Transhumanism – Is Not a Brave New World

A Human Soul cannot be manufactured.

Stories of man versus machine have been prevalent throughout our entertainment history but the reality never pans out how we expect. The war was always portrayed as a visible battleground where machines and humans fought one another from their own allegiance to their own kind, albeit it on occasion with absconders and deserters from each side joining the other. In our unfolding reality however, the war between man and machine is a more subtle assault on human minds that tests the susceptibility of a human being’s openness to cooperation to join machines not just by standing side by side with them, but by becoming a part of them through the manipulation and surrender and joining of the human’s own bio-chemistry and DNA with a machine. To essentially becoming a machine-human hybrid.

Psychological Warfare – Baby Steps

As with any form of psychological warfare, by definition the agenda is disguised and only realised when the damage is done and it’s too late to go back. When we contemplate humans that have suffered some kind of physical injury, and a solution is presented that allows that human to continue to function such as with the aid of prosthetics, this seems not only acceptable but positive and desirable. Therein the seed of the hidden agenda playing the long game is allowed to be planted. And thus the hidden agenda takes root and thus it grows. Psychological warfare depends on deception.

What started as seemingly innocent solutions in the field of cybernetics, are merely the baby steps in a deliberate portrayal of a seemingly acceptable progressive process leading to more advanced applications of merging technology and artificial machine parts with human biology, that is hiding an altogether different agenda. The latest example is the womb factory. The dangers are already evidenced by people engaging in narratives and having conversations that attempt to justify the solutions it purports to present. Those individuals are either part of the negative control agenda and pushing the narrative intentionally, or missing the point entirely and in ignorance of the true bigger objective, which again is what psychological warfare relies on.

Transhumanism – Syntax Error

Transhumanism is an international, cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal of fundamentally transforming the human condition, by making available technologies that {allegedly} greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. 1

A common feature of promoting Transhumanism is the future vision of creating a new ‘intelligent species’, into which humanity will evolve and eventually, either supplement it or supersede it. This distraction on the surface is a scheme, but to be sure, the underlying motivation is intending species extinction of what we know as humans today.

Many transhumanists believe in the compatibility between the human mind and computer hardware, with the implication that human consciousness can be transferred to alternative media, known as mind uploading. Yet since the Science of the Soul and the Consciousness functions of the spiritual bodies have not yet been discovered by scientists, this has potentially extremely destructive consequences to human consciousness and the electromagnetic functions of the Light-Body.

Posthumans, the result of applied transhumanist technologies could be completely synthetic artificial intelligences, or a symbiosis of human and artificial intelligence, or uploaded consciousness, or the result of making profound technological augmentations to a biological human. Transhumanism is a school of thought that seeks to guide us towards this posthuman condition. Essentially, this is about creating artificially intelligent hybrids or cyborgs to replace the organic spiritual consciousness of humans.

Some examples are redesigning the human organism using advanced nanotechnology or radical technological enhancements. Some of the proposed biological enhancements are using some combination of technologies such as genetic engineering, psychopharmacology, life extension therapies, neural interfaces, brain mapping, wearable or implanted computers and entrainment of cognitive techniques. Most of these options are designed to disconnect the human Soul from the human body, and prepare the body to be used as a shell for a new host. Effectively, this is integrating technological and pharmaceutical hybridization to damage human DNA, as preparation for body snatching.

The fundamental basis of the Transhumanism concept is the A.I. downloaded into the scientific human mind from the Negative Aliens and twisted forces, in their quest to survive and achieve immortality by hijacking human consciousness and ultimately possessing the human host body. They do not have flesh and bone bodies and covet ours.

Most academics are ironically and often unknowingly filled with a variety of mind control and alien implants themselves to be a cog in the wheel to steadily enforce such control systems. Most early Transhumanism concepts were developed by geneticists interested in eugenics and sustaining life forms in synthetic environments, like the eugenic experiments and project similar to those of the Black Sun Nazis.

