Embodying Consciousness – Shine A Light and The Final Countdown

Morphogenesis is the process of how shape is being formed as it starts to change its form or become physical. This is dependent according to the quality of energy being expressed during this changing process and the quality and state of the systems of energy that are being organized into the fields that create form.

Morphogenesis is derived from the Greek ‘morphe‘ meaning shape, and ‘genesis‘, meaning creation. which translates to ‘the generation of form’. 1

As we move through this final year of the Morphogenesis stage, we continue to see the drastic geomagnetic recalibration and structural changes within the planetary architecture that begin new stages of higher consciousness coming into physical embodiment at multiple layers of awareness.

What we are experiencing, and witnessing in others, is what happens when the unconscious mind, pain body, and astral mind streams start to merge into the conscious mind perceptions of the individual and into the collective consciousness. The result is basic Embodiment that begins the soul integration merge within the expression of the physical vehicle, and we are finding out what that looks like on a mass scale.

Slumber Land to Embody Land

We have moved through the Law of Structure in the planetary body which has impacted the quality of raw material, the quality of consciousness energy used, along with the quality of intent that is manifested through a human being in the physical realm. The bringing of pure raw materials, pure consciousness and spirit into matter that has remained protected from artificial intelligence corruption, has given us the opportunity to explore how these structural changes in energy to matter impact our manifestations.

As more of the inner circuity between the multidimensional layers of the mind are reconnected, those splits that existed between the mental body layers start to merge and unify, thereby potentially shifting the perceptual experiences of each individual, as they begin to embody additional dimensions of personal consciousness unique to them.


That content which has been existing in the lower collective unconsciousness streams, or consciousness that exists within the sleep state, has been waking up and becoming more conscious, and appearing at global levels. The bar has been raised which means all of us have had to up our game, as we are being ushered into the next level of our spiritual development, because no matter what stage we are in, we must embody it or leave. We are adjusting to live in the discomfort of the void or entering the state of no-thing-ness as we profoundly drop density in order to embed into our new location in the timeline. As a result, our bio-rhythms and also our life style may change significantly and drastically. It’s go big or go bust. It has and continues to be very uncomfortable for many depending on how far off their path they have wandered, and what has ben accumulated on the way.

When we integrate and embody more aspects of our multidimensional higher self we also access higher dimensions of consciousness, so our experience and perception of the physical realm changes a lot as a result. As we acclimatise to the current planetary shifts it can feel very disconcerting or disorientating and physically uncomfortable, and at times we may also feel great energetic pressure inside our bodies that may feel overwhelming. The huge pressure being placed on our physical body has been described as ‘oscillation to vibration incompatibilities’, which is another ascension symptom. This happens during the Embodiment process because of the electromagnetic recalibration we are going through that is occurring between the higher frequency oscillations and particle layers of matter vibration throughout the collective consciousness blueprint levels.

Whatever level of consciousness and personal blueprint we have incarnated with on the planet this time round, we are all being pushed into the next level of our personal Embodiment process, to fulfil our higher spiritual identity potential. For each person this Embodiment process is unique, and relative to an individual’s ability to hold certain frequencies, but we all are experiencing stages of triad merging at some level and for most, this is at the Soul Body level.

For many people operating from the 3D and those levels of consciousness, the pressure to embody triad merging of the Soul Body is intense and may show up as deep internal anxiety and/or physical symptoms that are often labelled as medical issues, but are unable to be gotten to the root of the cause of. This phase is hardest for those that primarily operate from a linear, mental and social orientation and who are polarized in their inner masculine principle, who’ve shut down their sensory feelings and emotions for whatever reasons, as this inevitably disconnects them from their overall body and self awareness. However, it is imperative to understand how important the physical body is during this stage because whatever level we agreed to come here to shift to, what is written in our DNA, can only happen whilst we remain inside our ascending human body. Once we leave this world and drop our physical body, time is up for that round. Our consciousness will exist at the level from where we reach when we leave.

In the first stages towards Embodiment many people must slow down and conserve in order to release energy blocks in the physical body that have been conditioned from harmful or destructive habits accumulated in 3D society. These are patterns such as emotional pain or mental anxiety from false belief programmes, and from continually pushing themselves into high stress situations. Many people will be required to relax, to simplify life and just breathe, often to isolate themselves from others as the pressure to authentically embody the higher self continues.

To successfully undergo Embodiment, without becoming overburdened and making ourselves sick with stress and pressure, we must surrender into relaxation and learn to develop body awareness, to experience the sensations and feelings that happen in the movements of our body. To let all ego driven emotions just dissipate, which are any emotions created from negative thought patterns and false fear based narratives. To realise that most of what we have been preoccupied with or led to believe is an illusion and just doesn’t matter. We are so much more than these things and what is going on is much bigger than most realise, which is the point of the expansion and embodiment process.

Biological Awareness

Having an intentional awareness of our own biological patterns, their origins, and the possibilities of how we can work to clear and heal them, is how to embody expansion or ascension. We also learn the importance of self-care, self worth, and self-love as the necessary base components for cultivating higher spiritual and emotional development that allow us to experience embodiment authentically.

