Universal Chess Moves

Most people are aware that there has been a war going on for control of Energy, that is, the Energy of Human Consciousness and DNA. Throughout the Dark Ages the Negative Alien Agenda {NAA} Invaders and Controllers have won many exchanges. What is different this time is the amount of people that have been walking in the mostly unseen realms who have been making powerful and successful counter moves.


Attack Move – Grid Implants and Frequency Fences

Our Planetary Logos is the original blueprint and law governing the Earth’s planetary body and exists at the Ultraviolet spectrum of our magnetosphere on the 7th dimensional level or the Violet Ray. The Violet Ray is one of the three aspects of the Plane of the future Earth, Gaia. This is why is has been so aggressively attacked with Violet Ray reversals and implants stapled into the brain of the planetary grid. This is why we have witnessed and experienced so many adverse effects across the board and in all areas of humanity.

Counter Move – Reversals and Demolition

The architecture of the planetary logos controls every aspect of the planet from the physical elemental substances to the emotional, mental and energetic quanta or life force distribution. It is the main control mechanism and circuit board that governs the planet in every inconceivable way.

The 7th dimensional logos connect to a vast circulatory system. With the assistance of the current Grid Workers, this has been undergoing extensive repairs including Violet Ray reversal correction, demolition of multiple frequency fences and removal of implants from the grid. These successful realignments have and continue to bring many positive results for all earth’s inhabitants.


Attack Move – DNA Unplugged

This is the reference point in our current historical record where the human DNA was unplugged on the earth and all Galactic Wars memories and our true origins were erased from our memories by the NAA invading races.

DNA and vibratory digression began a gradual decent from the Orion Group population coming to the earth from primarily 208,000 years ago in the Orion Wars, however the major DNA Unplugged in humanity was when the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion transpired about 5,500 years ago. This separation from our individual and universal higher levels of consciousness and therefore each other, our identity and history has been devastating for the human Soul.

Counter Move – CDT Plates Knowledge

Until our DNA was unplugged humans retained memories of their galactic history. It is being rediscovered by growing numbers not just through the literal reintroduction of the Law of One Teachings and other lost knowledge held on the CDT Plates, but also through the impact of the energetic signature of them in the collective consciousness.

This sacred knowledge originally belonged to the Twelve Essene Tribes and passed on through their direct lineages. It was held under the protection and administration of a different Maji Grail King on earth, each of whom served as the principal guardian of the planetary demographic and stargate of their particular tribe. Each Maji Grail King was responsible for allocating spiritually trained and adept members of the Essene Tribes to be Keepers and Protectors of the Universal Law of One sacred knowledge, throughout multiple aeons and lifetimes, and for release and access during the appropriate Ascension Timeline.

Until such a time, this sacred knowledge has since been under the safekeeping and protection of the Sirian High Council, appointed by the Emerald Founders and as part of the promise to assist and rescue the souls embodied and who had become trapped on earth. It was to be a failsafe measure of the the Covenant Pallador, also known as the Palaidorian Covenant. They have never left us. And no one will be left behind that doesn’t want to be. This is the Guardians vow and covenant.


Attack Move – The Babel Tower

During the invasion 5,500 years ago, the collapse of the magnetic field also created DNA scrambling that removed our natural language and ability to communicate with the entire planetary species. This interfered with the sequence of the fire letters to arrange correctly in the original human DNA template causing loss of species memory and language. This assault in the planetary grid and corresponding consciousness fields is known as the Tower of Babel Implant.

These are glandular system implants that generate malfunctions in the path of our intended organic biological and consciousness evolution process, also known as the Kundalini rising, that impact the brain receivers; the HypothalamusThalamus, Pineal, Thyroid, and Thymus.

Thus, when our Endocrine System function was impaired, hormonal secretions into our blood changed and this greatly impacted immunity, aging and prevented higher consciousness communication links from forming in our Brain which blocked out multidimensional perception.

Counter Move – Dissolving The Gland Cages

As a by-product of the Planetary Grid demolition and realignment missions, one result has been the subsequent Crystal Core activation with corresponding central nervous system changes that are impacting the bio-neurology instructions made to the endocrine system and Cerebrospinal Fluid. These current changes in the Planetary Logos instruction sets are making important adjustments to the Thalamus, which is in relationship to the ability of the Thalamus to properly filter the crystalline intelligence and decipher it correctly in our brain neural synapse activity.

The Thalamus is an important part of our anatomy that exists as a physical construct and energetic blueprint for transmitting and deciphering intelligent information being transmitted from the crystal technology in the earth. The Thalamus connects with the fornix nerve fibres and the limbic system, which is related to our emotional experiences, and it is our emotions that are the biggest key to unlocking our higher sensory perception and Spiritual Guidance System. The corrections and realignments in the grid have been key to our Hypothalamus activation and transmissions and dissolving the Pineal Gland Cage, all of which are enabling us to break free from our Consciousness Prison.


