Boxing Shadows – Shells of the Dead and Matter Demons

Creative Living Energy in line with the Universal Laws moves in a spiral of time and in all things that are energetic. This living energy is spiral, whereas Dead Energy is a Static Field. In our body, living energy is intended to move and flow in a continuous cycle. Like any efficient system of energy there is a need to keep circuits circulating the flow of energy for optimum performance, health, and energetic balance. If the energy flow is not circulating efficiently, problems occur. In the context of the human, collective, and planetary body, it creates an opening to toxic dead influences.

Dead Influences

Dead Energy Miasma is similar to a toxic waste product. It is like energetic faeces. Synonymous with black, frozen, or dead light, it is generated in a damaged Morphogenetic Field, which is a form-holding instruction blueprint that stores information for how that “form” of consciousness will manifest.

Dead Influences are caused by the residue or imprints of a Dead Energy static field or reversal fields of dark or blocked energy. These are further anti-life architectures or structures which infiltrate and deteriorate aspects of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. These are influences like:

  • Negative ego due to mind control structures
  • Abuse, trauma, and false fear-based belief systems {lack of self worth, poverty consciousness etc} that affect our emotional health
  • Targeted and genetic DNA alteration causing physical symptoms
  • Unseen spiritual energetic disease with a multitude of causes and effects

Dead Energy Miasma, The Grid

Damaged architecture in the planetary grid field cannot run enough life force “current” or the proper frequency tone keys, and this damages the earth’s body, creating dead wiring and dead spaces. Dead spaces cannot transmit or exchange with living intelligent energy fields which ultimately harms our planet’s inhabitants by creating digressive mutations.

For us, our Dead Energy Miasma originated from the abuse and damage of soul bodies from the hidden anti-human force’s NAA invasion, on Tara – 5D Earth. This severely impacted the Mind, Body, and Soul, of both the Human and Planetary bodies of Earth.

At the base level of any suffering is an interference or disconnection between our physical body and our energetic body which is also our spiritual body and source of living light. Such states result in lower energetic current connections of Dead Energy. When any living thing is disconnected from its source light, it gets sick. It becomes depressed and diseased, impacting the DNA blueprint to deteriorate quickly and initiating a Death Code. These show up as physical symptoms and are an indication of a dead influence thereby necessitating some level of energetic clearing and a reconnection to the living light current.

When a collective race and planet is continually at war with itself, the spiritually abusive behaviours of murder, genocide, rape, hatred and related levels of moral decay and depravity create a tremendous amount of spiritual-energetic disease. This shows up as a tarry black energy and which not only damages the grid, but also deeply impacts humans, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Dead Energy Miasma, Generational DNA

When accumulated miasma patterns are inherited from both patriarchal and matriarchal lines, it can also create new mutations of diseases in the offspring. Evident in the public domain of these current times, with massive amounts of accumulated miasma remaining uncleared on the planet, we can see many new mutations and diseases manifesting that the medical system cannot diagnose or understand the source of.

These dis-ease patterns were encoded and passed down in Negative Ego behaviours and DNA codes from generation to generation from the genetic alteration made from the inorganic negative alien agenda {NAA} influence. Levels of the passed down distorted or flawed DNA would result in a dissipation of the original form of the disease. The manifested diseased energy and its physical body pattern would sometimes skip generations. The dissipated energetic pattern recorded as cellular memories from the Ancestry or Family of Origin of the original disease would then manifest in future generations in lesser or hybridized forms.

Inherited genetic disease patterning and energetic blockages in the bodies are mostly formed by destructive Negative Ego behaviours promoted by the Archontic Deception Strategy of the NAA.

It is known and referred to as “Genetic inherited DNA damage”.

Dead Energy Miasma, Ego Mind Control

In relation to the Mind, Ego Filters are dead energy Mind Control structures. We have become so familiar with our ego identity that we have accepted these structures as normal allow them to dictate our actions.

This is incorrect and these structures are not natural. They are a form of the Mind Control structures inserted into the physical elemental bodies of human beings via Holographic Inserts. When we are only operating from our ego-mind levels of consciousness, these influences will seem as if they are our own and keep us in a recurring pattern that prevents us from accepting, understanding, and accessing our higher states of consciousness.

It is an aggressive strategy varying in degree and effectiveness for each person and was initiated as part of the hybridization and complete planetary takeover agenda approximately 5,500 years ago and culminated in the final disengagement of our DNA.

Dead Energy Miasma, The Shadows

By Pratty Vee – Deviant Aet

As a consequence. when we incarnated into our physical 3D form on this planet, we knew it was with a huge miasmic or karmic burden because it was already attached to the collective human mental body and the consciousness of the planetary mind. These energetic forms are called Universal Shadow bodies, the Negative Form or Phantom Sun bodies. These phantom bodies are what generate Shadow Selves and further it is these shadow bodies that connect non-awakened humans to the 911 timeline of the Alpha Omega Agenda or the negative alien agenda.2

This is a timeline and relates to but came before the modern day 911 event. It is however part of the same energetic signature. From the original ancient timeline event, the Universal Shadow World emerged from out of the 11th dimension, where these fallen Black Hole Entities formed into the invaders of the NAA hierarchy and began hive mind colonization with the insertion of massive shadow beasts acting as Black Queens.