Transhumanism stresses the evolutionary perspective, yet it completely ignores the electromagnetic function of human DNA and the consciousness reality of the multidimensional human soul-spirit. Human suffering has been rife on the planet and in most instances is easily solved and yet it still goes on. In a total side step with the same destination, transhumanists claim they to want to stop human suffering but have no idea of the alien machinery and mind control implants used to imprison human consciousness and the strategies used to manipulate and devastate human DNA. They know nothing about the afterlife or what happens during the death of the body or even how the human body or Universe really works, yet they want to control every aspect of the human body with artificial technology.

A primary goal of many transhumanists is to persuade and convince people that embracing radical technology and science is in our best interest and a sure way to preserve the human race. With the False God Inorganic Religions used to spread the rhetoric of fear and mindless obedience on one end, and the primarily atheistic science used to mock all things religious without any comprehension of true spiritual understanding on the other, they have the bases covered. Meanwhile any independent thinkers and consciousness and spiritual groups are quickly labelled conspiracy theorists by scientists to intimidate, discredit, and shut us up and there is seemingly little room for manoeuvre. But seemingly is not completely as more and more responsible truth seekers use their investigative skills to uncover such truths and make a stand for the preservation of humanity.

In the meantime until those pushing the transhumanist agenda have personal consciousness experiences outside of their body, have the ability to communicate with assorted lifeforms such as deceased humans and other entities, and travel to other dimensions, they have zero information about consciousness and are totally uninformed and ignorant about the nature of reality. None of these transhumanist people are remotely qualified to be put in charge of scientifically directing the future evolution of the human species. Rather, propping up egomaniacs and psychopaths, and giving them power and control over world affairs and influence over public perception is the tactic in the game of the NAA Controllers.

Creepers and Reapers

Just these names associated with recent cybernetics software should set off alarm bells about the energetic quality of the intentions of cybernetics related technology. Yet as a result of cybernetics being entrenched in science, academia, medicine and even the entertainment industry, many people have been brainwashed to think that implanting chips, neural links into AI brains and adding bionic parts will create an immortal superhuman. This is the supposed stated goal of cybernetics on steroids, evolved into the transhumanist agendas.

Currently, the controllers of the NAA are taking mass genetic experimentation to the next level. This is the intended transmission for the embodiment of AI signals running throughout the human cells, bio-neurology, and brain, which suspends free and independent thought and potentially creates mind-controlled automatons and cyborgs.

The elite regularly promote cybernetic control theory experiments through their overall strategies to build out of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities, and the merging of humans with machines, promoting this as making positive strides towards improving society. In 2020 at Davos, there was just such a special session dedicated to the topic, “When Humans Become Cyborgs”, since then their website and affiliates continue to systematically churn out their related unholy lunacy agenda except now it’s in plain site and includes not only womb factories but chipping our children’s minds, more mind control, and implanting designer memories.

The true knowledge of the Sacred Sciences of the Soul and mechanics of human multidimensional consciousness have been obliterated from record and conveniently mind controlled out from the majority of sciences. If scientists integrate theories of the soul or consciousness outside of the consensus of the mind control standard, they risk ridicule and losing their funding and careers. Unfortunately, the controlled mainstream sciences do not recognize multiple dimensions of consciousness inherent in the functions of activated human DNA or know that biological life and multidimensional human consciousness does not end on this earth.

A common Consciousness Trap involves using our Will against us through the breach of the Law of Consent. Understanding the Universal Laws and the Natural Laws, and also being aware of what forces are stifling our Will and taking away personal consent, is our individual responsibility and right. It is also crucial to know that the stealing of personal Will, is a step away from the absolute death of our personal Will, and that is the death of our consciousness. 

Make no mistake, Transhumanism is such a Consciousness Trap.

The quest for biological immortality on a prison planet is bonkers when experiencing the capability of human multidimensional consciousness. Instead, those that buy into Transhumanism and accept being hardwired into a machine or AI interface network, will lose their connection to organic spiritual biology and cease to be a human at all.  After the human body expires, if the undeveloped and disembodied consciousness is merged and assimilated into artificial intelligence, the remnants of that human Soul will not have a human body to incarnate into ever again. Such an individual will be a true lost Soul, a rogue, lone, cold entity, an energetic retrograde slave, and that’s just for starters. They will also cease to be human or have a human Soul, forever, and that’s a long long time.

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