Disclosure Hi-jacking – Breaking Out of The Mind

As more and more people start or continue to rediscover our true memories and unravel the truths surrounding humanities true origins and histories, at the same time we begin to realise the extent of the damage that has been inflicted in order to steal these truths. It goes far deeper than any of us expected. It is quite simply unholy. Those involved include both on planet and off planet forces, and the Disclosures coming out hand over fist are staggering.

Psychological Warfare

One objective unites them all, to keep humanity locked in a consciousness prison and to prevent as many people as possible from awakening to this realization. The unseen war is the war over human consciousness through the deterioration of human DNA, in every way conceivable. This is not a recent event, not at all. It has been a strategic onslaught consistent over aeons and any opportunity to portray information that would divert people from this understanding, has been squeezed until there is nothing left to squeeze. Disclosures are revealed as individuals expand their consciousness enough to be able to perceive them. Otherwise, they are simply interpreted as something else. This is the intention and oxymoronic nature of Psychological Warfare and a Mind Prison Mission.

Those leading the way in this lifetime, have been on it for over twenty years or more. Matched by step, the militarization of Psychological Warfare tactics was extended as an umbrella to cover many unapproved topics that were surfacing as a result of the shifting consciousness happening during the Ascension Cycle. The topics of New Age, Ascension and Disclosure, were largely considered taboo in the controlled press of the mainstream media and were considered ‘untouchable’. Untouchable means that if a prominent person makes a public statement on a topic that is considered untouchable, no matter if it’s accurate and honest, that person will be crucified publicly and threatened privately. They will potentially lose their career, and status and standing in their community and amongst their peers.

In the current terrain of global mind control, ridicule is Negative Ego’s most potent weapon and it is used in every organized industry, including spiritual communities which can be some of the worst. This is a basic psychological warfare strategy, where if someone is out of line with the controlled acceptable narrative and goes public about an opposing view, they can be subjected to economic and social terrorism, and be completely ostracized.

Alternative Narrative Advocates – aka ‘Conspiracy Theorists’

Yet the awakening groups and concerned citizens that are interested in exploring one or more of the untouchable topics rose to form their own side of the alternative media movements and organized around a wide range of topics and researched by independent journalists and Experiencers and we have much to thank them for. These, the controlled mainstream label as Conspiracy Theorists.

The term Conspiracy Theorist is used as a derogatory term in the media to infer that these ideas are made up by crazy people. The use of the term conspiracy theorist is used to undermine any dissent or questioning of the mainstream narratives, and to methodically terminate any and all access to public media outlets or online social platforms that are being organized by those groups that were seeking to open these untouchable topics into a larger public debate. So why are those pushing the narratives so in fear of these Conspiracy Theorists? When one experiences direct threats and attacking from dark portal humans and dark forces for merely opening a respectful and compassionate dialogue about an untouchable topic, the first reaction can be shock and confusion. From this experience it becomes clear that we are not free, that we live in a consciousness pen. If in doubt, find out about someone who’s been through it, then ask yourself why you are in doubt.

Many of these alternative narrative movements have leaders by default, that explode in online public status and go viral on multiple social platforms, only to implode from within and go down in flames in a short time. Why? The basic principle of psychological warfare; divide and conquer from within, that’s why. The infiltration of intelligence and leadership with delusions of grandeur and Negative Ego, and a lack of Discernment and awareness of the Controlled Opposition in play designed to destroy the organizational tenets on which that community’s movement has been founded, is usually how it goes. There are no accidents, and nothing is random. The dark task force is highly organized and very efficient. They will attack your weakest links in all areas, including those you love that are most vulnerable, such as partners, children and pets. This Psychological attack strategy is an aspect of A-symmetric Warfare.

What most people are not aware of is that the extent of the grid damage incurred in the planetary body along with the soul fracturing is so extensive, that it is almost impossible to gain accurate details that we can call factual truths that are recorded in the planetary brain as historical timelines. This is poetic for the agenda against us that would see us turn on each other.

