Plato and Pythagoras – Underrated Sacred Geometry and the Math of Matter

It was over two and half thousand years ago that Pythagoras of Samos added his weighty contributions to our understanding of Math and the Universe. Heavily influenced by Ezekiel, the Hierophant of Pythagoras, amongst other things Pythagoras introduced us to ‘The Música Universalis’ and ‘Pythagoras Theorem‘.

We have already had an introduction to Plato in the article on Socrates and the Trail Blazers and no doubt affected by the death of the ‘Grand-father of Philosophy’, his friend, his pier, and thus perhaps even more envigored to pursue and share his given truth, as another Gnostikoi, Plato’s quiet work speaks volumes. Following in the footsteps of others, he re-introduced the Five Platonic Solids.

The Música Universalis

Incorporating an already established concept in metaphysics, Pythagoras used his combined understanding of Math and other Sciences to determine that numbers and shapes and the composition of them also have a corresponding Energy, with the Light and Vibrational components of that Energy, equating to a Universal Harmonic Tone.

Pythagoras explains that the pitch of a musical note is in inverse proportion of the string that produces it and that the intervals, or spaces, between harmonic sound frequencies – the notes and half notes, form numerical ratios that are relative to each other. That these harmonic tones of energy are expressed in the mathematical structures and expressions of numbers, shapes, and angles, and all relative to proportion patterns.

Pythagoras had figured out that all celestial bodies within our Solar System produce their own individual sound. And with their orbital path’s giving off a particular resonance which directly influences the quality of life we experience individually and collectively on Earth. Duplicated in both the macrocosmic Universal Tree of Life and the microcosmic Personal Tree of Life, this understanding of the harmonic structure organizing the spherical vibration of the Spectrum of Frequency, is known as the Música Universalis.

Translated from Latin, Música Universalis means Universal Music. It is also known as The Music of The Spheres, and The Theory of the Harmony of The Spheres.

Pythagoras’ Theorem – Hype on Three

‘In A Right-Angled Triangle, the sum of the Square on the Hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the Squares on the other two sides’


a = the Adjacent      b = the Opposite     c = Hypotenuse

and expressed mathematically as:


If                     a = 3cm                     b = 4cm                     c = ?

Then              a² = 9cm                    b² = 16cm                 = 9 + 16 = 25

Therefore {∴}                                                                   c = 5cm {5 x 5 = 25}

Numerically speaking Pythagoras’ Theorem allows us to measure an unknown length of a right-angled triangle and the diagonal of a square. It is also involved in other equations to calculate areas and shapes in relation to distance and points in Space. It also introduces the concept of Irrational Numbers and other calculations using Tangent, Sine and Cosine, or Tan, Sin, and Cos.

Recuerdo?! …      

Pythagoras’ Theorem is a seemingly a simple statement, but it is also powerful Math and highly important in relation to understanding how Math shapes Matter. It is the evidence and confirmation of a very specific Pattern. This formula illustrates this Pattern in a right-angled triangle but there’s more to it than many may realise, so let’s go back a bit.

Sonic Geometry

Polygon means, ‘many angles’. We recognize these as basic shapes in Math. They are understood as Sonic Polygons when we understand how they are created, and create.

We know that Light and Sound Frequencies are made up of the electromagnetic energy configurations of Waves and Particles. These configurations determine how the Waves and Particles move and which shapes are created by that movement. The components of Light and Sound govern the characteristics of the shapes through a range of corresponding Vibrations and Frequencies.

Critically, this in turn goes back to the 12 Universal Harmonic Tones of certain Rays of Light, and the 12 principal corresponding Universal Harmonic Frequencies as highlighted by the likes of Solfeggio, and then the 144 Universal sub-harmonics of these.

It is Sound that creates geometric forms along with how Light is being directed and refracted. This dance between the components Sound and Light is the result of some very complex coding. Within each of these core geometric shapes is a corresponding set of geometric coding. These blue prints are the structure upon which everything else in the Universe is built.

What Are the Sonic Polygons?

The Sonic Polygons derive from the Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon and the Octagon, as shown below and against their corresponding Tone and Frequency.

Platonic Solids – Patterns in Creations

The Five Platonic Solids are composed of the Patterns of the Sonic Polygons and make up the Core Patterns of Physical Creations – the Archetypal Patterns of the elements of creation.

Plato determined the Archetypal Patterns as Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. The Archetypal Pattern of the Fifth Platonic Solid, is considered to be the Universal Substance of Creation. Essence. Consciousness. Brahmanism refers to the set of five as Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and The Void. Other ancient and modern day, ‘secret’ Esoteric Schools, refer to the fifth as Aether.

So, What Are the Five Platonic Solids?

First determined by Kepler, these are:

  • Tetrahedron

The first Platonic Solid – a triangle with 4 faces and representing the element Fire.

  • Hexahedron

The second Platonic Solid – a square with 6 faces and representing the element Earth.

  • Octahedron

The third Platonic Solid – a triangle with 8 faces and representing the element Air.

  • Dodecahedron

The fourth Platonic Solid – a 5-sided pentagon with 12 faces and representing the element of the time and space substance that builds matrices.

  • Icosahedron

The fifth Platonic Solid – a triangle with 20 faces and representing the element of Water.

Kepler’s ‘Mysterium Cosmographicum’

Why Are the Five Platonic Solids So Important?

The Five Platonic Solids hold their own corresponding and complex geometric codes based on those of the Sonic Shapes within them. The Five Platonic Solids hold the core geometric codes of all physical structures. That means everything and we mean EVERYTHING, all forms of matter and energy in our known universe are structured upon these sets of geometric coding. That’s pretty important.

