The Chosen Ones

There is a lot of hype in mainstream media about the Chosen Ones. Some purse their lips or wrinkle their nose in disdain, whilst others claim to be a Chosen One and walk and talk with an air of self -imposed importance and condescension toward others. Both groups have missed and/or underestimated the point.

For those that don’t know or are unsure, there is a group of people known as the Chosen Ones. But it’s not an elitist group as such, they are way showers for the rest.

Who Are The Chosen Ones?

The Emerald Order is made up of different very high frequency energetic consciousness organizations. These organizations are based on the principle that all peoples are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. These co-operatives work through co-creative agreements based upon principles of the Law of One communion and genuine non-leader Melchizedek Cloister Maharata or Inner Christos, teachings.

Oraphim are part of the first Light consciousness manifestation projected from the Blue Flame Energy Matrix Sound Field. The Emerald Order Oraphim have Emerald Sun DNA which is up to 48 strands of DNA. Additionally there are Oraphim that carry the Double Diamond Sun Body from 24-30 strands of DNA.

The Emerald Order Oraphim and the Double Diamond Oraphim are from the Christos lines and those that are here on the planet are here to direct the creational super high energetic consciousnesses frequencies known of the Threefold Founder Flame to repair the architecture of our damaged planetary grid.

The Oraphim are also here to communicate with the Aurora for the Aurora Krystal Matrix, who are appointed with re-encryption of elemental body projects with the Master Christos collective, who are a consortium of beings from the Seven Higher Heavens realms. These are the Ancient Master builder races also called the Guardian Host. It is from them that certain tribes on Earth have been generated to serve as Blue Flame holders. These are the Keepers of the Universal Time Matrix, and the capacity for them to begin their creational purposes in genetic repair is now being revealed and realised.

The original angelic human design from planet Tara {us, before} emerged from out of the double diamond sun Oraphim. As such Oraphim are parents to the Indigos, and the authentic Grail Lineage that services the Christos Mission. Guardian Yeshua and team returned the diamond sun DNA template back to the Earth while he was incarnated here. It’s been building since then. He did not die on a cross. He ascended out of our Time Matrix with the support of the guardian host.

Those classed as Starseeds are those who came from this same Grail Lineage and their purpose is to keep the diamond sun DNA alive in the planetary gene pool for all Humans during the Dark Aeon. for access during the ascension timeline. This is the passing Aeon which humanity has been subjected to but is finally coming out of. This is a result of the intense and relentless work of higher vibrational forces, that has been going on unknowingly by most, and in response to the dark agendas of the inorganic forces that have been wreaking havoc on our planet for far too long, and into this current final conflict over Earth happening now during this Ascension timeline

Emerald Order and Oraphim Lineages

Because the Oraphim and Indigo lineages have a genetic ascendancy back to the original Emerald Order Founders, during this phase of planetary Eukatharista {‘last Supper’} activation, this group will be radically upgraded to embody the highest diamond sun template they can handle in this density, This is to activate their potentials and objectives. The Emerald Order Guardians are helping their direct lineages to rapidly upgrade, heal and align their personal Light Body Systems with the congruent consciousness frequencies of their related star family diamond sun lineages. Thus, they are strongly guarding and protecting these lineages from artificial frequency weaponry, that they may not be derailed. 

The main issue during this phase will be how well the integrated, stable, coherent and competent ascending individual, will be able to maintain themselves during the rapid upgrade and ascending process, and stay reasonably energetically balanced. The pitfall at this time is the necessity to avoid being exploited by the cunning negative entities who desire to derail and manipulate such an individual into acting out nested subconscious complexes and negative ego pathology, such as the dreaded Hero-Saviour-Messiah complex. This is the complex that destroys people tricked into embodying its victim/victimizer archetypal forces. Though when this consciousness entity archetype is understood, often through the experience of it and more importantly the recognition of it, it can then be avoided, stopped from re-occurring, and thus ultimately overcome.


The Christos Mission serves the Emerald Covenant which has the main objective to support humanity’s evolution towards reclaiming their personal liberty and spiritual freedom. This process is assisted through the awareness of their Light Body, which supports embodiment of humans original 12 strand diamond sun DNA. Before the great fall of humanity resulting from the on-going war over the original human 12 strand DNA, all humans had access to Universal knowledge and incorporating its teachings was a natural way of life.

The Emerald Covenant includes the promise made to the Tarans, now Earth Humans, that they would be given the divine right by natural law, to fulfil their true design in creation as was originally intended. That all human souls would be found and returned to their true spiritual home.

The divine purpose for angelic humanity was actually to embody as an Avatar Christos race line. We were to be the Guardian Protectors of the Earth-Tara-Gaia Templar and Stargate System. Open source and free energy systems. The Emerald Order Guardians return during this Ascension Cycle is to uphold this decree on behalf of ascending humanity in alignment to the Sovereign Law of One. It is also to welcome other races to become involved; once they are made aware of their existence and choose to serve the same objectives.

Guardians are assisting in all ways for offering safe passage and in preparation for when we drop our physical body. To evolve into our highest reality expression is what determines how we continue our consciousness journey in a free and open system that exists in future time. To ultimately get off the Karmic Wheel of dead-end loop incarnations. To be truly free.

Why Are The Chosen, Chosen?

The identification of specific DNA lineages is paramount in relation to Chosen Ones but there is still more to it. They are not Chosen Ones just because of their DNA. ‘We have heard the expression: “All were called, many answered, few were chosen'” Well, this means that in addition to lineage albeit intrinsic to it, some did the work, and others did not, for whatever reason.

This is all about the choices we have made and how we live our lives but most importantly, who we have chosen to be, and the energy of that embodiment. A state of being holds a certain frequency level. If it is not of a high enough frequency, we cannot tune into nor be contacted by higher frequency dimensional consciousnesses or higher frequency energetic beings. It is not a popularity contest, chosen ones are chosen according to their vibrational and frequency resonance.

Those humans and race lines that practice the Law of One as a lifestyle and are committed to uphold human freedom and planetary liberation beyond their own personal agendas, can be admitted to the Interdimensional Free World Associations and these are the primary candidates, the Chosen Ones for enlightened contact and communication during this Ascension Cycle.

Guardian Host initiates direct contact only in those people that are direct lineages or hybrids from their original race line, many of whom have pre-incarnation agreements for enlightened contact for the purpose of serving the Christos Mission. However, Guardian Host will engage in contact with any human being who requests their support in learning to live in accordance with the Law of One and who are committed in the effort of pursuing personal spiritual healing and consciousness growth during the Ascension Cycle. 

The Emerald Order objectives are to support the unification and healing of all race lines. Thus enabling all humans to reach their optimum state of being. This is routed in consciousness freedom awareness and mastery which further impacts all other aspects of our lives, and then thereby our environment, and thereby the collective and planet and so on.

All true humans can achieve true liberation, it’s just that not everyone is ready or has prepared enough for it – yet. This is not a game, as we can see from just looking around at what’s going on. We are really finding out who is who, irrespective of an individual’s claims or portrayals. This is why our spiritual development is incredibly important for all of us, for so many reasons. If people have not developed their spiritual nav system in preparation for new and even more unfamiliar realms, the deceptions and dark magicians will continue to derail these people and continue to use them to turn family, friends, and humanity against each other. Without a strong spiritual sat nav system, the signposts out will be unrecognizable to many, and those same people are going to be seriously lost. For the record, we don’t get a clean slate when we leave, we start from where we left.

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