Right Zodiac – Alchemy Consciousness

The movement of asteroids, comets, planets and stars throughout space, each affect the solar magnetic field which impacts the geomagnetic field. This in turn influences and adjusts the collective and individual electromagnetic, chemical, and biological systems on earth. As our Sun makes its journey through the zodiac constellations, the planetary consciousness steadily shifts, building new architecture according to the zodiac sign’s corresponding alchemical principles.

Due to the minor variants of the start and end dates that our Sun spends in each constellation each year, the signs of the zodiac should also be adjusted. Our zodiac sign’s current start and end dates have shifted since the understanding of our historical reference point on this subject. Listed below are the 13 Zodiac Sign constellations, their corresponding elements, and their related alchemical principles that are activated during the actual phases the Sun spends in each constellation.

Do or Do Not

As a result of various astrological alignments, the specific forces of alchemy that have occurred in this timeline have been causing the Solar System’s heliosphere and the Earth’s magnetosphere to weaken on a massive scale. Thereby this current cosmic alignment has also altered the stellar architecture of how the Sun is transmitting the different zodiac sign’s specific influences in the Electromagnetic Ray System throughout our Solar System.

This is allowing a supersaturation and increasing amount of cosmic rays to enter our inner Solar System, permeating our atmosphere and our DNA. These new and exceptionally high level frequency transmissions of these alchemical force qualities and related quantum mechanic processes, are assisting consciousness expansion in an evolutionary advanced part of the planet’s organic biological process, that is also affecting all its inhabitants.

This also means that the astrological influences, or mental imprints will change or amplify our individual birth chart according to the level of awareness and interaction with these cosmic forces and magnetic influences. The magnetic imprint received at birth from the zodiac constellation alignments, will cease to have the same effect on our body, personality, and mind and will further impact many other factors. However, those under severe mind control influences being driven and perpetuated through the downward spiral negative polarity of the zodiac archetypes used by inorganic agenda artificial machinery, may speed up and facilitate into those influences through converse increasingly distorted and destructive behaviours.

We are already seeing this all playing out. These transmissions have never been exposed to planet earth before which is why this timeline is so important. It is an opportunity for all of us to give it all we’ve got. If we can keep up, we can get out, if we don’t or can’t, we won’t. But each to their own. It is important to understand that we are all at different points in the universal timelines according to our individual Soul’s evolution. Those that won’t or can’t, likely need to integrate more experiences to be embedded on a deeper Soul level for growth and expansion to occur.

There is no judgement. Help when invited but consider that to interfere with any preaching irrespective of enthusiasm or perceived good intentions, is a consciousness trap and will likely incur a backlash from a Soul body who’s not ready and has not yet evolved enough to receive certain levels of disclosures. We are all being guided to who and what we need to know when it’s right for us. We stay in our lane. That is helping others, that is enough.


  • Stage 1 – ARIES – April 19 to May 13
  • Alchemical Theme: Purification, Calcination
  • Element: Fire, Malleable
  • Elemental Form: Tetrahedron – 4 faces, 4 points, 6 edges & 720 degrees
  • Note: C
  • Alchemical Metal: Iron
  • Primary Planetary Correlation: Mars – Energy, Action and Desire
  • Primary Embodied Correlations: Incarnate Identity or Personality Matrix, First ChakraMuladhara, pertains to the silver seed centre & first 8 cells of the coccyx as well as birth canal programming


The introduction stage of spiritual initiation is represented in the constellation of Aries. This is the beginning of the alchemical purification of one’s consciousness through the process of exposure to fire elements and/or applying intense heat. The process of heating the body and aura to a high temperature, causing loss of moisture, reduction or oxidation, and breaking down into simpler substances to prepare to move blockages and debris. This is the activation process of the kundalini fire purification of the flesh, bone and blood. The kundalini is activated in the tailbone and begins to travel upward in the central vertical channel and chakras. This reoccurs many times during the spiritual initiation stages towards enlightenment, but always follows the alchemical principles to conclusion.


