The Emerald Order Covenant – The Vow

The Emerald Covenant is the vow that was made, that all Human Souls in this Fallen Universe would eventually be found and returned back to their original spiritual home.

Who Are The Emerald Order?

The Emerald Covenant vow was made by the first world creation forces and the highest light and sound energetic consciousnesses of the frequency and vibration fields in our electromagnetic universal grid field.

Why Was The Emerald Covenant Made?

The vow was made to us as a result of the Orion wars over control of the angelic human 12 strand DNA and the subsequent invasion of the negative alien forces that progressively then ultimately left us disconnected from our source consciousness.

What Is The Emerald Covenant?


In order to uphold the Emerald Covenant and liberate humanity, the strategy set out was multi-faceted.


In order to unify the Earth Race Lines and support those that are not of Earth but incarnated here to assist the process, many of which also got stuck, a great endeavour was undertaken. It required an intense and on-going clearing of dead static energy and complete demolition of the artificial structures and implants in the architecture of the grid, and further rebuilding it to reinstate cosmic order and the Universal and Natural Laws. This enables us to access our higher levels of consciousness which until recently we had been completely cut off and blocked from for aeons.


Made possible through the higher frequencies and vibrations that they have been pouring into our planet predominantly through the sun, cosmic rays, and plasma, they have also been assisting with our DNA evolution through updates, for those who are able to receive and hold these higher frequencies on a cellular level.


Through Earth’s Great Disclosure Event, it is further revealing our hidden history and exposing the illusions that most of us have accepted are real, for lifetimes and which is a necessary part our consciousness expansion process. It is also forcing what has been hidden, to be seen, whereby it can then be purged from our planet.

Free Will

During this Ascension Timeline, one of the fascinating aspects of all this is the simultaneous application of The Law of Free Will. The Emerald Order can not intervene unless we ask them to. On a collective level, there seems to have been enough awakened souls to have initiated this intervention for the planet. On an individual level, we each have to do the personal energetic spiritual healing required to clear our auric fields and thereby reach a high enough state of frequency and vibration to meet them and thereby gain access to the universal knowledge that we all once had and which was the norm.

We Are Not Alone

We have the highest most benevolent support in the universe. In order to meet them, and transcend out of the madness, it means doing the individual shadow work, expanding our consciousness, and living in service to one rather self, as all is in alignment with the Law of One.

But we do have Free Will and for those who do not want or can’t ‘lighten up’, their paths lead elsewhere.

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