Legends of The Fall – The Hyperborean

In ancient Greek mythology, the Hyperborean were a people who lived in a northern paradise of perpetual sunshine beyond the reaches of the god of the north wind. Their name located them within the Greek world; it combined the prefix Hyper-, meaning ‘above‘, and Boreas, closest to the Greek name for the North ‘Wind’. When Hyperborean first appeared in our language in the 15th century, it named those ‘legendary’ folk. By the late 1500’s though, the word was being used more generally for anything relating to the far north or the people who lived there.
Hyperborean – Adjective Definition
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  • Greek Genealogy
  • The Eleusinian Mysteries
  • Mythology and Metaphysics – Etymology
  • Human Origins
  • Wars In Stars
  • The Orion Wars
  • The Electric Wars
  • Battle Plans
  • The Root Race
  • Aquarius Ascending and a Brave New World

Greek Genealogy

The 12 ruling Olympian Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus are recognised as Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hephaestus, Hermes, and Poseidon.

The genealogy of the Greek pantheon is shown more clearly in this diagram:

Usually Hades is excluded as he resided permanently in the underworld never visiting Olympus. Sometimes though both Hades and Persephone are included, mostly through the influence of The Eleusinian Mysteries.

The Eleusinian Mysteries

The Eleusinian Mysteries are the ‘most famous of the secret religious rites of ancient Greece’ They were spiritual initiation ceremonies and held every year for the cult of Demeter (Mother) and her daughter Persephone (Sophia). They were based at Eleusis in ancient Greece.

The Eleusinian Mysteries tell the story of the abduction of Persephone from her mother Demeter, by the king of the underworld Hades, in a cycle with three phases. These three phases being the ‘descent’, the ‘search,’ and the ‘ascent’, and with the main theme being the ascent of Persephone and the reunion with ‘Mother’.

To participate in the initiation of being privy to The Eleusinian Mysteries, one had to swear by a strict vow of secrecy from which deviation from had the most severe of consequences. Four categories of people were permitted to participate:

  1. Priests, Priestesses, and Hierophants.
  2. Initiates, undergoing the ceremony for the first time.
  3. Those who had already participated at least once and were deemed eligible for the fourth category.
  4. Those who had attained épopteia or ‘contemplation’, and thus learned the secrets of the greatest mysteries of Demeter.

In a clever and almost inescapable catch 22, the term heresy was hi-jacked and became its complete reversal. Truths became heresy. The punishment for speaking against or contesting this, being death. Therefore true knowledge had to be kept secret, irrespective of the culture of the different groups that held it, and thereby forcing even more distance from it and allowing for layers of distortions and confusion to be applied at will and without limit.

But times have changed and whilst methods with the same objective may be different, death is no longer one of them – sort of.

Mythology and Metaphysics Etymology

Mythology – μυθολογία
  • Myth deriving from Mythos meaning Truth
  • Logy meaning Study of

Metaphysics – μεταφυσική
  • Meta – μετα, meaning behind, or beyond
  • Physics – φυσική , meaning philosophy of nature

And so we are led to the meaning of the terms ‘Mythology’ and ‘Metaphysics’: Behind the philosophy of nature, The study of truth.

Human Origins

The highest possible expression of consciousness of the original human divine blueprint is a 12 Dimensional simultaneously conscious being. This is the Avatar Body of the 10D, 11D, and 12D. This is when all of the combined consciousness aspects of all the Dimensions in our Universal Time Matrix, the 12 Tree Grid, The Tree of Life, are unified. This forms the 12D Shield.

Just as we have Soul and Monad Body aspects of our self, the planet has Soul and Monad Body aspects of itself. Tara is Earth’s Soul Body made up of the 4D, 5D, and 6D facets of the 12 Tree Grid and Gaia is Earth’s Monad Body made up of the 7D, 6D, and 9D facets of the 12 Tree Grid.

For quite practical reasons that related to the age of the Suns and the planets that existed in our galaxy, it was decided that human life form would be started in the Lyran System. This was the Avatar Timeline in our Universal Time Matrix. The Hyperborean and Polarians were part of the first Root Race seeded as part of spirit consciousness embodying in a physical form on a planet for the first time. This was the Monad Body aspect of energetic consciousness in a physical form, and also the Monad Body aspect of planet Earth. which is Gaia. The Monad Body is way bigger than the Soul Body and just as this applies to the Earth planet bodies, it also applies to us.

We lived in the Lyra constellation for over 40 million years during which time we evolved. Reportedly we were agricultural in nature and all the time were at peace and living plentiful and abundant lives in alignment with the principles of the Law of One.

The Hyperborean Timeline had begun as a Golden Age for angelic humans. There was no pain, suffering, destruction, violence, or death at all. This is a timeline where as individuals we are wholly and completely embodying and connected to ourselves, each other, and as one, to the true eternal source. This timeline predates Atlantis. But after a tragic sequence of events that changed everything, the Hyperborean Timeline came to an end. This was due to the onslaught of what is known as the Electric Wars…

Wars In Stars

It started with the Lyran Wars in Orion. After a base miscommunication between the Lyran and the reptilian Draco races, the Lyran planets of Bila, Teka, and Merck, were completely annihilated. Lyra was powerless to defend itself. The intention of the invading Draco race was to decimate the connection between the Universal Star Gates of Lyra and Andromeda. This was to prevent any of the Founder Races from being able to access the Milky Way system and thereby stop the future seedings and manifestation or incarnations, of the Founder Races holding the Christos DNA.

