The Moon – The Benighted Satellite

 Many times it has been discussed that the divine humans on planet Earth are in the midst of a war over energy which is actually a war over consciousness, as well as a war over timelines, and all the while as most of the human population live in sleeping to this fact.

Lethal Moonbeams

Through many wars and genocidal campaigns that have taken place over many lifetimes including alien hybridization breeding programs to infect our original blood and DNA, the intruding races gradually took away more and more of our natural energy resources and blank slated our history during the end of most major astrological cycles. To further aggravate this agenda, major outfits of alien machinery or black hole technology was installed approximately every 6,500 years (or 6,480 years) during each quarter of the 26,000-year cycle.

It has been discovered that the dodecahedron, which is a primary platonic solid geometry connected to Aether and liquid plasmas transmitted by our Sun, has 6,480 degrees (the sum of angles of all its faces). One of the strategies of those forces attempting to covet our human DNA and corresponding consciousness levels, was to gain control over the magnetosphere through the manipulation of the dodecahedron geometry architecture which has great influence on organic magnetism, carbon matter, and manifesting timelines. By gaining control over the magnetosphere, the energetic properties of the dodecahedron and its connection to our Sun, it allowed for these forces to run and merge artificial magnetism tied to the lunar matrix. This combination was used as a weapon to induce surface weather catastrophes such as major global floods.

Tesla told us that Aether behaves as a liquid for matter and as a solid for light and heat, with other geometry architectures acting as the building blocks of our matrix which need the structural framework of the Aether component. It is through the dodecahedron geometry, which is the Aether function, that the rest of the platonic solids and elements are organized within all of the energy flows into specific frequency patterns throughout our dimensions of time and space. So the objective for the negative agenda forces was to control the dodecahedron properties of 6,480 degrees, and by doing so have control over the magnetosphere, and matter Forms, and what manifests on the Earth surface. This is geometric or geodetic knowledge behind the rigged system of creating the prison planet and has played a significant role in how this invasion, hidden to the extent that most would be led to believe it is science fiction, was accomplished by the invaders

Sun Platonic Solids

Catastrophic flooding, earthquakes and volcanic activity have been a major tool of the NAA to bury, hide and destroy ancient artefacts, structures and buildings that reflect an established human culture, as well as the remaining evidence of advanced technologies of human civilization.

It may be noted that in the NAA violent religion propaganda, they are especially fond of pushing narratives around catastrophic floods said in the past to be the result of humans angering the Gods, and these days said to be as a result of interstellar matters or our lack of care of the planet. Curious then that NASA has recently set out several propaganda news pieces on the history of Moon wobbles and catastrophic flooding destroying the Earth surface, suggesting we brace for impact. Yet catastrophic floods are a part of the Armageddon software the NAA like to use to trigger collective humanity’s previous traumas around flooding, as certainly every person on this planet has the horrible flood memory in their subconscious, even if they’re not consciously aware of this or fully understand how timelines work.

It was as recent as the late 1800’s when the last major global flooding occurred yet until recently the historical evidence of this catastrophic event was totally erased from public knowledge. This was intended for millions of people not to remember their previous culture or history, and why newer buildings and cities were planned on top of the buried evidence of our past.

History is rewritten by the victors, the children are educated to believe the new falsified accounts of history, and so it spreads. The same NAA playbook for engineering a Great Reset is happening right now. It is being used to intentionally displace populations for mass diaspora, destroy local culture, target children with false history and control ideology, introduce disease pandemics, engineer a false flag event or war or pending planetary impact, destroy and censor public records and public discourse, incite mass terrorism and confusion through the media, invent classifications to anger and further divide the people, soft kill those that don’t comply, rinse and repeat. It’s in our faces, under our noses, and before our eyes.

Thousands of years ago this agenda was a planned gradual takeover of the planetary field in which the magnetosphere would be controlled with artificial magnetic and gravitational anomalies, with the knowledge that it could also be used as a global mind control device to collapse human consciousness into very low states so that our original DNA would remain unplugged. In such a consciousness state where angelic humans are being starved of our natural solar frequency levels, starved of oxygen, starved of pure water and foods, starved from connection with nature, starved from connection with our inner spirit, and all the while being overlaid with lunar forces and artificial magnetism, we fell into a deep slumber. 

While we were in this state of slumber and forced karmic based looped reincarnation, the NAA and their controller bloodlines changed our timelines, erased our history, destroyed the evidence of artefacts, brought in the Moon satellite, and stole our advanced knowledge, by performing a great reset of erasing global records every 2,160 years, until more recently when they upped their game to every odd 100 years. 

Their fondness for catastrophic flooding was because it efficiently buried many advanced civilizations under avalanches of mud or volcanic ash very quickly, which saved them the time and resources of destroying the evidence of civilizations by using DEW weapons on a one-by-one basis. It further appear that DEW weapons were used by NAA thousands of years ago on the Earth during specific Law of One consciousness ground crew missions, in order to obliterate access to technological devices and structures being used to protect team members.

The Moon is a satellite as we know, but further what are the implications of this? It is not a natural part of our Solar System. We know it’s not a piece of the planet that chipped off in some stellar collision and all the while in the form of a perfect geometric shape and size and finding itself in a very specific position in OUR Solar System as many of the mainstream controlled science narratives would have us believe. So ask yourself where did it come from? who or what put it there? and what is it being used for and why? These are not unreasonable truth discerning questions.