When we listen to our body’s needs and are willing to develop present moment body awareness, we are opening our heart in order to acknowledge deeply felt sensations and emotions as body awareness opens up the possibility of direct cellular knowing that relays intelligent information. In this way, it is our physical body that holds the intelligence and feelings that gives us the map to identify and unlock our authentic self by peeling away the layers of painful or negative patterns, that is, if we are willing to observe ourselves and put in the effort.

The earlier stages of authentic embodiment levels are dependent on developing biological and mental self-awareness, as the more deeply we know ourselves and our body and how it parts are interconnected, the deeper we can go into the spiritual embodiment stages. If we do not observe our deepest motivations, self-talk, and pay attention to our bodily reactions, we cannot know ourselves and this generates inner disconnection that blocks the embodiment process.

Embodiment begins to happen within the consciousness layers as one becomes more self-aware of what the body is doing during a variety of different contexts that we encounter in life. These are the situations, experiences, relationships, memories and history, and the social and cultural lenses that we filter through our personality to make sense of the world. All these layers of context that we are exposed to and all these memories are stored on a cellular level in our DNA, and our beliefs recorded in our physical body and nervous system from the experiences that come with those sensations and feelings. These function together in direct partnership with the consciousness level we have access to and are operating from.

Somatic – Mind and Body Connection

Embodiment requires dedication to self-awareness and through making the commitment to be in the observer consciousness, which is to watch and listen to our body and mind simultaneously, by paying attention to exactly what they are doing and feeling in the moment. The mind’s contents and beliefs reflect in our unconscious or automatic reactions to anything that is happening externally, so we observe these reaction patterns because we want to know and understand any automatic negative response patterns that are causing blockages and thwarting our embodiment.

Most people don’t realise the connection and interaction between the layers of the mental and physical body so they are disconnected from the unified relationship between them. It is important to establish and develop a deeper awareness of the body’s sensations and movements, while noting complex deeper feelings that arise, as this understanding is necessary to progress through the stages of the higher embodiment process. Observation and awareness is key as the automatic reactions in our body can tell us of deeper context and beliefs that are carried within some area of the mind. This content takes shape within the form of the body’s posture, gestures or movements in some way.

When we cultivate body awareness in this way, it allows us to make positive growth changes in ourselves, because from observation, we have become aware of what we needed to change to become healthier or more balanced. It is nearly impossible to make positive changes in our lives when we are not aware of the changes we need to make because we are unconscious of the areas that need improvement. If a person has little body awareness, combined with little self-awareness of the consequences of their thoughts and actions, they generally remain unconscious to what they need to do in order to free themselves from pain, or to better help themselves, or to expand their consciousness.

Essentially, the physical body we inhabit is the vehicle for our mind, consciousness, and spirit to express through in order to travel through time. All that we experience has a bigger purpose for lessons and gaining knowledge about the inner spirit traveling in the material world. We should get to know that body well and how different aspects of it affect another, and we should take care of it.

Real Embodiment only happens when the higher consciousness Soul, Monad, and Avatar bodies are able to come into the physical realm, which means to fully align, embody, and house them within the physical body. The overall objective is to embody all levels of the Soul, Monad and Avatar Body consciousnesses simultaneously. For those who are integrating a shift from the Soul Body to the Monad Body, it is worth noting that it is possible to embody combinations of the levels of consciousness from both, and yet not all. This may show up as having telepathic abilities but still having blockages on other levels such as addictions or attachments. However, we can not move beyond the 7D level of consciousness in the Monad Body, until all other levels from the lower levels of consciousness in the Personality Body and Soul Body are integrated.

Embodiment and Self Awareness Recommended Practices

  • Pay attention to recurring patterns that may be disempowering and limiting, as when we can see them and their influence on us, we can change them
  • Pay attention to impressions felt in bodily movements and reactions and where in the body holds stress then initiate or encourage behaviours that create calm
  • Slow down but move your body in positive recreational ways that feel good whether that be gardening, walking, swimming, or whatever, and take in the natural environment
  • Practice and explore authenticity as all that we experience is valid and important and don’t fall into the trap of denying or hiding feelings and experiences as to deny the truth is a block that will only have to be dismantled later, just don’t loiter there
  • Commit to become fully embodied by being as authentic and truthful as you can be in all circumstances but strive to do it with grace remembering that we are all connected and each needs to learn from the other and find an equally beneficial solution to a given situation
  • Disregard labels of acceptable or nonacceptable themes that describe terms that are spiritual, conscious, or awakened in the positive or negative, this is way beyond this stance and instead focus fully on a given emotion and the most genuine and compassionate expression for it
  • Pay attention to reactions in the body as they reveal places where we still may be hiding something due to some fear based memory or dialogue and be willing to face what is being hid and attempt to describe it which confronts it and thereby overcomes it
  • When friends or family members are relating to us in past images or inauthentic ways, gently invite them to know the real you, share something that is your authentic self and then ask them to be real with you, as authenticity will almost always yield a positive and productive and forward result
  • Do some research and support this entire process in the areas of interest to you such as body work, fascial and tissue release, somatic therapy, methods that focus on embodying present through grounding, breathing, posture, perceptual awareness, hydrotherapy, neutral mind and meditation 2

If you mess up, like responding negatively due to not being conscious in the moment of a given situation, forgive yourself because if you could have done better in the moment, you surely would have. It’s likely you have been triggered by something that needs looking at and dealing with. So be grateful for the reveal, learn from it, and do better next time. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, we are all in this together.

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