The Orion Wars

The Lyran Wars spread and reached the Orion constellation and the battle for dominion over the human realms ensued. It became a war with the Controller Archetype. The Controller Archetype is also known as the False King of Tyranny. These beings are a type of energetic consciousness in form, seeking control and dominion over humans in place of coexisting as equals and ‘service to others’ love based ideologies, and are thereby in opposition to the Universal Law of One. Their intent is to enslave or eradicate those existing in service to the Universal Law of One. This was at the root of the first war in our Galactic Wars history which had started in the Draco and Orion constellations and spread from Lyra. The Orion Invasion happened during the 8th Astrological Precession.

The genetic hatred that was unleashed from the Orion Groups devolved into destruction and violent killings which also incited and spread another aspect of Mind Control as a Victim Victimizer mentality within the collective consciousness of our Universal Time Matrix. This type of controller is also known as the Archetype of Enemy Patterning.

Genetics, especially human genetics are very important and valuable to inorganic races. The Race War Conflicts continued due to the genetic mutations and DNA damage being done which was caused by all kinds of targeted huge EMP explosions and other consciousness related attacks. These were the Electric Wars. It had become a war over Human DNA and Human consciousness.

One of the consequences of the Lyran Wars with the Orion Groups, was the complete devastation of the Avatar consciousness in our Universal Time Matrix. For human beings, this meant we were blocked from the capacity to access the higher realm consciousnesses within the dimensions of the 10D, 11D, and 12D – to live as Krystal Avatar Humans. But it didn’t stop there.

The Electric Wars

When the Electric Wars happened on Gaia, the effects were catastrophic for the Hyperborean. They were tragically separated from their higher counterparts in Polaris, which was reflected as the cause of a huge dichotomy in the human psyche. In a complete reversal of organic evolution, this split between the Monad aspect of self, from the higher Avatar aspect of self, caused the false concept of duality within our consciousness. Losing our knowledge and ability to connect to our higher conscious self, opened the floodgates for almost limitless infiltration.

The energy consciousness aspects that make up the individual Human Body and the Human Race as a whole, took a battering. Being cut off from the sacred Avatar consciousness body essentially led to the Soul and Monad aspects of self going to war with each other, itself. The Hyperborean on Gaia were huge beings. These are Nephilim, the Titans in Greek Mythology. Zeus and the Olympians were amongst the first seed race and their wars with the Titans are the wars with these false fallen gods. In the end these giants were beaten when two huge meteorites struck an Atlantean kingdom and reversed both the climate and the ocean, and further, the continental plates. These battles that raged in our history are directly reflected by the characters, relationships, births, deaths and tragic events in Greek Mythology. Greek Mythology is the history of the Electric Wars. This was the original Fall of Humanity, the Split in Time, the Hyperborean Holocaust.

Battle Plans

Through each of the sequential planetary time cycles, we have been infected with all manner of Artificial Machinery. This is another topic in itself but in brief, this is when certain frequencies are manipulated for low vibrational and adverse affects in the planetary environment, and the collective and individual human psyche. Usually sprayed or used in a technology called Holographic Inserts, and ranging from simple mechanical devices to nanotechnology systems, and a whole heap of other disgusting and creepy stuff, but all for the same purpose, none of which are good, and to essentially anchor the corresponding energies into our physical realm which would allow for distortion and manipulation of future timelines, as had been done during the Orion Wars.

The culmination of all these inorganic genetic manipulations further continued through each subsequent bloodline, and the unconscious merging of them has only served to compound the problems. But all is not lost, not at all. There are incredibly high powers at work. Despite disconnection from our 12 DNA consciousness, separation between our particle and anti-particle self and those related issues, a plan and a vow to repair our DNA back to its pure state and reclaim all the fragmented aspects of our Light-Body, was devised.

This is why as humans we have been compliant to our experiences on this planet for the purpose of developing human consciousness which has been necessary in order to repair the damage done to our human DNA and consciousness.

And so here we are at this current place in our current timeline.

The Root Race

The Root Race also known as the 12 Tribes, have been committed to incarnating through the timelines specifically with the objective of rebuilding our DNA strands. Each incarnation mission programmed various experiences in order to clear specific miasma or dead energy from the human collective consciousness as a result of the genetic destruction caused during the Orion Wars.

It had to be an inside job in the sense that we had to embody on the planet and actually experience the effects of the split in consciousness, along with all the inorganic and corrupted distortions purposely and sequentially infected into our Universal Time Matrix and the Human Race, in order to understand how it was being infected and to be able to repair it.

Although this has taken aeons and in juxtaposition to the continued and relentless attempts to stop this process by those who continue to seek dominion over the earth realms and control over human consciousness for their own agendas, it hasn’t been in vain.

Aquarius Ascending and a Brave New World

During this Precession of the Equinoxes the planet has been preparing for the shift through the astrological constellation of Aquarius, the 12th Ascension Cycle. As we approach the end of this current Timeline, the hard earnt blueprint upgrade of the human collective has been reacting to the biological evolutionary state that needs to be achieved in accordance with the structural shift of the planet. These pressures are also the causation of all kinds of energetic and physical anomalies on the planet at this time, requiring all kinds of adaptations in order to meet the genetic changes being made to the collective human blueprint and the specific new energies that we are being exposed to. But we are doing it. We are about to push through the Wall In Time, and that means we can access what we have been cut off from for so long.

For some, they will be able to ascend right out of this Time Matrix and through the corridors to the inner god realms where the true Ascended Masters and Cosmic Citizens reside, if they choose to do so. Others will stay and continue to assist those still climbing out. Some have already pre-arranged to exit. Anything or anyone inorganic in essence, will simply be deconstructed and removed. Those in service to the Law of One, are greatly aided.

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