The Great Reset v The Great Coming Together

So, these are the End Games.

Our History Is A Lie

It wasn’t that long ago that I still believed many of the things I had been taught – the sort of information that is endemic in humanity which many of us have governed our lives by. After the last few years and in-depth investigation and research into our history, along with countless other truth seekers, we have discerned that most of what we have been told, is a lie.

I was told and believed that:

  • History Books are accurate accounts of our past
  • That the News channels on T.V. report truths
  • That governments were created to serve the people
  • That school education was a privilege and would give us knowledge
  • That education led to better jobs and a better life
  • That money is measurable to our stability
  • That we evolved from apes
  • That ancient civilizations were primitive with no technological knowledge
  • That the Flouride in toothpaste is good for our teeth
  • That vaccines are good for our health
  • That the only way to cure cancer is to flood our body with poison called chemotherapy
  • That drug companies undertake research for our benefit
  • That drug companies give us medicine to make us feel better
  • That DNA is made up of two strands
  • That Jesus Christ was a mortal man born 2000 years ago
  • That time travel does not exist
  • That Aliens are fantasy and not real
  • That we are the smartest race and alone in the Universe
  • That the Moon is an organic satellite
  • That a man called Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK
  • That a man called Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon
  • That Royalty are special people appointed by a Divine right
  • That Chem Trails are a conspiracy theory
  • That it is dangerous to look at the sun
  • That the Great Pyramid was built 4,500 years ago, by hundreds of men, taking around 30 years
  • That the Pyramids are tombs for Egyptian Pharos
  • That Stone Henge was built by prehistoric people wearing little clothing
  • That the Great Flood was a natural disaster
  • That spirituality is woo-wah pseudoscience for weak and insecure people
  • That war is fought by strong and mentally disciplined people for the greater good

All Lies.

Truth carries its own vibration and frequency. When we are paying attention, we can feel it. The waves of information are reaching a crescendo and are finally able to tip the scales towards the polarity of truth. It’s everywhere. It makes sense of all the inaccuracies, contradictions, and confusion that we have otherwise been presented with, there is supporting evidence, it’s discerned by intelligent people, and the only defence against all these uncovering’s of the accounts and witnessing of thousands of people around the world, in all walks of life, is that ‘they’re all delusional’… We’ll see how that sort of strategy holds up in the upcoming tribunals on charges against humanity.

The Great Reset

What is called, ‘The Great Reset‘ is a Global Event to quite literally reset our history, humanity, and existence. It has happened before, leaving the masses to reincarnate in a karmic loop of amnesia in relation to their origins, past lives, abilities, power, and purpose. When enough people get wise to the truth for various reasons, and it starts to spread, known as the 100th Monkey Effect, in comes The Great Reset. It used to occur at the end of each astrological age and then with much more frequency to every 100 and odd years. All signs are pointing to the last one occurring around the late 1800’s and the method was seemingly a deliberately induced Global Flood.

Different narratives, in-depth, intricate, clever, and all-pervasive strategies have been put in place to hide these events including distorting timelines, manufacturing false accounts of historical events, cultures, and peoples, burying and/or defacing significant architecture and artefacts, and anything else that would give the ‘game’ away.

Distorting Timelines – The Dates Don’t Fit

‘Modern’ Calendar Year

Great Pyramid


Reducing Ancient Cultures to the realms of Fantasy



Extra Terrestrials and Negative Aliens

Burying and Building on top of Yantra Architecture

Churches and Mosques

Mud Flood Photo Evidenced Buildings and the Buildings in our own Towns and Cities across the world

