Alhambra Palace Spain – Stand Your Ground

The restoration of Cosmic Natural laws and reclamation and realignment of the Planetary Grid continues with the latest phase being focused on Spain.

The demolition of the artificial grid and restoration and realignment in the planetary structures to their corresponding ley lines and physical sacred architectures holding the dragon node connections on the earth have already been achieved in numerous locations around the world. This includes Stone Henge and Lincoln Cathedral in the UK, Chartres Cathedral in France, Calgary and more. September saw the confrontation and subsequent reclamation of the Maltese Island Network, leading to the current reconstruction and realignment which began on 11/11 with the Alhambra Palace in Andalusia, Spain.

Sacred Heart

Throughout our downward spiral during the Dark Ages, on some level humans still held on to an awareness of our inner divinity reflected from within the beauty held in the external landscapes. The eternal living spirit of the creator embedded in the elements that formed into the planetary geographical features, and the sacred portals and holy areas of the lands were felt and experienced as deeply healing for the human spirit. This maintained a deep respect for nature and life on the planet. Alhambra Palace is another such Yantra of an architectural marvel designed in accordance with the Edenic blueprint.

The Moors and The Christians

The Moors and The Christians is a huge festival celebrated throughout Spain. Many of these fiestas are extravagant events, rich in imagery, costume, and props. These annual celebrations relate to the campaigns of the Spanish Inquisition and beyond, yet we wonder how many know the truth of the agenda behind this dark time in history.

In the early 700’s, during the height of Islamic power, the Umayyad Caliphate sought to conquer the entire Iberian Peninsula from the remnant civilization of the earlier Roman empire, by entering via North Africa and invading from the southernmost tip of Spain. The Arab and Berber conquest was intended to establish and expand their Islamic empire for the Caliphate, which later on became centred around the powerful sacred energies of the Unis Mundi; which is Latin for ‘One World,’ and also utilized in the Alhambra Palace complex in Granada. Sometimes described as Islamic Mysticism, this influence saw the emergence of Sufism, the inner dimension and spiritual aspect of Islam.

However, due to the strife of ethnic tensions during this period of the Muslim invasion in Hispania, along with the aftermath that led up to Napoleonic wars, this wiped out any traces of the original Nazarene Christos teachings. This included the energetic principles of the Triple Solar Masculine and Triple Solar Feminine, that was being protected and preserved by the Celtic-Druid Grail Bloodlines and their Essene Gnostic groups that had settled throughout Spain, Portugal and parts of Southern France around dragon nodes. These dragon nodes are the structures implementing sacred geometry design to harness the beneficial high frequency and vibrational cosmic energy or spiritual connections and thus invading these areas was significant. During this Muslim conquest, their rule throughout Spain and Portugal became known as Al-Andalus.

Al-Andalus, in current day southernmost Spain in the region of Andalusia, translates as the Vandals of Holy Grail Blood. It relates specifically to the genetic race lines deliberately destroying historical artifacts and Krystic coded architecture in the planetary grid system for the conquering non-organic species called the Vandals. This is where the modern-day term Vandals also originally derives from.

The Spanish Inquisition

The Spanish Inquisition was modelled on the Medieval Inquisition formed within the Catholic Church. The guise portrayed to the masses was that of combatting heresy. More accurately it was to hunt down and destroy the groups that held the original Christos Essene Templar Law of One teachings. The Celtic Church and their Aryan teachers from Hyperborean lineages had long been a presence throughout the coastline of the Mediterranean, and the Alhambra Palace was another original temple site built for meditation with the Unis Mundi configuration in the underground caves and tunnel system.

The sacred Essene Gnostic teachings were a massive threat to those who strived to maintain power over the people and specifically, the Church of Rome. Thus, the first Inquisition was created through papal bull issued by the Pope to attack the spiritual family of Cathars with the Albigensian Crusade in southern France.

The Spanish Inquisition historical traditional narrative focuses upon the expulsion of Jews and Muslims from Spain, but more accurately, it was the persecution of any religious beliefs outside of the Church of Rome as controlled by the Black Suns, with an emphasis on continuing the blood sacrifice human holocausts, through attempting to rationalize murder, while hunting down and destroying the Christos Essene Templars.

