Plasma, The Aurora Borealis and The Aurora Australis

Depending on the composition and measurements of the characteristics of Waves and Particles, and also the type of Matter affecting the Light Source they are emitted from , Light, represents the lowliest to the most powerful forms of Energy affecting our planet.

Cosmic Rays

Photons and other Atomic Nuclei moving through Space at The Speed of Light make up Cosmic Rays. They are understood to come from our Sun, and from other sources outside our Solar System which Science is still figuring out. Cosmic Rays hold extremely high levels of Energy affecting other bodies in Space that they come into contact with.

It was thought that our planet was being protected from the Light from Cosmic Rays with our Ozone layer, with a figure of 99.9 per cent being given as the amount that has been prevented from getting through.

However, the Light from Cosmic Rays serve a great purpose for life on our planet. They are an energy swapping partner to our Sun, releasing potent energy that is absorbed by our Sun, and then transmuted back into space by solar winds and released into our atmosphere.

Atmo Sphere
  • According to the Collins English Dictionary: Atmos is the Gaseous Air, of the Sphere surrounding Earth.’
  • According to The first part of atmosphere – atmo, means “smoke” or “vapor” . The second part –sphere, ultimately comes from the Greek sphaîra, meaning “ball.” Atmosphere translates literally to “vapor ball.”
  • Atmo is also an anagram of Atom.


Most are familiar with the five spheres of our planet as being: The Atmosphere, Troposphere, Ionosphere, Stratosphere and Mesosphere. However there are 12 spheres in our known Universe. This is also a thread to tie with the references made in other articles to; The Three Airs, and the 12 Point Tree of Life. We expand on this in the Blogs that follow.

The Sun

Our Sun spans across the Infrared Radiation, Visible Light, and Ultraviolet Radiation, parts of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Our Sun’s Rays are the wave and particle formations that transport our Sun’s Energy. Down here, it is supposed to flow freely in and out of our planet in the process of Ionization…

Did someone mention Chem. Trails {HAARP} and ELF Microwaves?

HAARP – High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program


Between 1999 and 2014, over 20 major research campaigns and numerous shorter studies were conducted at the facility.  Operational campaigns ranged from 130 days (2008) to 15 days (2014).  

Since the site transfer in 2015, UAF has conducted six research campaigns: (1) February 19-23, 2017; (2) September 21-25, 2017; (3) April 6-14, 2018, (4) July 30-August 1, 2018, (5) November 29 to December 3, 2018 and (6) March 25-28, 2019. Last year it was conducted during June 2021.

Directed at our own planet’s surface crust and atmospheres, they prevent, block, delay, and distort this natural Ionization process…. Why?…

Well, what is some of the stuff that Cosmic Rays and the Sun are made of? what sort of Light and Sound aspects of Energy are they? And how do they affect us? What about Plasma?

More important stuff about Our Sun Sol in the subject area of Astronomy.


The total number and forms of different states of matter are highly debated with conclusions reflecting perspectives. Here we are talking about the base states of matter that our Universe is made up of. In addition to what is in the space in Space, and the 80 per cent of space that makes up an atom.

Well another state of matter is Plasma. In Space, Plasma is an extremely hot and gaseous form of matter which has had the electrons stripped from its atoms. For this to happen, to be possible, the environment of the atom has to be changed, drastically. When a neutral atom becomes either negatively or positively charged, the electron moves either closer to the nucleus of the atom, or away from it, and even out of its orbit. And when the electron orbits far enough away from the nucleus, it can exist the atom. This process is called Ionization.

This is the process that CHEM Trails are interfering with on a planetary level, they are interfering with the natural generation of plasma waves and to prevent them from coming into our atmosphere.

Interference is also being carried out and affecting us as individuals by other more localized means in attempts to prevent and distort the emissions of these high frequencies that are beneficial to us and our bodies. This is being done through things like T.Vs, Fluorescent Lights, Mobile Phones, Computers, Microwaves. In the environment, this is being carried out from simple means like Street Lights, to more complex methods like Nano technology dust and subliminal and non-perceived frequencies.

Conversely, from a medical perspective, research has been showing that cold plasma made of electrons that change polarity at micro-second or nanosecond speeds, could help bones heal faster, according to a study published August 11th in the Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. In the field of medicine, this sort of research has exciting implications for knowledge of the treatment and healing of other physiological conditions.

The Magical, Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis

We know Light has a corresponding Sound, and vice versa, and that these are represented physically in their corresponding form of matter, There are 12 Universal Harmonic Tones of Sound in our base 12 system, and therefore there are 12 Universal Harmonic Tones of Light too. Plasma waves and rays, make up some of these.

Plasma Waves are the physical representations of very high sound vibrations and light frequencies. Plasma waves can generate much bigger and extremely higher frequencies than other states of Matter. These high frequencies are extremely beneficial and important for our planet and life on it.

Scientists have recently confirmed that Plasma in the form of the Northern Lights is currently giving off a Sound now detectable with the human ear.

How Do the North and South Poles Work?

Our very own Super Plasma Fountain and Boom Box, send and receive Plasma out into Space from our planet’s North and South Poles. These magnetic field opposites are The Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis, and the Southern Lights – Aurora Australis.

This artwork shows us what’s going on brilliantly.

The earth’s metal core runs like a conducting rod through our planet, connecting the northern polarity point, to the southern polarity point, and generating a magnetic field between them like pulsating loops.

The Energy from the Sun, all its accumulated and transmuted energies that are emitted back into space and our atmospheres, are divided up dependent on their composition.

“The lighter and finer ones floated above and became the Bright Air and the Rarefied Wind, whilst the heavier and dirtier atoms sank and became the Earth and the Ocean…”

{Kronos, Ananke, Phanes, and a Cosmic Egg…}

The waves, particles, and matter, that reach planet Earth from Cosmic Rays and our Sun, are caught up in the magnetic fields generated by our Northern and Southern Magnetic Polar Opposites, Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis. One has the purpose of funnelling these huge high frequency waves and particles in to our planet, and the other, to push them out into the atmosphere. The Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis. are our planet’s cosmic heart pump.

But there has been a problem. The Light that was coming in had nowhere to go. Plasma cannot be contained without a container or a host because it has no definable quantity or volume, and the valve to facilitate the flow of it on our planet, has been constricted for thousands of years…

This has affected us deeply as individuals. However, we know we can change other elemental states of matter from a solid, to a gas, to a liquid, and in various combinations of these states, and the same applies to Plasma. And there is A LOT of Plasma around us and in us. So, if we change the electron spin and count of atoms around and in us through processes like Ionization, then we change the chemical and elemental compounds of our cells too. As the cellular structures become less dense, higher frequency plasma rays are able to interact with our genetic structure and the very DNA inside of us. This is the basis of what is happening to many people now.

This knowledge was always available to us, it just got buried or distorted or both. To understand more, and why and how, we head to the subject areas of ancient wisdom and divine math.

The ‘Imagine Peace’ Light

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