  • Stage 2 – TAURUS – May 14 to June 19
  • Alchemical Theme: Congelation, Transformation
  • Elemental Relationship: Earth, Fixed, Negative
  • Elemental Form: Hexahedron, 6 faces, 8 points, 12 edges & 2160 degrees
  • Note: D
  • Alchemical Metal: Copper (Women have about 20% higher copper serum in their blood than men.)
  • Relates to: Dimensional Phonon Resonance; Isotopic Cooling
  • Primary Planetary Correlation: Venus
  • Primary Embodied Correlations: Incarnate Identity Matrix, Chakra 2 Svadhisthana, Pertains to Upside down Trinity light cells within the Higher Heart whose phasing creates tachyons and the Eternal Lotus Seed which begins the krystal life spiral return to source backflow current, KA centre


Congelation is the process by which something congeals, or thickens into a new pattern or blueprint. This increase in viscosity is to reassemble parts into a different energetic pattern, thus transforming it. This is achieved through a reduction in (applied) heat or through the result of the bodily chemical reactions caused by the changes in temperature. This is a natural result of the vacillation of active kundalini liquid fire. Sometimes, the increase in viscosity is great enough to crystallize or solidify the new element or new substance. In spiritual alchemy, congelation is one of the vital processes for material bodily transformation to occur. This is a process of spiritual integration of the reassembled parts or required patterns the kundalini or spirit has newly created in the layers of the body consciousness.


  • Stage 3 – GEMINI – June 20 to July 20
  • Alchemical Theme: Fixation, Synthesis
  • Element: Air, Mutable
  • Elemental Form: Octahedron, 8 faces, 6 points, 12 edges, & 1440 degree
  • Note: E
  • Alchemical Metal: Quicksilver
  • Primary Planetary Correlation: Mercury
  • Embodied Correlations: Incarnate Identity, Ego Mind, 3rd Chakra – Manipura, RA centre


Fixation in alchemy refers to a process by which a previously volatile substance is transformed into a form (often solid) that is not affected by fire or heat. It separates the substance or object and rearranges it back in the same or different shape at a subatomic level. So this is the process which transforms the subatomic levels of the body’s energetic blueprint. It is a continual progress of polarity synthesis of unstable forces which are then transformed into a higher more stable form. Fixation is one of the processes required for transformation of a base substance, or one level of completion of the alchemical magnum opus through the subatomic structure. This is the process of polarity integration between the newly reassembled parts of adding, or subtracting, the required patterns being synthesized into the body consciousness.


  • Stage 4 – CANCER – July 21 to August 9
  • Alchemical Theme: Dissolution, Dismantling
  • Element: Water
  • Elemental Form: Icosahedron, 30 edges, 20 faces, 3600 degrees
  • Alchemical Metal: Silver
  • Primary Planetary Correlations: the Moon
  • Embodied Correlations: The Soul Matrix – heart consciousness, the angelic mind, 4th Chakra – Anahata


This is the dismantling phase from unnecessary substances, energies or objects that have been shifted from the alchemical synthesis of the polarity integration of forces. There is a process of resolving emotional body issues or dissolving into parts or elements in the shifting field of the energetic consciousness. This phase can be deeply emotional, deeply buried in subconscious and bring the purging of deep soul wounds. In the spiritual ascension process this may manifest as the breaking of bonds, breaking up of relationships, the breaking up of an assembly or organization. Cancer has heavy ancestral genetic pattern components that greatly influence emotional miasma located in the body. This is a process of dismantling the unnecessary or unneeded primal forces and resolving emotional blocks in the shifting terrain of the energetic consciousness. This emotional purging with the required dismantling (removing subconscious blockages) happens in several stages throughout the ascension process.


  • Stage 5 – LEO – August 10 to September 15
  • Alchemical Theme: Digestion, Conversion
  • Universal Law: Law of Suggestion
  • Element: Fire, Fixed
  • Elemental Form: Tetrahedron, 4 faces, 4 points, 6 edges & 720 degrees
  • Planetary Correlation: The Sun, Maldek, Tara
  • Alchemical Metal: Gold
  • Physiology: heart, dorsal region of spine, spinal cord, aorta, superior and inferior vena cava, thymus.
  • Light-Body Correlations: Archetypal Mind, 5th Chakra and Sphere
  • Sound Tone: E, 7 octaves of the E (40.5 Hz, 80.9, 161.8, 323.6, 647.3, 1294.5, 2589.1 Hz)
  • Stargates: Machu Picchu, Peru, Vatican, Rome. Maldek & Tara (GSG). Pleiades (USG)
  • Virtues: Reverence, Service, Chastity, Charity
  • Tribe: 5, Simeon – Hearing God, Knowing that your prayers are heard


In alchemy, digestion is a process in which gentle heat is applied to a substance over a period of several weeks to change the composition of newly combined elements. This is the absorption and assimilation process of the new substance or energetic elements that have shifted which were either removed or added into the body consciousness. Old emotional states or unnecessary energies have been eliminated, and chemically, as by the action of enzymes, new energies are converted into deeper assimilation into the body elemental. This is a process of digesting the changes in one’s consciousness, and shifting life experiences, that are a result of the resolution and completion of old energetic and emotional patterns. As we digest more of what we can accurately see in the world, we are able to resolve emotional pain which allows us to see truth even more deeply. Digesting our reality allows us to eventually experience greater acceptance of all things.


