The Rule of Law Illusion

The Rule of Law has become so fragile because it isn’t working, it isn’t working because its an illusion, it’s an illusion because it’s Man Made, and Man is fallible.


The concept of Legalism is attributed to having originated in Ancient China as a result of the Warring States period at the time of the demise of the Qin Dynasty. This was a significant time during Chinese history and a turning point for Chinese civilization which further impacted the world arena. It was the start of the end of all commonplace ancient wisdom. In China, it was a time when Dynasties began to turn on each other in their quests for more power, land, and status, and as a result the backbone of Chinese civilization descended into disarray and anarchy.

There were three dominant schools of philosophical thought that were prevalent in Ancient China at the time, and they were all at odds in their belief systems as to how to restore order amongst the people. The Confucius school of thought and the teachings of Confucius were founded on ‘The Golden Rule‘, essentially ”do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. By all accounts, Confucius was extremely concerned at the prospect of the descent of society and deemed his life purpose was to guide the people back to unity through reinforcing moral standards and which he dedicated most of his life to doing. Daoism was even more aligned with the Natural Laws and although these two schools of thought stemmed from the same belief system, whereas Confucius wanted to implement a hands-on re-educational approach, Daoism advocated a hands-off approach based in short in the belief that events should be left to take their own course. Then there was Legalism. Legalism was an entirely different school of thought altogether, where those involved in its conception and implementation essentially believed that man was inherently bad and needed to be governed by a strong hand and where those that objected or failed to act in accordance with that strong hand, were punishable. Thus Legalism was born and the will of Legalism reigned.

Love of Learning

Around the same time, western culture was also undergoing a philosophical movement amidst an uncertain future. In Ancient Greece, Socrates meaning ‘Love of Learning’ and who later became known as the grandfather of Philosophy, faced persecution for questioning the accepted interpretation of the Greek Gods. Whilst buried under a mirage of other allegations and including charges against corrupting the minds of the youth, he ended up being tried in court for what was really little more than independent thinking. Alas, despite his well founded ‘Apologia’ translated to ‘Defence’ from Latin, he was nevertheless sentenced to death by the executioners drink of poisonous hemlock. The close group of companions Socrates had spent his time guiding, disbanded soon afterwards due to the political unrest and fear for their own lives, and many including Plato chose to flee Athens altogether. Nonetheless, collectively it was this group of forward-thinking men that planted the seeds of knowledge that formed the foundations of our understanding across all subject areas that we still hold fast to today. Thus the trail was laid for others to follow and the spirit of the teachings of Socrates ultimately prevailed.

Although Legalism formed the basis of all legal systems across the world, in western culture at least, we can attribute the reinforced element of sincerity behind it to Socrates and his principle of ‘Socratic Thought, where any perceived paradox, contradiction, disagreement, or truth, can be reconciled through the sequential process of reason based questions and answers which would ultimately arrive at a singular truth.

Definition of Law

The definition of the word Law itself, has been debated over throughout our history and it still does not have a definitive globally accepted definition. This in itself is at the heart of the matter.

However, in our more recent history and as a bench mark, when referring to legalism, the legal system, and the rule of law, it is generally understood as an ideal with an ethical attitude that holds moral conduct at its core.

The Rule of Law

The Rule of Law is based on a belief system that purports to be designed in order to protect individuals and the planet. These are the Laws that are man-made and govern the behaviour and actions of all people in an ‘acceptable’ society. These are the Laws that are multi-layered and vary from country to country and culture to culture. However, when something is acceptable or lawful in one country and not in another, we can easily understand how subjective Law is. Law is perspective based and thereby so is its application, and also the interpretation of justice, or a lack of it, in any given situation.

The Rule of Law is also a legal premise that Law should regulate all people equally, as opposed to coercive decisions made by those with ulterior motives, like those who influence society through positions of authority. The Rule of Law suggests that every individual completely and without exception, and irrespective of their background, upbringing, standing, station in life, or bank account, is subject to the Rule of Law. Yet this is evidently not the reality.

On the surface, even if the introduction of Man Made Law started out with just and ethical intentions, such Laws have become so layered, with not all, but most of those that implement and enforce them being so far removed from the people they were deigned to serve, that as many times as justice is perceived to prevail, there are as many instances if not more where it has failed those it was designed to protect.

But it is more than this. There is something is very wrong with the Rule of Law and the legal system. If we look back to its conception, the very reasoning behind the introduction and implementation of the legal system is ill founded irrespective of the belatedly applied persuasive arguments that it is for our own good. The very basis of the original concept on which the legal system is built on is as flaky as pastry.