Historical accounts tell us that in 1492 after an eight-month siege and resulting in the last stand, the Nasrid dynasty’s Muhammad XII of Granada finally surrendered the Alhambra Palace to the military forces of Isabella’s Crown of Castile and Ferdinand’s Crown of Aragon. This effectively ended the Islamic rule in the Iberian Peninsula, and peace was fleeting as the ambitious Catholic Monarchs and Cardinals were focused to solidify their power as statesmen for the Church of Rome.

After the Fall of Islamic rule, the representatives of the Church of Rome stepped in with the Alhambra Decree. The Alhambra Decree effectively announced another reign of terror against the population with the aggressive campaigns of the Spanish Inquisition.

The Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella took the Alhambra complex to be their royal court and shortly after issued the Alhambra Decree, known as the Edict of Expulsion. Thus, the aggressive campaign of religious persecution to identify all heretics against the Church of Rome in Spain began with the Alhambra Decree, and the inexpressible horrors of the Spanish Inquisition were carried out as an angelic human genocide in all Spanish territories and colonies.

Alhambra Complex

The Alhambra Palace is commonly believed to be built upon the ruins of a fortress built by the Roman Empire, which was renovated and expanded into a palace and gardens fit for the royal family of the emir, Muhammad I of Granada. The Alhambra was the primary household of the ruling family, and the palace was used to teach the Quran through Islamic symbols and holy verses that were written in the inner walls with ornate wall sculptures designed with beautiful calligraphy inscriptions.

It is estimated that there are over 10,000 Arabic inscriptions adorning the walls of the Alhambra Palace, which apparently language experts have been working on to translate over the past few years. The Islamic mysticism inscriptions in cursive calligraphy are similar to the energetic impacts found in some of the temple walls with Egyptian hieroglyphs or with Himalayan Sanskrit, some of the inscriptions have multidimensional layers connected with frequency tones held together in webs of light coded symbols, similar to those discovered in the Roslyn Chapel.

However, we are also told that the features in the Alhambra complex were distorted to connect a dark matter template of the Cosmic Mother’s Cathar body coding that makes up the layers of the coronasphere. This was part of the solar female energy inversions that were identified as a red cube imposter architecture hijacking the Solar Mary Sun-Star holographic patterning in a variety of constellations. This red cube network was essentially reversing the energy into manifestation functions within the corresponding ley lines and portal system and with hugely detrimental effects.

Further, that his metatronic {reversal} code distortion connects to the timelines of the Lyran Wars, with several Celtic Massacre timelines in the Mediterranean that led up to the Atlantian Cataclysm cycle when Vega was the Northern Pole star, about 12,000 BC. These warring timelines in our distant past were a power source for several human holocaust timelines, which intersected into the Alhambra complex from the Black Sun’s Roman Invasion and Islamic Caliphate period, culminating in the incredibly dark and disturbing history of torture and mass murder under the Spanish Inquisition.

The Court of Lions

The Alhambra appears to have an adamic body template that functions in compliment to the Albion master control in the United Kingdom, thus this highlights the unification of the universal star coupling of the five-pointed star and six-pointed star uniting in order to configure new portals, which give birth to the coppery dragon eggs throughout the planetary matrix.

This was found to be represented in the Twinned Heart representations of Dual Cupolas in the Court of Lions, which are engraved with eleven pointed stars representing the planetary adamic body template of the male five star and female six star unifying as the Universal Star human Coupling seated in the Albion network. This embodys the Triple Solar Masculine Albion Star code, King Arthur, and the Triple Solar Feminine Cathar Star code, Queen Guinevere, united in sacred marriage or hierogamic union to co-create the crystal capstone of the corrected Universal Melchizedek Rod and Staff. – {see: Camelot}


Thus, the aftershock of recent planetary shifts with Alhambra, comes with another round of aggressive dismantling of reversal 55 or base 10 current, which contain metatronic coded architecture that held down or contained shadow bodies and lunar forces in the planetary matrices and humanity. This lends to de-manifestation occurring with the demagnetization of structures in matter that were exposed to the lunar magnetic fields of NET mutations that can collapse or implode with a sonic boom that generates cross spirals and chaotic fields in the outer environment.  

The remains and remnants of this network reveal massive sized archontic entities that were placed in the in-between spaces of particle and anti-particle layers, to block the merge of several three in one matrices connected to the larger configuration of the Tri-Une of Universes. Seemingly these archontic entities were projected out of the Universal Shadow Body and strategically placed by the black hole entities as gatekeepers. Appearing as massive black blobs with AI hybrid genetic cloned jellyfish offspring, they are suspected to be the source of S.P.E s or suppressor parasites.

