the additional sensory abilities it holds.

The New Aeon

This is just an Introduction. There’s a lot of additional information to consider. As Humans, it starts with an understanding of the multidimensional aspects of ourselves within the Light Body. Astrologically it relates to an understanding of the Tree of Life and the Universal Time Matrix, Astronomically it is an understanding of our true past and future timelines and the events and true purposes of human origins and destinations.

Undeniably there are significant changes happening to the planet and all of its inhabitants. This particular Precession of the Equinoxes is huge. It marks the closing out of an old cycle for humanity and a move into a new. This new Aeon means further progress and evolution into a new Ascended Timeline. It is referred to as The New Age of Humanity, and life as we have known it and experienced it, is going to change forever.

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