Lockdown to Liquid Crystal – Matter of Consciousness

Scientists have realised that it is possible to use Liquid Crystals in a variety of applications through the manipulation of their external environment. This process also applies to Atoms, and biological vehicles including the human body. The original Blueprint of our DNA is in fact, a fretwork of pure Liquid Crystal.

Another State of Matter

Liquid Crystal is a state of matter where the properties are between those of conventional liquids and those of solid crystals. For example, a liquid crystal may flow like a liquid, but its molecules may be oriented in a crystal-like way.1

There are many types of Liquid Crystal phases and Liquid Crystal materials may not always be in a Liquid Crystal state of matter. A comparable to this is a liquid water state of matter, which dependent on its materials can also be a solid state of matter when in ice form, or a gas state of matter when in vapor form.

Liquid Crystal Classes

Liquid Crystals are identified as being ThermotropicLyotropic and Metallotropic. Thermotropic and Lyotropic Liquid Crystals consist mostly of organic molecules, although a few minerals are also known. Thermotropic Liquid Crystals exhibit a phase transition as temperature changes. Lyotropic Liquid Crystals exhibit phase transitions as a function of both temperature and concentration of molecules in a solvent, typically water. Metallotropic Liquid Crystals are composed of both organic and inorganic molecules, where their Liquid Crystal transition additionally depends on the inorganic-organic composition ratio.

Liquid Crystals are abundant on our planet. In the field of Technology, we can find Liquid Crystals in our LCD TV displays. In the Mineral World, Liquid Crystals are present in some types of clays, and also various soap solutions and detergents. In the Natural World, many proteins and cell membranes are Liquid Crystals.

Liquid Crystals can also be found in certain viruses such as the Tobacco Mosiac Virus. The first known modern-day pathogen to be identified as a virus was the Tobacco Mosiac Virus or TMV. TMV is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus species in the genus Tobamovirus that infects a wide range of plants, especially tobacco and other members of the family Solanaceae. The infection causes characteristic patterns, such as “mosaic”-like mottling and discoloration on the leaves, hence its name.2

Biology and Flippases and Floppases

The study of Liquid Crystal phases is known as Lipid Polymorphism. There is a vast array of biological structures that display Liquid Crystal behaviour, and their presence in biological membranes and cells is the focus of much academic attention and research.

The phospholipids components of molecules are perpendicular to the membrane surface, yet the membrane is flexible. These lipids vary in shape and depending on the direction of movement, through flippases and floppases, lipid molecules can flip from one side of the membrane to the other. Due to the high energy requirement of this process, although the component molecules can inter-mingle easily they do not usually leave the membrane.

The order of molecules in Liquid Crystal phases is critical. For instance, the concentrated protein solution that is excreted by a spider to make silk is actually a liquid crystal phase. It is the specific and precise ordering of molecules in silk that produces its strength. 

Then there is us, Human Beings, and the Liquid Crystal phases of our state of DNA.

Electric and Magnetic Field Effects

The ability of the director to align along an external field is caused by the electric nature of the molecules. Permanent electric dipoles result when one end of a molecule has a net positive charge while the other end has a net negative charge. When an external electric field is applied to the liquid crystal, the dipole molecules tend to orient themselves along the direction of the field.3

Even if a molecule does not form a permanent dipole, it can still be influenced by an electric field. In some cases, the field produces slight re-arrangement of electrons and protons in molecules such that an induced electric dipole results. While not as strong as permanent dipoles, orientation with the external field still occurs.

External Influences on Liquid Crystals

Science now realises that electric and magnetic fields, the magnitude of these fields, and the speed at which those molecules align, can be used to induce changes in the macroscopic properties of the Liquid Crystal system. This applies and corresponds directly to the microscopic crystalized frequency in our DNA.

Human Crystal Lattice

The original Blueprint of our DNA is a fretwork of pure Liquid Crystal, a crystal lattice, which is ideal for transmitting and receiving energetic resonances, consciousness perception, and inter-communication – essentially our connection to source energy.

Electromagnetic light patterns that group into crystalline formation is the microscopic crystallized frequency that are the foundations of our Human DNA. These miniature and multidimensional crystallized blueprints are known as DNA Seed Codes. One blueprint structure or Seed Code, for one DNA strand, is made up of 12 magnetic particle and 12 electrical anti-particle units. The frequency patterns and light spectrum of one dimensional band is what each DNA strand is comprised of, with each DNA strand representing what is called a Fire Letter, a programme sequence, which corresponds directly to one dimensional band of frequency consciousness. So, 24 Seed Codes are equal to one DNA strand, and so on.

Human Light-Body

When we apply the awareness that the human Light-Body is a biological Liquid Crystal, held within a blueprint coded crystalline grid, it informs us how the expansion of conscious energy really works. The potential for inner alchemy occurs when the crystal’s inherent properties are catalyzed from naturally sourced frequencies exposure in the environment that hold the loving radiant vibrations. Conversely, artificial electromagnetic exposures such as Nanotechnologies and Microwave Weapons, are devoid of love and condense the Liquid Crystal into Matter Lock Down, impairing its ability to freely move in any direction and preventing energetic expansion into Multidimensionality.4

Condensed Matter

Through the Bifurcation Cycle, this phenomenon of particle shift is occurring and impacting how energy becomes matter, and how that matter behaves while it’s moving into a different density.

As an example, the more condensed phases of solid matter are more rigid and locked in place, with a denser and lower frequency, thus the particles cannot move or slide past one another. Whereas the less condensed states of matter are more fluid, such as liquids, gases or vapours, which have higher frequencies. In these less condensed states of matter, there is more free space that exists between the particles, in which there is an easier flow of those same particles to move and slide past one another.

On a basic and fundamental level this is what equates to the shift of planetary consciousness that has been happening as we are shifting from a condensed Carbon-based state of matter to a less condensed Semi-etheric state of matter. Thereby those demonstrating and actively operating in higher frequencies, are moving through and up to the next set of progressively higher frequencies. This in turn alters the individual’s subatomic particle structure and depending on the frequencies of vibrations they are open to, is what will determine the level of the changes to the DNA and those related additional sensory abilities that become accessible along with the realities they experience, or not, as with those who demonstrate and embody the opposite.

Krystal Spiral

The corresponding Mathematical Energetic structure is the Krystal Spiral structure. The Krystal Spiral is the opposite of the Fibonacci Spiral which is an inorganic Entropic system based on Consumptive Modelling architecture. 

It is the Krystal Spiral that is the true Golden Spiral, and which has the potential to dissolve artificial structures that have attached or enmeshed with our Light -Body from other lifetimes due to trauma histories and alien hybridization coding. It is the Krystal Spiral architecture that recollects and reorganizes spiritual body parts, whilst returning obsolete and inorganic energies back to be reabsorbed in the Cosmic Womb and transmuted.

When the life force energy is drawn back into the source field through the trinitized geometries, the feedback loop of reciprocal source light is generated and expanded. Thereby our goal during the new paradigm is to move away from the duality polarities of positive and negative, electron and proton, and to instead create the tri-tone or neutral field. This draws the composite energy back into the zero point, through a feedback loop of energy, back into the source of all creation. This intended natural and syntropic cycle of the trinity field creates an eternal and perpetual supply of scared life force that regenerates the bodies by restoring the energy loss, and eventually Expanding Consciousness.

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