  • Stage 6 – VIRGO – September 16 to October 30
  • Alchemical Theme: Distillation, Purity
  • Element: Earth, Mutable
  • Geometric Form: Cube, 6 faces, 8 points, 12 edges, 2160 degrees
  • Planetary Correlations: Mercury, Jupiter
  • Alchemical Metals: Quicksilver, Tin


This is the continual process of purification of the internal energies which separate the unnecessary dross and is designed to remove the contaminants. The goal is to acquire a concentration of the wholly natural essential substance, which is how the pure energetic consciousness is distilled. This is the process of accessing and obtaining that pure essence (via the inner spirit), and distilling its spirit substance into our body and earth. This is a phase of refinement of our internal energies and spirit in relationship to our body.


  • Stage 7 – LIBRA – October 31 to November 22
  • Alchemical Theme: Sublimation, Transmutation
  • Element: Air, Initiator
  • Universal Law: The Law of Cause and Effect
  • Tone: F# (185HZ, 370HZ, 740HZ)
  • Organs: Kidneys, Adrenals, Ovaries
  • Stargate: Inner Gate of Ionian Islands (Albanian and Greek Coastline of Ionian Sea), and its underground linkup into the Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
  • Tribe: 7 – Gad/Zilpah – Knowing the fortune or treasure of the moment; All experience as opportunity
  • Virtues: reserve, economy of speech, deep listening, articulation
  • Correlations: 7th Chakra, Sphere 7, Violet Ray, and Ketheric Mind of the Monad Body
  • Geometric Form: Heptagon, Octahedron
  • Alchemical Metals: Lead, Copper


In the process of spiritual ascension as we elevate our consciousness, we naturally learn to sublimate and transform negative emotions and negative energy. As we develop the observer consciousness within, we are able to witness our emotions and external events without identifying that we are that emotion or event. As we observe the emotions or events, we alchemically transform them and sublimate them into higher substances. In this way we access spiritual harmony, which arranges the energetic environment to the highest expression. Sublimation is a part of the compassionate witness, which is developed through deepened self-awareness of one’s body and higher consciousness. We can learn to observe thoughts, emotions and energies neutrally. Through the elevated consciousness we gain skills in redirecting discordance or disharmony in the self, and this naturally increases energetic harmony inside and out. Once we distill the inner spirit within, the next ascension stage is the natural sublimation and transmutation of negative energies in and around us.


  • Stage 8 – SCORPIO
  • Theme: Separation, Stillness
  • Element: Water
  • Geometric Imprint: Icosahedron


In the required alchemical process of embodying our pure consciousness, there is a separation and isolation from that which interferes or contaminates the spiritual consciousness. These are the phases of which we may experience a separation or sequestering away from certain influences or forces. This isolation or sensation of wanting to sequester is a natural process, such as in acquiring a deep stillness. When it is required, we will find that isolation in order to be still and know we are one with God spirit. Once we can sense the growth of our inner spirit, we will have phases where we will look to isolate, or isolation will happen organically. This allows us to focus inside, communicate with and germinate our spiritual consciousness into fullness.


  • Stage 9 – OPHIUCHUS – November 30 to December 17
  • Alchemical Theme: Unification, Wound Healing
  • Element: Water/Aether
  • Astrological Correspondence: Ophiuchus – Chiron – Divine Fire Water – The Golden Gate


This phase is the solar alignment with the Cosmic Aether which is at the core of the Galactic Centre, which represents pouring of healing spiritual waters into the earth and humanity from our Mother God principle. Previously, these waters were corrupted by entrapping the Mother principle and Gold Ray Seraphim on earth by the knowledge coveting Serpent. Hence, this is also the symbol for the Fallen Angel. This is why this constellation is both ruled by the Golden Eagle spirit and the Snake. During the ascension cycle this constellation is to return to its original geometry, to represent the union of all polarity as the perfect blueprint of energetic balance and harmony for humanity. Through the embodiment of this energetic balance into perfected unity, in the upcoming Pisces cycle, the knowledge and wisdom is given back to the truth seeker. Therefore, in its highest expression this constellation represents the potential blueprint of divine perfection in a Human Being. It also represents the energetic consciousness pending birth of the Christos child growing in the womb of the Divine Mother. It is one with all things and has no opposite. It is capable of healing all human wounds and amplifies spiritual healing in this cycle. It is related to the symbol Phi and re-emerging Sophia consciousness or So-Phi-A.