Attack Move – A-Symmetric Warfare

Non symbiotic follows an inorganic consumptive modelling structure. The consumptive modelling architecture was created by the “False Gods of Tyranny” who developed and introduced all that is unnatural in our world including the enforced vampirism of others through genetic manipulation and Mind Control.

The controllers still attempt to maintain their stronghold to enslave humanity through the propagation of media outlets to incite consumptive modelling fears based on the Armageddon Software – Terrorism, Cataclysm and Pestilence. Genetic modification of foods, chemtrails in the air, oil and gas dependency, pharmaceutical drugs, lack of pure drinking water, debt enslavement, fear over our financial future, poverty, terrorism and war are all examples. These are all the controller games of consumptive modelling of which they have had a platform of control to exploit humanity over the last dark age cycle to maintain control over Earth – Prison Plane.

The mainstream media distraction beats the war drums and transmits mind control signals to dampen the current {2017 to 2023} massive inpouring of solar plasma light, benevolent goodness, and humanitarian support that is moving us rapidly towards this collective planetary breakthrough. The Factions currently infighting within the controller groups are desperate to maintain their stronghold and using every resource at their disposal in forcefully redirecting the collective consciousness to instead focus on the agents of chaos by provoking war and misdirection that further encourages compliance to tyranny, violence, separation, and fear narratives.

When gaining clarity about the Controller motivations to maintain and advance power and control in the global scape, to dominate world economies and further the master-slave narrative, the concept of carrying out covert military operations or False Flag Events to serve these agendas becomes increasingly evident.

False flag operations are designed to create a false narrative for the purpose of deceiving the masses, while disguising the actual source of responsibility in order to hide the real organization behind the attack or operation. In warfare, false flags are generally considered acceptable to deceive the enemy and to gain strategic advantage. False Flag attacks are a method of psychological warfare in which the public reaction is led to follow a bread crumb trail and essentially be much more likely to support their own government and military forces in perpetuating separation, especially if the operation is blamed on outsiders.

Without full disclosure, many still cannot understand that a small band of power elite families coordinated a plan to declare war on the rest of the earth population many years ago, and with the greater assistance of non-terrestrial entities with their own agenda exploiting their power and greed. In short, we have been sold out by a small power elite group of Psychopaths. Currently our world governments are embroiled in a hidden war between these cabal factions that include both off planet and on planet groups. They are using every strategy of Psychological Manipulation and emotional exploitation against the public, and they are using every media forum in order to gain full spectrum dominance over the timelines in the future.

As we gain more understanding about the propaganda model and how it is used to manipulate and manufacture consent, we can avoid the pitfalls and open ourselves to promote open discussion and informed debate on many topics that are labelled as unapproved or as a conspiracy theory in the mainstream. Conspiracy is fact on planet Earth, and there are many pieces of factual evidence that portray these conspiracies throughout history that are fully documented throughout governmental agencies in black and white. Many despot leaders and military strategists throughout history have acknowledged the use of False Flags as a psychological weapon against their own country. The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror, and the NAA use these tactics well.

To understand what we are actually looking at, we first have to decode the methods used in psychological warfare to see how deep down the rabbit hole the psychological manipulation and exploitation of humanity goes, and the main reasons behind it.1

Counter Move – Disclosure Event

All over the world more hidden truths continue to reveal on a range of topics that are slowly coming into view through concerned groups that are growing larger by the day, which are the diligent public citizen investigators sharing their research and findings. It is those concerned citizens with powers of independent critical thinking and investigative inquiry that desire to find the truth, that have been asking the right questions of the control narratives being pushed, and those pushing them.

As a result of these groups investigative efforts and sharing their research online with others, this generates a big ripple effect for disclosure. This starts to uncover inconsistencies, obvious cover stories, and wrong and mismatched dates of supposed events in our history. The spirit of truth seeking lays the groundwork for revealing the many lies and deceptions that the Human Race has been told by the supposed authorities put in charge of telling us about our history, timelines, wars, public figures, rulers, inventors, artists and so on, which begins to bring clarity to the many tall tales told about the origins of ancient civilizations on the Earth and how this supposedly led humanity into its current culture. 

However, it needs all of us. We are all parts of the same whole. Each of us holds specific knowledge and each of us has to dig deep to find and know those truths and add them to the collective truths in order to heal the whole Human Race.


Soul Race

Regardless of our level of spiritual development, on-going revelations of the depth and complexity of the deceptions and lies to erase our timelines and steal everything from our Human Race species is completely and utterly mind bending. At the same time, many of us are far removed from this reality only dipping in now and then when practical matters cross over.

And so it is with this growing awareness of what’s really behind all the madness, that we can be ready for anything and become as mentally flexible and open minded as possible, and to ‘hear’ truth. During this greater revelation of truth during the Disclosure Event, we need to stand our ground and we must take care of ourselves and each other. We are the Human Race, we have a Soul, and that matters, a lot. United we stand, together we fly.

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