Defacing Monuments

Slaughterhouse Mountain

The Sphynx

Hiding and Misrepresenting Artefacts

Skeletal remains of Giants

Stone Circles

Easter Island Heads

With-holding beneficial Knowledge

Free Wireless Energy Devices

Portals and Teleportation

Self-Healing and other natural based Health Cures

Energy Reversal Objects
Moon Satellite
  • It is an artificial satellite
  • It is not a natural part of our Solar System
  • It has been used to reverse the magnetosphere of our planet, amongst other things, all of which are detrimental to our planet and its inhabitants
Krystal Tower Under Stone Henge
  • Manipulated for use as a central re-cycling hub of human energy for use off-planet
  • 38.9º N, 77º W – Washington Monument, Washington D.C.
  • 38.9º N, 77º W – Cleopatra’s Needle, New York City, U.S. *
  • 23.6º S, 46.7º W – Obelisk of Sao Paulo, Brazil (Ibirapuera Park)
  • 34.6º S, 58.4º W – Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 51.5º N, 0.1º W – Cleopatra’s Needle, London, England *
  • 48.9º N, 2.3º E – Luxor Obelisk, Paris, France *
  • 41.90222º N, 12.45639º E – St. Peter’s Square Obelisk, Vatican City
  • 41.8868º N, 12.5048º E – Lateran Obelisk, Rome, Italy
  • 41.91º N, 12.48º E – Flaminio Obelisk, Rome, Italy (Piazza del Popolo)
  • 59.93º N, 30.36º E – Hero City Obelisk, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 25.7º N, 32.64º E – Luxor Obelisk, Luxor, Egypt
  • 30.1º N, 31.3º E – Heliopolis Obelisk, Cairo, Egypt
  • 14.1º N, 38.7º E – Obelisk of Axum, Ethiopia
  • 57.2º N, 92.7º E – Krasnoyarsk, Russia – Access Point

{* indicates an obelisk originally from Ancient Egypt. London and New York obelisks are a pair moved from Heliopolis, originally made during the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh Thutmose III. Paris obelisk is a pair with one that remains in Luxor, dating to the reign of 19th Dynasty Pharaoh Ramesses II.}

The on-going battle raging both on planet and off planet, both visible and non-visible, behind closed doors, in public, and in the multidimensional realms, is one that would essentially see human beings turn on each other to bring about their own downfall, and all in a bid to gain control of our planet, our consciousnesses, and DNA, by and for the agendas of another race inorganic to planet Earth. If we remain unconscious as to our real history and purpose, we cannot evolve our consciousness as we were designed to, we are kept in a perpetual karmic loop, with our energy and blood being used to feed inorganic entities that are not of our world. Our DNA holds the key to surpass and regain control over this situation, so any means to damage it and experiment with it, at the same time distract us with systems, structures, global events, technology, and the megaphones of the media pushed doom narratives, is intentional.

Whilst more and more people are becoming awakened to such deceptions and false narratives, through the gathering of information and evidence and actual experiences that support the realizations that contradict what we have been accepting as reality, the battle between light and dark is at its apex. The intentions of those operating in the dark, for the dark, intend to initiate another Great Reset, this one by 2030.

Masqueraded by many obvious but also unexpected mouth pieces, draped in apparent empathy, dripping in convincing but deviant driven promises, it is apparent but not yet realized by all. These service-to-self operators, are highly intelligent, well connected, and hold positions that give them access to resources affecting all areas of our lives. They wouldn’t have got away with it for so long otherwise.

Take note and pay attention to those in positions of globalist power or in the governments that are promoting the globalization-socialism agendas of the World Economic Forum {WEF} and the Davos, Switzerland elites. Proclamations from Prince Charles and other elite world leaders as well as those politicos onboard with the globalist agendas, who are publicly talking about changing the entire world all at once.

The scale of change that globalist elite narratives are calling for through the vehicle of the Great Reset, requires the implosion of the current world structure in order to lay the foundations for their One World Order tyranny – again. Pay attention to the flowery words and empty promises propagandizing the Great Reset with online pictures of deliriously happy people with key phrases like, ‘you’ll own nothing and be happy’. This is the largest attempted stealing and transfer of nations wealth and power for instigating global human slavery under the Luciferian Covenant, along with the theft of every last drop of global human resources with the strong-arm response of bullies designed to abolish our cultures and freedom.

We cannot let this happen – again.

The Great Coming Together

The Great Coming Together represents a consciousness and movement where all people, from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries, unite to support and love one another and find solutions for the betterment and peaceful expansion of humanity, and the driving force in the world.