  • Stage 10 – SAGITTARIUS – December 18 to January 18
  • Theme: Incineration, Resurrection
  • Element: Fire
  • Geometry: Tetrahedron
  • Healing Element: “Where Fire Becomes Light”


This is the stage of the ascension process which is the incineration of the old form and burning up of the old and decrepit energies, through stages of healing crisis. This is similar to the spiritual bonfire of the lower self and parasites. Once the higher divine blueprint and Cosmic Aether have been connected to the body, massive healing begins. This is reducing the old Negative Form and its debris into ashes just as the Phoenix that rises from its ashes is reborn upon its old form which was incinerated in the bonfire. This is a stage of the spiritual alchemy which has phase transition which change the matter substance from blackened, to grey and then to white. Sometimes one can sense the death energy in the blackened state. This begins stages of great renewal and resurrection in the ascending consciousness.


  • Stage 11 – CAPRICORN –January 19 to February 15
  • Alchemical Theme: Fermentation, Illumination
  • Element: Earth


Fermentation is the spiritual alchemical process which shifts the production and source of energy that is required for the body functions. This stage begins to change how the ATP production is made in the Mitochondria of the cells and how that energy is distributed to cellular tissues. New requirements of vital energies are manufactured by increasing the ATP pump, which increases available energy needed to continue the life processes. There is an increase of ATP measured in the cells as the person is able to hold more light in their physical cells, increasing their consciousness. This also relates to increasing the size and quality of the Auric Light-Body. The body is much physically stronger now even if vitality feels low. Also, the fermentation process is used to produce different levels of enzymatic substances, which the physical body uses to support a variety of shifting hormonal and chemical reactions. During the ascension stages of symptoms, this is commonly experienced as a highly physical shift in the digestive, immune and brain processing.


  • Stage 12 – AQUARIUS – February 16 to March 11
  • Alchemical Theme: Multiplication, Virtues
  • Element: Air


Multiplication is the alchemical process which greatly increases the concentrated refinement, energetic effectiveness and sphere of influence of the embodied biological spiritual light source. The blood is purified of karmic record and spiritualized in chemistry creating spiritual virtues. It occurs near the end of the magnum opus of our spiritual ascension alchemy. This is the symbolic state, and analogy where Christ is able to take any base substance and multiply it into many fish and bread loaves to bless the hungry. Through the access of pure embodied spiritual essence, the abundance of the spiritual light flows in and blesses the environment from the beacon of a Krystal body. It multiplies abundance and blessing for those who come in contact with it, as well as the being who embodies its source. This is about serving the group consciousness highest expression of spiritual ascension for all human beings. In traditional alchemy this is the turning of base metal into gold and silver and is akin to what happens to the Light-Body.


  • Stage 13 – PISCES – March 12 – April 18
  • Alchemical Theme: Ascension, Perfection, Christos-Sophia, Krystallah
  • Element: Water, Aether, Azoth Divine Firewater


The state of perfection is only achieved through the inner unity of the Mother and Father energetic consciousness principles, and ultimately merging them into a third state of stellar consciousness. Such incorruptible wisdom is symbolized by the Christos Child that results from the marriage of the true Cosmic Father and Cosmic Mother, and the Stars themselves. This is the attainment of the complete preservation of the body through the inner spirit, nourished in light rays and sound waves. This is one who has obtained the power of spiritualizing the body and knows how to transmute the corruptible physical into the incorruptible spirit, this is a Krystal being who has attained an eternal spiritual body, and is able to break out of the karmic cycle to attain freedom from reincarnation in this space time.

This is the ultimate process of planetary ascension, freedom from the prison planet and the fallen. The Great Work is the ultimate goal of spiritual ascension; the inner Christos-Sophia is initiated within to make perfect the complete divine human being, as was originally designed and embodied by all humans.

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