House of Self and 7 Virtues – Clean It Up

When we choose a home, we have things in mind that will make that home comfortable and a desirable place to be. If we have the means, when we want to go holiday, we are likely going to choose the best location, with the best views, the best food, and the best resources.

Clean It Up

Many Humans have travelled to other destinations, be they near or far. Most Spirits, or energetic consciousness entities have not only travelled all over the world but all over the Universe too.

The highest frequency energetic consciousness and spirits, want to stay somewhere of an equally high vibrational quality dwelling that they resonate with. Just as you would most likely not choose to live in a dark, loveless, lonely, depressed, dirty house, neither do higher frequency consciousnesses.

The house we build that represents ourselves and holds our state of consciousness and energetic frequency, and how we maintain it, is relative to the energetic spirit consciousness that will reside in it. So, if we want to avoid lower frequency negative spirits and imposters those undesirable visitors in our sanctuary of being, and instead want to attract the higher frequency energic consciousnesses: the welcomed quality guests that are a joy to be around, then we need to clean up our house.

To establish a strong foundation, build a high-quality House of Self, and create a desirable interior, we must dismantle the Houses of Ego and evict the demonic and predator force uninvited hitchhikers. We need to clean up our Self House and keep it clean. This means everything we put into our bodies, and how we treat it, from food to harmful substances, especially those that are attached to addictive behaviours, and also our mind. How we think and our state of consciousness is crucial to maintaining a strong and clean Self House. We must ensure our House is functioning at its optimum by furnishing it with the most high forces and we can base these on the Seven Virtues.

The Seven Virtues of The House of Self

According to the GSF Ascension Model, the Seven Virtues are identified and described as : 1. Purity 2. Generosity 3. Patience 4. Kindness 5. Discipline/Conservation 6. Diligence 7. Humility.


(GSF) Empathy and Compassion: We feel connection to life and have compassion and kindness for others that feel pain because we can empathize and relate to sensory feelings and emotions. We care about what happens to Life, whether its earth, human beings, animals, nature, plants or trees. We realize that we are a part of something larger and have kindness for ourselves and others, as this end cycle is very challenging for many. With this compassionate understanding we do not allow intentional harm or self-martyrdom in our sphere of influence.


(GSF) Mental Openness: We are able to consider and be open to many different ways of being, thinking or life philosophy without feeling threatened, defensive or sarcastic. This is a state of non-judgment. Discoveries and new learning opportunities are valued as desirable and supported in others. Mental flexibility for greater intelligence and creative problem solving is available for the mutual beneficial exchanging of ideas. Mental openness allows intuitive development and higher sensory perception.


(GSF) Emotional Stability: We accept emotional states as impermanent and like a beautiful painting we can choose and accept emotions as a wide spectrum of colour. In pain or joy we can apply learning and appreciate that we have feelings, senses and wide emotional spectrums. When feeling pain or disappointment we have no need to lash out and harm others. We are aware, allow feeling emotion without over identifying with that state to points of overwhelm. Through emotional balance (soul healing) we do not allow any influential substance (i.e. drug, food, sex, shopping) to overtake us or keep us dependent through emotional addiction.


(GSF) Responsibility: We are accountable to our actions and accept responsibility for our words, commitments and energies. We are realistic and dependable only committing to that which we are capable and are genuinely sincere. We are aware of how our language and behaviour impact others, the environment and act humbly. We are conscientious in everything that has our energy stamp and recognize to create quality in our life and with exchanges. Quality is a by-product of energetic responsibility.

Discipline and Conservation

(GSF) Honesty: The ability to be honest with one self, honest in the assessment of others, honest in the circumstances of reality through a commitment to emotional clarity. Stating and representing the true conditions of circumstances as neutrally and harmlessly as possible. We know that honesty is always the true pathway in our relationship with God that leads us towards spiritual maturity and freedom.

(GSF) Autonomy or Sovereignty: To achieve the strong foundation within the spiritual self to become confident in facing life decisions and making choices supported as a self-governed and spiritually motivated individual. With self-autonomy we do not need to manipulate or control others. Within the world context, it is the capacity of a clear individual to make an informed, un-coerced decision. Source engenders the knowledge and growth to spiritual autonomy when in partnership with Divine Will and Service. Source/Divine/God is your partner in Love and parent in Life.


(GSF) Reality Assessment: To be able to assess the current environment and conditions realistically and truthfully in order to make informed choices without needing to control the outcome or engage in power conflicts. To discern conditions based on internal resonance and not external judgments or mass acceptance. In the spiritual context, to feel or read the energy signature in order to integrate its intelligent information with the external circumstances, in so that an informed decision can be made.


(GSF) Unified Cooperation: Recognizing the interdependence between all living things with the desire to engender cooperation between groups and all living systems. Cooperation is valued in order to unify the whole in energetically beneficial exchanges for creating holistic systems. Cooperation becomes the natural behaviour to align groups synchronistically in a naturally self-organizing system arranged upon a core spiritual mission or humanitarian philosophy. Unified cooperation is only successful in environments of honesty and transparency where self-interest is sublimated to the caring of the larger group interest. In commitment to heart-based transparency and non-judgment, group trust can be formed and bonded.[1]

Birds Of A Feather

Most old sayings are routed in a lot more wisdom than we often give them credit for. but like really does attract like and it’s obvious. We see it all the time. Low vibrational actions attract more low frequency energy and lower vibrational frequency Spirits, and high vibrational actions attract more high frequency energy and higher frequency Spirits. We create our strongest and highest House of Self and the state of wellbeing, happiness, peace and contentment in our life, when we have disciplined ourselves to achieve the natural flow of expression of the higher qualities of virtues and ethics. When we attract higher resonating energetic frequencies to reside in our House of Self, this allows us to succeed and fulfil our higher purpose and the corresponding physical realities we want to experience.

Get a broom, clean it up.

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