Irrespective of the mainstream media proposed narrative, there are those who have recently tracked the introduction of the artificial satellite Moon Base, in which the proportions of the Moon were made to be proportionate to a time cycle that is identical to the series of cataclysmic floods that were used as weapons in previous timelines on the Earth surface. This was determined as a result of the more recent catastrophic flood that NASA shall we say, dutifully warned us was due, and which has since been dealt with by a recon for the purpose of completely destroying the possibility of the use of the Moon satellite base and artificial magnetism for another such event. 

Moon Platonic Solid

The radius of The Moon is stated to be 1,080 miles and the diameter of The Moon is therefore double that at 2,160 miles. If we multiply the diameter by 108, we get the supposed distance between the Earth and Moon of 233,280 miles.

Also know that the lunar matrix of false magnetism transmitted from The Moon is designed to emit artificial waves in the geometric shape of eight lines of reflective symmetry in octagonal cymatic shapes, and the internal angles of any octagon is 1080 degrees. The octagon shape has a 1080 Hz frequency that can be doubled to form into and transmit what are called Black Cube geometries with a 2160 Hz frequency.

The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is the 2nd grail Stargate that was built with an octagonal floor plan aligning it with the Moon base and therefore a black cube matrix. If we look we can notice that octagon geometry can be found elsewhere in many ancient structures built on powerful ley lines throughout the Earth grid, as well as black cube designs used for religious worship such as in Mecca. This all goes back to The Moon and lunar control. The Moon’s artificial matrix became an embedded source of magnetic control with a primary octagonal pattern made in sound waves to manipulate and harvest massive amounts of energy from the Earth grid network.

Then we have the Octagon Group and this name is not random. The Octagon Group located in Davos, Switzerland is the same group behind the current World Economic Forum, and fourth wave of the transhumanist Great Reset that have a Black Sun chain of command extending to the Moon and other planets. These same lunar entities and their preferred bloodlines have been administering an assortment of surface cataclysms by obliterating chosen demographic areas for decimation. The Moon satellite as a magnetic weapon has been a part of their arsenal against human beings on the surface, in which gratefully, during this next cycle will not be operational due to Guardian Host protective intervention. Let’s see how creative the response narratives get to dodge that.

Cave Men Gibberish and Nerves of Steel

For the last twenty years it has been the mission to gain clarity on the hidden Galactic history of timeline wars so that those Ground Crew of the Law of One consciousness, or Christos Mission, can understand in detail what has happened to the Earth and humanity in the current time. As we go through the first stages of the great awakening where humanity learns more of the truth about the Lost Knowledge of Human Civilization, we begin to recognize that the rewritten history is also much closer to us in current time. This being just a few hundred years ago when we had access to levels of technology that are lost today. At last now is the right time to gather that information and begin to pull on those threads that hold the very fabric of this time together.

It is not the case at all that original angelic human beings were drooling cave men, and we did not come from apes. Angelic humans lived in an advanced technological culture with free energy as ONE people on ONE planet. All of the race, religion, sex, and meaningless classifications, were set up as discriminating factors for fabricating mind control belief systems that were created by the Archons running the Octagon Group and others, using lunar forces through genetic and social engineering to intentionally divide and conquer humanity for their non-human masters.

Consider, what if every single historical event learned in the controlled and approved Rockefeller educational curriculum was an utter and total fabrication designed to indoctrinate the human population into the slave class? What if what we were taught about our nations, our cultures, our way of life on the Earth, our beliefs in medicine, history, religion, financial and economic theories, based upon intentionally crafted Archontic deceptions and was a total and utter lie?

Would it also be possible to believe that up to approximately two hundred years ago humanity had some areas with free energy sources and gorgeous architectural structures designed from the ancient builder races generating atmospheric energy, as proven by Tesla?

Because the planet was covered with such historical artefacts and indisputable evidence of our advanced human culture – until it was destroyed by DEWs – directed energy weapons, or floods, or other weather cataclysms that were artificially generated by a nonhuman species invading our planet. Who are we now without the false history and culture we have been brainwashed to accept as our own? What if these intruders are putting into play right now with The Great Reset, the same warfare tactics that have been used against humanity several times already, to mind wipe our current history into another digression of complete and total consciousness slavery, this time as a trans-human robot?

Standing Together

This is a defining moment in our historical timeline in order to face the truth of what is coming to be revealed about the Lost Knowledge of Human CivilizationSome are wide awake to what’s going on, many more people including Starseeds and Indigos are awakening to their higher role to be the investigator, truth-seeker, and curator of digging and finding these historical records, piecing together dates and historical accounts as an archivist, and providing a platform for the foundation of disseminating the release of some of these records into the public.

This is a big piece supporting the Global Disclosure Event in piecing together the hidden human history of even just the last hundred years. We do not have a trustworthy media and so it will be up to others to act with integrity, to serve humanity in this capacityIt will mean that we need nerves of steel, a strong core self, and a deep and profound relationship with Source, so that we can be the strong foundation and anchor rock for our families, loved ones and friends.

We need each other to survive this greater revelation of truth during the Disclosure Events. And so it is with this growing awareness of what’s really behind all the madness, that we can prepare because what is coning is going to rock the belief foundations of all us. irrespective of our level of consciousness and spiritual development May all truth seekers act ethically and in the best interests of all of humanity, as we spiral onwards and at the same time discover just how deep this rabbit hole really goes.

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