These appear to be a particularly dark sentience that act as a part of the hive mind of the larger body of the archon. These entities were given energy signature names that appear to be connected to the Alhambra complex, in which three acting as one hive mind have surfaced with similar tones that were designed to replicate or clone out the organic dark matter tones of the Cosmic Mother and her Cathar layers in order to recycle them to power up lunar demonic forces.

Therefore, this stage of our planetary reclamation in the grid and ley lines centred around the Alambra Palace is seeing the clearing and extraction of the associated methodical killing blueprints, used by the Church of Rome to carry out religious persecution and the intended SRA torture of human beings in order to harvest loosh for their invading inorganic masters during the Spanish Inquisition and related holocausts. It is this latest demolition and realignment mission that is seeing these timelines being reviewed, cleared and accounted for.

Stand Your Ground

The organic Rasha body tones of AL LA are connected to the dark matter coded blood crystals of Solar Reisha or Yana’s, whereas these three reversal archon entities with the signature of Al-cantra, Al-cazaba, and Al-hambra were instead being used to invert Solomon blood codes and keys, while harvesting human sexual energies via the sexual misery programming powered up by red cube networks in Alhambra and all manner of diabolical related mentalities.

Thus, the collapse of this particular network is critical for surfacing the revelation of truth surrounding even more grim stuff. It has to be extracted from the energetic grid and exposed so as to enable it to be rid of. The disclosures resulting from this particular shadow grid network surrounds the negative forces agenda of the pedo-elites and is deeply entrenched in the horrible abuse humanity has suffered with sexual SRA rituals, and how the souls were being bound into further abuses after death.

It appears these creatures act as a type of spiritual security guard for the most prolific of Earth’s galactic human traffickers which are the pedo- elites. Therefore, it is likely that this event will have implications in finally revealing some high-level people involved in these vile abominations, as well as surfacing intimate personal levels or family of origin sexual trauma for compassionate witnessing and healing.

On the spiritual warfare front, this major grid shift flushes out the unconscious shadows and demonic forces of the population to the surface. So, it can generate a new level of chaos and turmoil that suddenly surfaces exposing such related vile injustices. It is also likely show up with severely mind controlled and asleep people acting out in various levels of cruelty. Also, social situations may arise in which those awake, actively seeking truth or deeply spiritually connected may undergo even more heavy testing, testing with heavy resistance to hold steady and remain calm amidst this particular wave of disclosures and targeted attacks varying in severity.

For anyone going through nonsense over the last few weeks or in the upcoming months, this is likely the energetic route of it as this all play out in the levels of the planetary body. We must remind ourselves that standing our ground is not without a deeper impact, and also that speaking the truth and truth seekers are generally targeted and thereby we should not take it personally even when it seems this is the case. Whatever we are facing, we are encouraged to keep calm and reminded that it matters.

Breadcrumbs and Faith

Thus, as the One World philosophy and unity consciousness is the framework for the unity principle fundamental to the Law of One, its rediscovery from our stolen history hiding this ancient wisdom and spiritual liberation we once knew and recognized, fills in the missing gaps throughout science, religion and psychology.

During the planetary ascension, the Unis Mundi sacred staff cannot be blocked. It cannot be hidden or defiled any longer. This truth of the nature of the true reality, is forcefully pushing upwards from deep inside the core of the planet. As such we find synchronicity and meaningful coincidences are the breadcrumbs we follow, as the divine plan of the eternal creator restoring Cosmic Order through our personal mission sphere. That is if we would we choose and be able to listen to our heart.

So, the planetary grid demolition and reconstruction in correct alignment with the Natural Laws continues to gather pace. The upheaval we are seeing around the world is directly resulting from these demolition and reconstruction missions. All inorganic architectures are being evicted. This applies to all inorganic structures and systems and including those pushing them that are not in alignment with the natural laws and governing compassion for humanity. A line has already been drawn, no further negotiations will be entered into with the negative forces on our planet and their agenda.

However, these inorganic forces and their puppets have tried desperately to maintain their stronghold over humanity for a very long time. Therefore the issue we are facing is that they have deployed everything they have to take down whatever and whoever they can that oppose their unnatural vile agenda, on their way out. This will not only show up loudly but also quietly. As we move into the final year of this Disclosure and levelling out, we chop wood, we keep faith. Stand your ground.

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