The Universal Tree of Life

As above, so below, as below, so above. The universal or macrocosmic Tree of Life structure is reflected as the Music of the Spheres, the ‘Musica Universalis’, as re-discovered by the likes of Pythagoras of Samos.

It is this harmonic structure that organizes the vibrations of the spheres within the Light-Body through using the Spectrum of Frequency. Everything, every form in the universe, is created and affected according to this base core structure of the 12 point Tree of Life.

The universal or macrocosmic aspect of the Tree of Life makes up the Harmonic Universes within the Light-Body and correlate directly with the personal or microcosmic aspect of the Tree of Life.

The First Harmonic Universe
Three layers of the Earth Matrix

Corresponds to 1D – 2D – 3D

The Second Harmonic Universe
Three layers of the Tara Matrix

Corresponds to 4D – 5D – 6D

The Third Harmonic Universe
Three layers of the Gaian Matrix

Corresponds to 7D – 8D – 9D

The Fourth Harmonic Universe
Three layers of the Aurora Earth Matrix – Future Earth blueprint in crystalline form

Corresponds to 10D – 11D – 12D

The Fifth Harmonic Universe
Pre Matter
No dimensional matter forms – there is no planetary body or human forms because the consciousness does not manifest into matter. The fifth harmonic universe holds the harmonic rays of the primordial light and sound consciousness aspects of the Three Founder Flames from which every biological form in all of the harmonic universes are created – the Mother Arc, the Father Arc, and the Golden Ray Sun of Christos consciousnesses.

The Fifth Harmonic Universe relates to Solar Rishi and Solar Dragon identities, unified consciousnesses forming the Golden Fleece, the Rishic Shield, and of eliciting the Ankh Body.

Corresponds to 10D – 11D – 12D

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