United By Truth, Divided By Despair

The earth has been subjected to electroshock mind control methods and energetic implants being administered to suppress the entire population, along with artificial realities being projected into multiple dimensional holograms, recorded with false histories and false timelines. Thus, the Disclosure event will happen at different times for different people.

Meanwhile we have, and continue, to gather the holographic pieces of our Light Body and reassemble them in corrected position in order to reframe it with actual historical evidence recorded in our consciousness lifestream. Our consciousness has experiences that can never be erased, every one of these and throughout every lifetime is stored on a cellular level in our DNA, and that content is shared through the rehabilitation of the planetary brain as we reassemble and reclaim our spiritual body parts and ascend. This means that we have to extract the artificial reality and remove the artificial intelligence holograms in order to see what is false and what is real in the human consciousness experience.

No one has all the pieces of truth. This is why we must be willing to dig deep inside our consciousness for our individual buried truths and add them to the rest of the human race consciousness in order for us to unify and spiritually heal the whole. At the same time, we navigate through but don’t stop to eat, the foul pungent soup of NAA obfuscation and mind-controlled confusion.

Keeping humanity confused and depleted is a psychological warfare strategy known as the Confusion Principal tactic, to spread mass lies mixed in with bits of truth in order to confound the population and thereby cultivating a culture where no one feels they can trust each other, and where they do not have any semblance of discerning what is truth and what is lies. This confusion has stolen our true spiritual identity and renders us blind to the awareness of the current war raging over human consciousness that is happening behind the veil and on the world stage. 

Target – Hijack New Age Movement

As the scales finally started to tip and the playing field with it, it became clear that there was no way to stop the planetary Ascension Cycle that would commence in early 2000. This was when more friendly enemy deals were made. This allowed for an expansion of resources towards directly targeting awakening Starseeds and Indigos, as well as begin to infiltrate and hijack the growing New Age movement.

As the platinum ray and higher frequency transmissions were streaming into the planetary grid network; and sounding like something we would find in the Star Wars films, simultaneously the inorganic non-human forces enlisted the support of a well-known off-planet federation organization to oversee the entire New Age Channelling movement, in which transmissions were intercepted and infiltrated as faux greeting teams from supposedly friendly ET’s. The heads of the Secret Space Programs also piled in with their versions of corrupting the disclosure of the galactic slave trade and evidence of MILAB operations by attempting to infiltrate key whistleblowers with accurate information that revealed these operations.

Sadly, many in the Spiritual Community; from those who Channel to Tarot Readers to Spiritual Gurus and so on, are actually connected to imposter spirits and don’t even realise their transmissions have been intercepted. This is also why this group is full of those talking about karma in the context of it being a Divine punishment or Judgement for a fellow human being to suffer in some way because they have done something to deserve it.

This demonstrates a lack of understanding of what karma actually is and where it comes from. Most people on the planet have or are carrying karma or miasmic dead energy to some extent or another. Also to consider; although not to be confused with those who consciously choose and enjoy dancing with the Devil, are those who’s Soul purpose it is to experience certain shadow aspects in order to gather the intelligence of how it is being used against us and send that intel back to higher intelligence consciousnesses for transmutation and expulsion from our collective timelines. Not many can handle that sort of mission. To be sure, any transmission that is not routed in the Law of One unity consciousness philosophy and unconditional love, is from an imposter spirit. It is Spiritual Bypassing.

Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual Bypassing is an act of denying the truth in the name of higher consciousness as per the New Age belief system, such as the refusal to help others or have compassion for those that are suffering. As an example, this commonly happens to the victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Black Magicians, who are many times told by the New Age Groupthink that they brought these dark attacks on themselves because of their karma or negative behaviour. They are usually dismissed because the situation is considered to be negative and believed that it will lower one’s vibration, and the forgiveness that is required is uncomfortable.


Photography by Rachel Neville

We need to understand and remember that we are all part of a collective consciousness body. We are the humanitarian collective consciousness of Earth. If you see someone struggling, help them. Point them in the right direction. Plant a Seed. If they don’t want to know, fine, walk away, they will find out when they are ready to. And even if their consciousness is not open to you, their soul will be, so let their soul work on them. Show by example. Keep moving in grace as best you can.

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