Fractals – A Never Ending Story

A Fractal Pattern is an infinite repetitive geometric pattern.

When the repetitive Patterns found in the Platonic Solids fit within each other, they are called Fractals.  Their inner structure is an identical reflection of their outer structure. They can be scaled to any size from very small to extremely large so whilst the scale of a Fractal Pattern may change, the ratio always remains the same.

A Fractal Pattern is also the pattern that shapes the Atom. And this same atomic structure from a fractal pattern is the same pattern that shapes our Planets, Stars and the Universe – everything.

Three of our Favourite Fractal Patterns,: FLAME, ESCAPE TIME, DRAGON CURVE

So maybe think of the core Polygons as the inner structure, and the Fractal Patterns they form, as being the templates for the Five Platonic Solids – the outer structure, which in turn create Form and Matter.

Sacred Geometry

We know Math is the universal language. Math won’t hide smoke. And the Platonic Solids – what they are and what they do are rooted in Math and the branch we know as Sacred Geometry. And it’s called Sacred, for a reason.

Sacred Geometry, is the reference given to the sets of geometric patterns within the Platonic Solids that make up the core manifestation template and which dependent on their arrangement groups form very complex and specific coding that directs energy consciousness to, and within, ‘the myriad of all things’ in our known Universe. Sacred Geometry is the parts and sum of itself. It is the Language and expressions of the Universe in Form.

Through the complex re-arrangement of these geometric codes, manifested physical forms can also be altered or changed. By applying the Sacred Geometry Law of the Golden Ratio to the creation process, we get the result of a mathematically harmonious physical manifestation Form. Conversely, when arrangements of these geometric codes are manipulated outside of the Sacred Laws of Geometry, the results are non-harmonious and non-organic.

The Unified Field Grid

Fabric of Light and Sound Grid

So, the basic Sonic Polygons and their Patterns make up the Platonic Solids. Dependent on their arrangements and resulting coding set is what determines the Form on the manifestation template and structure of The Grid.

‘The Grid’ is the generic term used to describe the multiple layers of the Morphogenic Field, which together form the Unified Field – the living substance connecting and quantum entangling everything in our Universe.

Over the ages the spiritual science of grid-working has also been referred to as the “Templar”. A Templar defines a person who comprehends planetary architecture, and the math behind the geometries of earth consciousness that is built in the geomantic structures. Templars can sense how the spiritual-energy current moves in the earth and how to create or work with the Geomantic Structures to help increase or direct that energy for the greater good of the whole planet.

Light Symbol Codes and Light Lines

… and a neutron window

It is the electromagnetic configurations made up of the components and frequencies of Light and Sound that together make up Light Symbol Codes.

Light Symbol Codes are programmed into the core geometric polygons. These direct how the consciousness energy will move that Form, organize their speed, angle, and rotation, and affect how they refract light, and replicate themselves into Geometric Patterns and Platonic Solids.

It is achieved by directing the geometric coding from the core geometric shapes that hold them and their Lines of Light, from the dimension where they are directly placed in The Grid, specifically to the dimension above. This affects the corresponding sound frequency resonating in that dimension directly above, and thereby its Form.

The Krystal Matrix

The core Geometric Forms have the same structure as Crystals, just as we do. The multi-dimensional layers of matter form and energy consciousness are created by the Crystalline Structure of these Geometric Forms. And again, these are what the core manifestation template and unified field grid are built upon.

These geometric cosmic gems of art set the geometric math foundation for all matter, structures, and biology, that experience the perspective of space and time within our known Universe.

The sets of coding can also be altered or changed. So when directing a Light Symbol Code into a specific dimension of space and time, the Architect behind the construction of the Blueprint Coding is simultaneously directing specific frequencies from these geometries, into the dimension directly above. However, when the Architect changes or alters Light Symbol Codes, the Core Geometric Pattern is changed or altered, this in turn impacts and reflects the changes that need to be made elsewhere in the Krystal Body and in every other corresponding and connected aspect; Universally, Planetary, Collectively, and Individually, right down to our DNA.

A Dance of Light and Sound

Know that it is the vibrations of sound that makes the geometric forms along with a corresponding spectrum ray light frequency. It is the dance of these two primordial entities making up the electromagnetic spectrum that must come together in unity for the creation of all energy fields and forms, the quality of which is determined by the intention of the intelligent energetic consciousness behind them. This is where the polarities of energy come in, the yin and the yang, consciousness and form. It is these Natural Universal Laws that ensure the masculine principle of light matter and the female principle of sound consciousness are always co-entangled in some capacity, on some level, in the marvel that is creation.

Whether those creations are sacred or not depends on whether they are divinely orchestrated in the sense of being created in alignment with the Harmonic Universal Laws of Sacred Geometry, or whether they are not such as the consumptive modelling math and symbiosis bio-chemistry structures, which are inorganic architecture examples.

The sobering truth is that significant parts of our Universal Time Matrix and thereby the corresponding aspects of human consciousness too, have been under the control of inorganic forces. The achievements and duration of the distortions, illusions, false systems, implants, and mind control strategies placed on us as a result, are mind blowing. Perpetuating this mass control agenda versus disclosing it, understanding the reasons for it, and standing up against it, is what has really been going on. Blasting these illusions apart and taking back our personal freedom is a huge part of what this great shift is about. The on-going Disclosure Event, and simultaneous consciousness expansion are available in this timeline and for many, are being realised in this lifetime.

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