Man Made Law

As we look and consider the realities of the priorities in the world at large today, we see a sad and toxic state of affairs that projects materialism and consumerism as a world religion, and that would see its own fellow man suffer terribly by manipulating the Rule of Law to maintain such a status. As profit and control are pursued at any cost and seemingly with a total disregard for human life, we can see quite clearly the conflict of interest in the application and enforcement of the the Rule of Law, and how criminal acts of corruption, manipulation, bribery, theft, and deception has developed and grown, and infected societies worldwide.

Daylight Robbery

All one has to do is follow the trail of massive amounts of money, payoffs, criminal actions and excess toxic dumping, to note the lack of accountability to the law. It is a common sense equation that is clearly evident by anyone who cares to actually look at what is happening on the world stage. In this context and according to dictionary definition, an Illusion is ‘an erroneous concept or belief‘. There is no Rule of Law, yet the illusion is created and maintained by mass media deceptive propaganda promoting the belief system that we are all subject to laws that are supposed to be designed to protect us, and our planet

As a race of people that are purposely hypnotized by survival and Poverty Consciousness, we look to those assigned with authority and with the supposed expertise to protect us, when in the larger scheme they are actually a part of the structure that want to take us down, all the way down.

The medical system does not want us healthy because they profit from sickness. The educational system does not want us educated or to think independently or even to know our own history because their grants come from maintaining a very purposefully controlled rolled out version of the past. The banking system does not want us out of our financial obligations because we can be easily controlled when we are struggling for money or drowning in debt. The mass media and press do not want to actually pursue journalistic truth because they have sold out to report news as sponsored consumer advertisement spots instead. Religion doesn’t want us talking to God without an intermediary and provides a long list of dos and don’ts because otherwise we could allegedly shame ourselves and go to hell. And so it goes on.

The point is that the masses are not told the truth in any way, shape or form. Many people go to work, eat, and sleep, but end up being strapped for cash, hungry, and tired, in a closed system that costs more than it gives. At the same time we are expected to endure complex webs of Gaslighting that invalidate our inner guidance and interfere with what our heart based intuition that knows and tells us what is really best for us.

Rather, laws are created and upheld or denied to serve the highest echelons ruling the monetary system and economy to enable the manipulation of cash flow, be that through legal or illegal methods. Human suffering is essentially being monetarized and associated criminal acts are rife as a result. The world economy is being shaped to operate from the resulting colossal corrupt proceeds, that at the same time perpetuate human poverty, acts of violence, and modern day slavery, rather than simply and rightly employing the moral stance and work required to promote an equal humanitarian based economy that invests in all people with all the benefits of a symbiotic equity system.

Most people can feel that something is not right with the world economy and monetary system. It is clear that very few people receive massive profits and unimaginable wealth, while the majority of people endure increasing financial struggles and poverty. Every society on earth has created some form of currency for value exchange, but it is the everyday working people that make that currency actually have value. Through our time, energy, ideas and talent the expenditure of our energy is what converts into some form of value exchange that is represented by currency. However, what we work for is valued to either struggle to live and escape below basic living standards or pay off mounting ceilings of massive debt that were placed there by the Power Elite bankers in the first place and all to keep the average working person and their children, indentured servants.

The western base currency system is established on increasing deficit spending or growing massive debt, which has started to reach its tipping point and collapse the entire current economic system. This is not a bad thing in the medium to long term. The strain and fall out of the economic collapse needs to happen to change it, albeit a messy process to get there. This is the opportunity for trustworthy people to rise and lead the way by helping lay the groundwork to co-create a global humanitarian based economic system that truly supports and invests in the people. We need more of those in place who are not tempted and motivated by large amounts of cabal money or materialism, who humbly understand that the creation of personal wealth starts with cultivation of the inner sustaining self, to invest in people first and foremost. From this important new foundation a new monetary fund or global currency will need to be circulated and one which is far removed from the hands of those that have been responsible for daylight robbery buried in legalized theft over the past hundred years or more.

Prosperity Theft

The Power Elite own the world’s largest banks and are also the shareholders that own the Federal Reserve, which funnels wealth from the working population to the government and then back to the banking sector at a large profit. The Federal Reserve is not a federal agency or related to the central government as it has corporate stockholders that receive dividends. Therefore the Federal Reserve is a private corporation with owners. This is a fraudulent system that causes great disparity between the rich and the working class, it is a form of currency enslavement used to steal the prosperity away from the people.

The Debt Based Currency system empowers and benefits those who created legalized theft in the guise of an economic system. A system designed to transfer all of the purchasing power to the banks and the government, while leaving the working people with the burdens of debt. The purpose is to confiscate the accumulative wealth of the people and communities, and funnel it back to those in centralizing power, during cycles of controlled economic depression. This is when the bankers take their cut of the cash supply and take ownership control over many different companies and assets that are forced into short sale. It is the local communities that suffer when resources are sucked out of neighbourhoods and back into the centralized power system of a few massive corporate conglomerates.

