Camelot – Albion and The Emerald Heart

The Cosmic Matrix

The Cosmic Matrix is the structure that contains six 15 dimensional universal time matrices for the purpose of consciousness individualization into dimensionalization in order to experience the perception of time, and to which are collectively referred to as the Universal Time Matrix. From within the Centre Point of All Union there are six spiral of energy systems that emerge to form into the Cosmic Matrix. Within the Cosmic Matrix, our Universal Time Matrix that makes up the earth system, is one of the six time matrices.

King Arthur

The Cosmic Father has embodied as King Arthur of the Emerald Order of intelligent Light consciousness. His objective has been to reconnect the celestial stars which had become separated due to all kinds of inorganic inverted ray based infiltrations fed into the Universal Time Matrix. Further King Arthur’s important spiritual work is to activate dormant areas of the Albion Light-Body by re-connecting the organic star maps and star domes back into the planetary grid, in order to awaken the Solar Dragon Maji Kings to rise and protect the landmass of each of the 12 Essene Tribes demographics.

The Albion Light-Body is the Diamond Sun DNA consciousness template of humanity’s world Soul. To understand the Albion Light-Body, we need to know more about how the Planetary Grid Network is arranged and that its inherent design was always for reassembling lost Diamond Sun DNA by supporting the human tribes root races in evolutionary rounds, that would help collect our shattered pieces from Tara and Gaia and integrate them back into wholeness.

Consider that the Planetary Grid Network and intelligence is organized into many layers of spatial geometric blueprints that hold living consciousness geometries which govern the direction of all energy into matter manifestation throughout space and time. These mathematical geometries are programmes that perform specific functions within a precise layer of multiple dimensional instruction sets, which are holding many visible and non-visible frequency bands of Light and Sound which form into braids of electromagnetic current.

The Rise of King Arthur in Albion means that the spiritual mission for global Emerald Awakening has begun of the systematic re-alignment of these consciousness geometries and electromagnetic fields through the reconnection of these celestial bodies of stars which form into plasma domes all across the globe. These plasma domes are the crystalline holders, designed by the Elohim and Solar Dragons, that link into the planetary grid ley lines.


King Arthur’s Divine Feminine counterpart manifests as Guinevere and an energetic match of intelligent Sound consciousness. Her work is also involved with the connection of the plasma domes for the purpose of activating the high frequency coding known as the Emerald Sun Paradisian Codes, or Emerald Order Edenic Codes. This necessary alignment with the Sun-Star holographic maps in the 12 principle Vertical Axiatonal Lines is what enables the reconnection of that section of the earth grid’s with the organic Krystal Architecture which can then run the Base 12 Plasma Current as was intelligently and naturally designed and intended in accordance with the architecture of the Universal Tree of Life.

The Round Tables

Another stage of development is the comprehension that King Arthur’s Camelot is an extensive krystal architecture organized and assembled in energetic intelligence rays of rainbow round tables, for the purpose of providing spiritual education, and to unite angelic human consciousness to perform a variety of tasks to protect the earth’s consciousness field.

During the timeline of the Atlantian Mystery Schools there were 12 Camelot’s where each of the 12 Essene Tribes each held one of the twelve holographic discs containing specific spiritual knowledge about their tribe’s affiliation and its related ascendancy information and purpose. The caretaking and ongoing preservation of the historical knowledge of humanities cosmic origins, the ancient wisdom of the Law of One teachings, and the detailed knowledge of the workings of the planetary templar were entrusted to and guarded by each of the 12 Tribes.

Thus, Camelot as an energy signature has the meaning of a sacred mystery school and healing temple designed for the spiritual exploration of the Law of One. This is essentially what it was all designed for and was what humans were supposed to experience. This project is currently being overseen by the Cosmic Holy Father or Father Arc as he takes form in the Christos archetype of King Arthur. In short, The Great Work to rebuild Camelot on the Earth has already begun, which requires re-educating the masses back into alignment with the Universal Natural Laws.

Emerald Heart Reflections

As with all activity on a macrocosm level, so too does it reflect in equivalent energetic form on every other level throughout our Universal Time Matrix. Therefore this huge Universal and Planetary activity is also impacting the human collective and individuals, and through our respective corresponding Light-Body aspects. Everything is being upgraded which is the natural process of evolution of all things.

For us, this can show up in our physical body as all kinds of perceived illnesses but which is really our bodies shedding the density within our DNA and in preparation of healthier higher functioning bodies in alignment with the planet’s corresponding higher frequencies and vibrations. Mentally, our consciousness is evolving, creating many additional mind related abilities. However for those unable or willing to adapt to these big shifts in their consciousness, it’s going to show up a breakdown in mental faculties.

During this Bifurcation of Time there is a separation of the wheat from the chaff, which can be painful to witness in those we love and care for. There are massive amounts of Christos Plasma frequency being directed during this electrical peak, in order to activate the Emerald Crystals across the planetary grid and within as many human hearts as possible.

The Emerald within us that activates into the Emerald heart is what opens into the expanse and limitless source of Source and eternal Love. This in turn brings the inner experience of inner peace and is the epitome of the meaning Heaven on Earth as this state of being is the embodiment of that meeting, where our masculine and feminine principles and energies are in perfect balance and union.

During the time of intense spiritual warfare, we choose between expressing fear which generates mental bondage and suffering or expressing love which generates inner peace and spiritual freedom. When we let our heart open, we are also open to feel the eternal spirit of love flowing or the inner Emerald is blooming and as was originally designed. Thinking back to Happy Feet, when the heart song of love in one, meets with the same existing within another, this unified heart song is hugely amplified and ripples out into the environment helping and influencing other hearts to sing.

To be able to communicate with Divine Christos Consciousness and receive the truth in the word when it is spoken by the solar logos or Avatar Christos, which is realised in our Fourth Triad of Intelligence holding the higher frequency bands of the 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions in our Universal Time Matrix, first we must have developed our Emerald heart centre. The intellectual process is not enough, for it is a heart matter.

When our Emerald heart is opened, this is when it is realized that our personal mission during the Ascension Cycle was always to spiritually develop ourselves to interact with the planetary consciousness grid in order to birth the Cosmic Christ Consciousness onto the Earth, returning authentic divine union through the hierogamic template.


This is also the function of the Camelot krystal architecture that is being built by King Arthur in the Albion Light-Body. The Albion Light-Body is the super high frequency and vibration template of the world’s Soul. Accordingly, this also corresponds and reflects in physical places on the planet. England, Scotland, Ireland and France are the first demographic areas to have been aligned to the King Arthur timeline. 

On a planetary level, the architectural work that is happening in the planetary grid is building and supporting rainbow round tables which are the global network for igniting the Emerald Awakening, which configure the awakening Emerald Crystal Hearts en masse to form into a new Camelot.

We can understand the location of a Camelot is essentially an Emerald Heart centre that is built by the core frequency of each of the 12 human tribes, with an active Emerald crystal in the landmass, in which activating these crystals is essentially a natural function of our heart consciousness interfacing with the grid. The Camelot Centre is built upon the combined circuitry of many active Emerald Hearts filled with unconditional love, which is overseen by the Emerald Order for the purpose of teaching, training and guiding humanity into spiritual Ascension and world service, that is free of the imprisonment caused by the Negative Controller Entities various dark agendas and mind control strategies that invaded and kept humanity locked throughout its last dark age. We have finally tipped the scale. This is huge. This is it. This is why we came here. This new timeline is set to bring in a new Golden Age for humanity. Now it’s just a matter of it all playing out.


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