Three Coveted Spheres – The Three Earths

The word Density is understood to describe a Time Space Matrix with Time and Space being facets of the same framework or structure, that form the dimensional frequencies of the Universal Time Matrix. It is the Cosmic Clock; which Tesla is often pictured against the backdrop of, that regulates the time cycles and enables the planetary consciousness to move in spirals throughout all of the dimensional frequencies of the Astrological Precessions. When the planet interlinks with the sequentially higher dimensional frequency and blends or merges, with that next Time Space Matrix, a gateway is created into that specific Density.

Earth, Tara, Gaia

Planet Earth has three forms of identity in this Time Matrix and they are 3D Earth, 5D Tara, and 7D Gaia. They are Planet Earth at differing stages of evolution.
Earth as most know it, is existing in the lowest of all densities of matter and is made up of the the three lowest frequencies of the Spectrum of Frequency. Because these frequencies run as Earth Currents, they are made up of the extremely dense types of subatomic particles that form physical matter. These relate to us as our three lowest chakras and the corresponding aspects of consciousness, and it is from using only these three chakras that keeps us in 3D mode and locked into 3D beliefs of time and space.
Conversely, in higher dimensions and higher densities, matter embodies to lesser density states. The 5D and the 7D Earths are existing at higher scales of frequencies within the Spectrum of Frequency, which is determining the type of form or matter therein. The type of density and form or matter, is relative to the location within time and space timelines, and where the identity of that form or person, is positioned in the future.

Sub-Atomic Frequencies

The amount of Protons defines which chemical element the Atom belongs to and can change the entire structure of the Atom. If the amount of Protons and Neutrons are the same then the Atom has a neutral charge. And in relation to humans and consciousness, when we are able to maintain the Neutral field between the Protons and Electrons, our Energetic Body or Aura, is free from lower frequencies, and the interference and limitations caused by them. This also allows us to move and operate in accordance with higher frequencies, and the levels of higher energetic consciousnesses within them. Thus we can move up, advance, and evolve, through other densities.

In relation to 3D Earth, the frequency of the first dimension is the Proton and relates to Gross Matter and the force of Gravity. The frequency of the second dimension is the Electron, and relates to Anti-Matter and the spin rate of the Electrons. The frequency of the third dimension is the Neutron, and relates to Dark Matter, Luminosity, and Particle Conversion. Together these frequencies run as Telluric Currents and when unified, make up the Telluric Shield aspect of the Horizontal Triads.

Are You Coming?

In the background, there are specific entities and groups of those who are desperate to control aspects of the 3D Earth Planetary Body. There is a large number of people on the Planet that for one reason or another are still very attached to, or dependent on, the 3D realities. Many of these have hidden agendas, and along with others that are unknowing, are all continuing to feed their energy consciousness into these low frequencies and which are resonating in certain areas on the planet. These areas are known as Descending Zones.

Conversely, those demonstrating and actively operating in higher frequencies, will move through and up to the next set of progressively higher frequencies. This in turn alters the individuals subatomic particle structure, and depending on the frequency of vibrations they are open to is what will determine the level of the changes to the DNA and those related additional sensory abilities that become accessible For most this is a continuation within the Horizontal Triad Shield in the fifth dimension… and it is beyond for others. This is what equates to the shift of planetary consciousness that is happening as we are shifting from a Matter state of density, to a Semi-Etheric Matter state of density.

There’s a lot going on ‘out there’ and a lot of people, entities, and other energetic consciousness are involved, working on many levels and on both sides. All will feel the effects one way or the other. The 3D particle structure is coming to an end. There are those who can’t or don’t want to allow this is to happen and they are trying very hard to keep it going. It will not end well for them. However, after this realignment, those on the right path and with true intentions are going to feel much more energized and experience more ease in their lives in general and that’s just for starters.

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