The Tree of Life – Macrocosm and Microcosm

The true and organic 12-point Tree of Life encompasses both the macrocosmic Universal Tree of Life and the microcosmic Individual Tree of Life. Each is directly connected to the other, and the facets of each directly affect the other. This is why we say, ‘As Above So Below,’ it is literal.

The Tree of Life is also known as the 12 Tree Grid. It is a base 12 system designed on sacred geometry math, energetic frequencies and vibrations, and corresponding levels of consciousness. This architectural organization in the layers of The Grid functions as the framework that readies consciousness energy into dimensionalization. It is the blueprint, or the core instruction set, that determines the ratio of energetic balance in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, aspects of ourselves.

Form, is constructed in accordance with The Law of Gender. This is when the inner Female Krystallah coding of the Vertical Axiatonal Lines, merges with the outer Male Kristos coding of the Horizontal Triads. This is also expressed as the unified Rod and Staff. The merging and unity of these masculine and feminine consciousness aspects and the patterns they create, generates dimensionalization, which is how the consciousness is enabled to come into manifested form.

There are five spheres or Horizontal Triads. Each of these holds three dimensions, and each of these hold an energetic consciousness equal to the vibration and frequency of energy of that dimension. These consciousness aspects are manifesting on and in, the multidimensional layers of frequencies and vibrations according to the core manifestation template.

In the Universal Tree of Life these facets are reflected in the Harmonic Universes or HU, realised by Pythagoras of Samos in his theory of the Música Universalis, or Music of The Spheres. In the Individual or Personal Tree of Life, these Harmonic Universes are reflected as the Soul, Monad, and Avatar consciousness facets of our individual Light Body. All are connected and relative to each other. All experiences an awareness of consciousness according to the frequencies and vibrations of the corresponding frequencies and vibration being transmitted, received, and held energetically.

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