When we stop externalizing, measuring our well-being and our state of happiness against other people, places, and things, we return to our natural state of being. We stop being controlled by thought processes, most of which are programmed false narratives accumulated over lifetimes and an intricate form of mind control of staggering depths. To stand in our true power, to understand who we are and why we are here, is dependent on undoing all the belief systems that prevent this knowing. It starts with any mantra that encompasses a theology of Don’t Hate, Don’t Judge, Don’t Worry. We are so much more than most realize, our purpose is so much bigger than just us as individuals, much bigger.

Human is short for Humanitarian, and this is OUR planet. We are charged with the responsibility of caretaking this beautiful world and all of its natural inhabitants, to experience physical expressions of energy in line with service to the Universal Law of One promoting unity consciousness, and to participate in the marvel that is creation. We are incredible. Our potential is phenomenal, and we are the cutting-edge prototypes expressions of intelligent energetic consciousness in the Universe.

  • On a Quantum Physics Level, we have reached a point of divergence – there is a frequency splitting happening at the subatomic level
  • On an Anatomical Level, our DNA is evolving, and additional DNA Strands are being activated
  • On an Astrological Level, the planetary architecture is being re-aligned to its natural order
  • On an Astronomical Level, prepare to meet some friends and see some sights that most have only read about and seen in films

We’re Moving On Up – Out Of The Darkness

So, we find, demonstrate, and maintain virtue in all our dealings and thereby strengthen our spiritual houses. We learn discernment so that we can read energy and not fall into traps designed to trick us and lead us astray and divert us from our path and each other. There are no quick fixes be they based in the practical, emotional, or physical. One issue will simply be replaced by another of the same energetic signature until mastery is gained, so we must learn to let go of all the false narratives, pain and blame, and not just to pay lip service to such sentiments because the natural laws cannot be fooled even if your neighbour can. Further the benevolent higher forces at work supporting us cannot intervene in all areas unless we ask them to which requires communication on an energetic level. This connection must be cultivated and maintained to survive this final battle that humanity is facing.

We are standing at the precipice of a new era. At this final frontier, we can turn the tide together through The Great Coming Together, through expressing our own personal and individual integrity, and by holding our personal inner power and mental clarity, which is necessary to rid all unnatural energies and everything they represent and have forced upon us and our planet without our consent, to develop our awareness in every area, and evict the shadows from our existence, each other, and our planet once and for all. We are humanitarians, we are powerful, and we are changing the story. It starts with our self – our mind and our beliefs, and the character and will power necessary to understand, make, and maintain, the required changes. It is imperative to take control of our mind and thoughts. If we don’t, someone or something else will, and all that matters is lost again.

If we are using the Negative Ego to perceive reality, we suffer very much. The Great Work and The Great Coming Together is to ‘just’ let it all go. We must love and accept ourselves for who we are right now and not who we think, or who others think we should be. This is a huge progression in humanity’s evolutionary Timeline for planet Earth and what we are going through is very complex as it relates to transforming all that we have ever known as human beings.

We must be in this world and not of it, take care of our body, practice loving kindness, which are the universal spiritual Krystic principles, and know that we are truly protected and safe in this Love. We must act from a place of NO FEAR. Many will fall for the illusion of what is happening on the surface and which appears as if the dark is progressing its control over the world. Instead, we need to understand that what has been hidden must be allowed to be exposed and come to the surface for all to see in plain view, to enable an accounting of as well as a purging and exit of it.

People will discern these events and signs in this physical world according to their own level of developed spiritual consciousness, or alternatively through the controlled narrative of the majority which for those is coming from the limiting first 3D Ego layers of consciousness. In which case please consider that there is a way through demonstrated by the many way showers talking and walking the truth, which we are all able to tap into and based on the utilization of our higher levels of consciousness. We are not just our thoughts and they do not govern us unless we let them. We must pay attention to what our other senses are telling us and not follow a narrative that is not ours nor true.

We are also advised to hold the energy of the Spirit of Patience close to our heart, and to persevere in gathering the gems of truth, and to never, ever, let the illusions sway our gaze away from the real driving Force that is Love which is our natural state of being and powerful energetic high frequency and vibration and which The Great Reset is determined to destroy. Because those serving its agenda and everything it represents, cannot survive in its presence. United We Stand. This is The Great Coming Together.

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The Disclosures Continue…