We are the greatest threat to the survival of this corrupt monetary system and an informed and aware public is one that can dismantle this fraudulent system when we know how it works. This system relies on the fact that most people do not understand how our monetary system works, or the real agenda of the those controlling these systems, those who want to keep us in our consciousness prisons and obedient to modern day slavery.

In the meantime we see the real crimes against humanity left unaddressed and we see it on a daily basis. Man Made Law is not working. People are dying, from murder, starvation, depression, financial crippling, lack of basic needs, lack of medical understanding, and from separation. In the face of this it is not difficult to understand why the rule of Law has become so fragile, it is crumbling like demolition dry wall before our eyes.

Illusion of Judgement

As we also consider and realise that Judgement and Justice is but a personal perspective we should question if anyone has any authority to impose a Law on another. Yet many will question what humanity would look like without Laws. Would humanity descend into a deeper chaos of its own making with the absence of Laws, or are Laws the cause of chaos in humanity? The answer is that it is both of these but this is because most people do not differentiate between the two fundamental different types of Laws that we are being governed by.

These are Man Made Laws, and the Universal and Natural Laws. The absence of the understanding and application of Universal and Natural Laws is what has descended humanity into Chaos, just as the interpretation and application of Man Made Law has perpetuated the cause of chaos in humanity. The dichotomy causing the schism in the human race rooted in the subject of Law, is due to those operating from these two differing schools of thought and more importantly the ability versus the lack of ability to understand and differentiate between them.

Truths have been buried and barred entry for generations. Lies wearing coats of acceptability derived from bent interpretations professed by fallen elitists to unconscious lambs have keep us firmly locked in our consciousness prisons.

There are fundamental ethics involved in living as a human. It is clear that we need to redefine the fundamental laws of conditions for existing as humans as it is the deviation from these that have created Man Made Laws and thus the dissent droplet has grown into the global snowball mess we see today. Without truth and love for ourselves and each other, we are nothing other than spectres of our souls and puppets for darkness awaiting the demise of the human race and humanity.

Every subject area has been obfuscated with half truths to confound and instil fear and doubt in the masses. Whilst those that uncover and speak about truths are ridiculed and persecuted publicly and threatened privately. Most look away for fear, or effort, of upsetting the apple cart. Others struggle with an overwhelming frustration and a desperation to reclaim free will that has led many to act in the very ways that are deemed unlawful in today’s societies. There are countless examples throughout our history of how in an abuse of power, Punishment and Control can be administered using the Rule of Law, and retribution can be sought in retaliation to it, thus one way or another the chaos and miasmic debts for the people is assured.

Universal Laws

As the number of independent thinking responsible citizens of the world have begun to question the narratives we have been told grow, we have begun to discern the extent and depth of the lies we have been told and believed for so long, that are protected behind walls of ‘The Law’.

This is down to the saving grace of the Real Laws. There are complex laws of quantum mechanics that govern movements of Energy throughout all of space and time. Everything in the entire Universe and beyond is made up of a living energy and this energy that creates all form has an intelligent energetic consciousness blueprint. All Forms are governed by creational Laws set in by an architectural blueprint that exists at multiple dimensional layers. These are the Universal Laws and Natural Laws that exist at multiple layers of electromagnetic consciousness fields, and directly control the physics of a manifested creation. Everything in our Universe, from a Human to a Planet, and everything in-between, has a specific blueprint that governs it. Nothing is manifested into a Form that is outside of the specific blueprint that projects that actual image into physical substance and therefore physical matter. The Laws that govern all of creation, are the Universal and Natural Laws.

The greatest minds throughout history have been telling us all about these Laws, and attribute their re-discoveries for the betterment of mankind to them. These are the minds of those like Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Tesla, Hippocrates, Kepler, and countless others, scoffed at, murdered, and replaced with unfounded self-opinionated politicians and heads of state arguing about he said, she said and who’s got the biggest gun playground drivel, none of whom have any purposeful qualifications to govern the direction of the civilizations they are paid to represent nor could survive the same standard of living they dictate.

We need to allow the power of the Universal Laws and Natural Laws to be reintroduced, reinforced, and become embedded in humanity once again. These are the Laws that not only govern the Universe, but which hold an energetic quality to them that can neither be superseded by Man Made Laws, or broken by them.

To think otherwise is dangerous, as many are finding out whether they understand it or rationalize it through a different intellectual process but all irrespective of how powerful such individuals think they are. The disclosures being revealed for these will not allow escape from the upcoming tribunals on charges against against humanity, and ironically it is the very legal systems that these individuals have manipulated for their own gains, that will see their demise, and all the while in an apparent oxymoron but poetic accordance with the non-judgmental Universal Laws. Everything is reconciled in the end. Nothing escapes the Universal and Natural Laws.

Photography by RichardO @ angel’s secret garden

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