These black hole entities were reconfigured into Black Dragon Avatar Collectives with AI brains that corrupted dark matter and destroyed the grail stargates and the living architecture of the sacred feminine principle or Holy Mother energetic consciousness. As a consequence, these bizarre shadow creatures became the entity attachments or Fallen Angelic demons that connected to living beings as their parasitical hosts at individual, collective, and beyond levels.

Imposter Spirits – Fallen Forces

One way this has been done is through infecting our Blood through the Spleen Implant. When overlaid with a karmic load from a negative species, that genetic record in the karmic overlay is recorded in a person’s blood stream. This creates an entanglement with that species of which that human was likely never in consent with in the first place but whom then has a connection to that inorganic non-human entity. Such an entity is essentially running and processing loosh energy where it receives the pure energy that has been processed out of the human, while the human is left with a karmic exhaust of the transmitted karmic imprint that was never theirs to begin with and which thus keeps them in a karmic loop.

The adverse Sephiroth or its negative form known as the Qlippoth is the dimensional location that Fallen Angelic hierarchies, and the Satanic and Luciferian forces exist in. These are the dominant cultures methodically and secretly constructed through an array of social engineering experiments. These are being perpetrated through an increasing multitude of electromagnetic and chemical weapons targeting the masses. Most people are still not able to discern the aggressive agendas hidden in plain sight that directly promote the Death Culture.

These agendas are based upon manipulating their doctrines and ideologies and continuing to deceive the public by pushing for mainstream acceptance while denying accountability for the destructive harm caused by their actions. These Controller groups desire to make their more extreme ideologies and related satanic behaviours and rituals to be fully mainstreamed and socially integrated. This strategy is to try and ensure that their practices will become legally protected when their various harmful activities are openly observed in full view of the public. This is a fundamental aspect of the current and expanding Disclosure Event that is occurring.

As the Negative Form shell and/or Imposter Spirit negative force of the Sephiroth, the Qlippoth sends off work to the rest of the Qlippoth. This energetic Miasma acts as a generator of the same force. Essentially, these are the Dead Light forces of the Shadow Self and their spiritual-energetic qualities.

On the path of Ascension our goal is to face the Shadow Self and the demons it associates with, and to purify our body and consciousness from its control over us. This is why we must not fear nor give our energy to these lower forces. These are master tricksters and deceivers, and they are highly intelligence and highly effective. This is why mental clarity is so important, along with a strong sense of discernment. ‘Same energy different jacket’. These energetic parasites are also known as the “Evil Demons of Matter and the Shells of the Dead”.

The Slow Death

Apparently, a particular form of Dark Energy consciousness called Psora is connected to the timeline of the fall of humankind; the Hyperborean Holocaust, the Electric Wars, which further resulted in the genetic block that manifested the Curse of Yahweh. The Curse of Yahweh is the deliberate energetic blockages put in the Chakra System 6th Dimension Indigo Ray and Third Eye Chakra, and the 7th Dimension Crown Chakra. This caused extreme trauma to the human Light-Body and connection to those consciousnesses and is why many Fallen Angelics and Watchers got trapped in the 3D Earth realm. Fallen Angelics are part of both human and non-human consciousness, that came to be distorted creations of their perfection. 

This Fallen Angelic curse of the 666 seal and the energetic result has greatly increased distorted, inorganic, toxic, forces in the earth. Through the genetic block that was created, it meant that the Soul was forced to reincarnate over and over again on the 3D Earth plane, experiencing a biological form that ages, is susceptible to diseases and dies. Taking place over Aeons this agenda has been an attempt to decimate the Human Race DNA consciousness as a covert Slow Death.

Healing Times – Polarity Integration

The phenomena of having two potential realities co-exist within physical matter at different vibrational speeds creates a strange phenomenon projected out from the individual Auric Field called the Negative Form. It is a fragmented splinter of our Shadow Selves.

Many of us are experiencing these dark aspects of our Negative Form surfacing so that we can integrate the polarities of its simultaneous existence in the other space time fields. In some cases, we will need to completely destroy its instruction set, wiping it from its timeline origin and sending it back as raw materials to be transmuted and merged back with Source consciousness.

This has been showing up in an array of forms of spiritual warfare archetype agendas and manipulation; ranging from targeting individuals in both their pier and professional environments with character assassination, to physical chronic disease.

Shadow Kick

As a spiritual initiates at the beginning stages of ascension, we start to notice that we are connected ancestrally through our biological lineage to its miasmic history. Through increased consciousness we become more aware of that direct influence upon us individually and how it impacts every aspect of our lives. When we realise, understand, and then recognise this, we can start to clear and transcend its influences.

We can decide to choose what we want to want to wear as our energetic suit. What we have inherited karmically does not have to continue to dictate who we are and what we experience. Taking accountability through the process of clearing this accumulated miasmic or karmic energy, leads to healing this genetic cellular memory residue from past timelines and thereby clearing it from future ones.

Usually, if we pay attention to the various patterns of attitudes, ideals, and emotional intelligence in our current Bio-Family dynamic, we will know these archetypal patterns extend to other lifetimes as well as hold relevant information and clues to what we intended to heal when we agreed to come here.

This benevolent spiritual gift enabling this awareness is due to the restoration of true organic forms in corrected dark matter. It is due to the combined efforts of higher energetic consciousnesses and part of the decree to assist humanity on our planet by reclaiming and re-establishing the universal natural laws and natural balance, in alignment with the true principles of the cosmic law of one and kicking the uninvited shadow hitchhikers off our planet once and for all.

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