Beauty and The Beast – Battle Lines Headlines

In the interdimensional realms and amidst the on-going battle between the forces of light and dark, and everything that these polar opposite intelligent energetic forces represent like; truth and lies, transparency and deception, love and fear, service to One and service to Self, and so on, The Founders are smashing it.

Ursa Major and Pleiades – I’ve got all my Sisters with me

Earlier this year they have been working on the unification of the Divine Aeonic Twins, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine principles, and in accordance with the Universal Natural Law – The Law of Gender. The triad of this unification is with their Sacred Sun. One way this has been reflected is in the successful re-uniting of the seven stars of Ursa Major with its seven sister stars of Pleiades.

Cathedrals – Raising The Roof

This has further impacted on the corresponding activation of the Cathedrals holding energetic vibrations that have for Aeons been held as prisoners by various inorganic energetic forces and physical vile pawns working on their behalf in the physical realm – earth. These grand activations relate to Lincoln Cathedral in England, the Chartres Cathedral in France holding the 7D Solar Dragon Wing of the Solar Dragon Queen, and the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland holding the 6D Solar Dragon Wing of the Solar Dragon King. 

For the sincere truth seekers and those who chose to truly commit to their Spiritual Ascension, even after being faced with, if not because of, the volatility and madness presented to them, more truths are being revealed by the most high Divine Solar Feminine Holy Mother Sophia. This means this knowledge can be decoded and shared for others getting onboard. Even if not fully understood by the majority at the moment, be assured this is momentous and not to be underestimated or left un-thanked.

Stonehenge – A Heart of Glass

All to keep our human history and capabilities hidden… Known subsidiary networks exist at every planetary stargate, such as the Iran Gate, Michael Mary Reversals in Calgary, Cathar ley lines, and Dragon Moth and Snake Networks in Asia. All energy is collected and returned to the United Kingdom. A tower of crystal exists in the earth under Stonehenge serving as a central re-cycling hub for energetic collection and distribution off planet, essentially feeding and sustaining inorganic forces in an organised, systematic and disgusting never-ending energetic buffet.

The NDC grid is part of the larger Canadian controller grid called the Michael-Mary Turnstile Matrix, through which several smaller hubs operate in North America, where 6D and 7D reversals of masculine feminine inner sacred marriage has been heavily responsible in preventing these natural and divinely orchestrated unions.

During the timeline of Guardian Yeshua, and later King Arthur, the Essene Christos Templar team lineages attempted to protect the Giza stargate and travel to Stonehenge, which is the 11th stargate that was misaligned to Nibiru. The mission was to release the NDC control over the earth’s planetary grid network in this area.  Both of these Christos Templar teams were unsuccessful in their efforts in that timeline. Thus, the Guardian mission to protect the Stonehenge and Giza gates from Nibiruian control and to avert pole shift, was passed onto many of the current Christos Starseeds and Indigos on the earth during this current timeline of the ascension cycle. They have finally succeeded in this mission. Congratulations, and thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nibiru – Eye of the Tiger

Nibiru is where the Divine Feminines of the Essene Tribes were taken. What they endured impacted and devastated the sacred feminine consciousness on every level, literally for thousands of generations. The 11th Stargate opened up into the galactic planes to access into the planet Nibiru, and they built an artificial satellite Wormwood. It was used to open wormholes that allowed the NAA entities direct access in and out of Sirius. Wormwood was originally formed from the exploded parts of Maldek and its moons. Currently, what is left of Wormwood is essentially an asteroid belt. Nibiru is under the control of the NAA and it functions on reverse orbit and reverse merkaba alignment and the discovery of Nibiru has been suppressed by mainstream science because it is controlled by the NAA. However, it is important to understand that Nibiru will not inflict damage upon the earth, as fear-mongers have been projecting. Instead safeguards are now in place to buffer any potential impact from any further dark agendas. Great thanks many times to the Guardian host who have realigned it away from coming into close orbit with the earth and in order to prevent destructive damage to the earth surface.

The Moon – The Phantom of the Opera

The Moon holds a powerful Magnetic Weapon. The Moon has been used as a Moon Base to conduct and monitor magnetic based distortions targeted at our planet. According to sources connected to the Founder Guardians, the Moon base technology has kept the magnetic spin rates that keep the connections open to the wormholes that non organic entities have created. Our solar system is damaged because these entities were creating rips and holes in time, as well as these inorganic wormholes.

The software designed to initiate another global cataclysm threatening humanities survival, has been overridden. That timeline has collapsed.

The Lunar Lineages are falling, and The Lunar Matrix itself is finally being dismantled piece by piece.

This is because of the return of our true spiritual mother and father and spiritual family, who never really left, and have been trying to reach us since we got separated.

Rogue Saturn – Black Star

It has been realised that the 7th Solar System Stargate situated inside Saturn, has been broadcasting AI beams through the Moon, to essentially corrupt and pour out reversal 7D Ultra-Violet Waves in our magnetosphere. Some of these 7D reversal technologies have also been used for the purpose of enabling parallel doorways created to provide quick access into the earth realms around Lake Titicaca. This has now been closed down and secured by our true spiritual family, amongst many other successful endeavours in what are to all intents and purposes, recon, re-alignment and over-riding, secure and rescue missions.

Scotland’s Portal – The Highland Fling

Yet another structure running AI Reversals has been identified and dismantled. This one was running Anti-Christ pillars in Norway and damaging the Masculine principle and Rod function, simultaneous to the reversals running through Saturn and the Moon that had devastated the Feminine Principle and Staff function through the misalignment of the vertical axiatonal lines in the planetary grid. These reversal pillar structures made up the smaller parts of an extensive system extending all the way to the portal in northern Scotland and even further connected to the misaligned portal in Mecca. This is huge. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Guardians.

Awakening The Dragons – I’m Coming Home

The Solar Suns have been awakened. Slumbering through the darkness, the 13 Dragon Christos Consciousness Beings that have been embedded in the earth’s crust ready to awaken and protect the Twinned Christ Child template of the Masculine and Feminine principles sacred union, are now wide awake. These Solar Dragons have now harmonized and are braiding their light into the crystalline grid to build the structure required to bring into the material realms, the Christos-Sophia Aeonic pairings. This process is generating immense Solar-Sun Rainbow Plasma Shields in both the north and south hemispheres, channelling vast amounts of plasmic light currents into the Emerald Crystal Heart that had been prevented through many preceding astrological ages.

Light Always Wins in The End

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