Mother of Dragons – Homecoming

Many thousands of years ago, certain esoteric mystery schools were established based on the Founder Records of the Emerald Covenant sacred knowledge that had been under the protection of the ancient Celtic Church. This knowledge, was the Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings.

The Dragon Teachings

The Dragon Teachings is a vast body of information and extensive in details encompassing many subject areas. It includes geodetic knowledge, details of ley line structures and their energetic structures, plasma domes and connections to stellar bodies, the platonic solids, architectural principles based in cymatics, star maps and the planetary grid network. As the planetary templar knowledge of the Emerald Covenant Founder Records also specifically teaches about the holographic matrix and morphogenic field aspects of The Microcosmic and Microcosmic Tree of Life and the transient energy currents throughout ley lines and the vertical axiatonal lines which are also referred to as Dragon Lines, the Emerald Covenant Founder Records were also known as the Dragon Teachings.

The opportunity to discover this wealth of information as we know by now, was stolen from us, buried, distorted, and lost for a long time.

Christos Dragon Teachings – Origins

This sacred knowledge first came from the Azurite survivors of the Hyperborean Holocaust that happened on Gaia. These were Ascended Master time travellers in this density entering through the stargate system near the North Sea and the Irish Sea. They came to the North Atlantic chain of islands around Norway and Scotland and established themselves in Scotland and Hibernia, bringing their Christos Dragon teachings knowledge with them. Their purpose was threefold; to teach and aid our ancestors in repairing civilizations in line with the Christos Dragon knowledge after the destruction of the Ice Age floods, to take stock of the damage done to the planetary grid, and to assess the ground status for future restoration missions.

Celtic Church and Nazarene Essene

What are known as the Celtic Massacres and Druid sacrifices, was a strategic campaign to wipe out the true Celtic Essene Groups originating from the Hyperborea who were holding and protecting this sacred knowledge, which included information relating to the real Diamond Sun templar locations, the Christos -Sophia lineage, and the genetic blueprint records of angelic humans.

The Cosmic Dragon Teachings were brought to us to assist us after various cataclysmic events in history and with the intention of preserving and maintaining the Law of One knowledge within the human consciousness. The Law of One Founder Records contain many details in relation to humanities true origins, purpose, and all manner of quantum physics data of universal mechanics. In addition is information detailing human biological ascension capabilities. The Celtic Church retained this specific knowledge of biological ascension to become a Cosmic Christos being, as part of The Law of Gender, which is to embody the unification of the inner masculine and feminine principles individually and throughout all of creation in order to harness the celestial vibration and frequency of Christos-Sophia, and to become manifest on Earth. Essentially, these are the Cosmic Christos-Sophia Dragon Teachings.

Mother of Dragons

The biological ascension knowledge aspect of the Dragon Teachings was predominantly held by females in the ancient traditions of the Celtic Church. Later this was passed on to the lineage of Mary Magdalene, and after the Roman invasion of Gaul, they continued underground in secret through the Sisters of Avalon. As masters of alchemy from lifelong studies, some monks of the Benedictine Order were also involved and charged with the responsibility of selecting specific sites and implementing the architectural structural blueprints in line with the Dragon Teachings coded symbolism, which can now be seen illustrated in the Gothic Cathedrals throughout France that are sacrosanct to Mary. Embodying the Christos-Sophia based sovereignty in these esoteric terms, Mary is The Mother of Dragons.

Waking The Dragons

As overseer of the creational realm, and the three realms of the inner, middle, and outer worlds, the Mother of Dragons is the original Dragon. It is therefore the Mother of Dragons who must take her rightful place during this ascension cycle by returning and imparting her life force and sacred spirit in order to activate and reawaken the Dragons spiritual and physical energetic aspects as manifest. Until now, their consciousness aspect has been dormant since and throughout all of humanities dark ages waiting until such a time as our planetary, collective, and individual frequencies had tipped the balance to a high enough plane capable of receiving them. The Waking of The Dragons was split into three phases, the last of which was initiated in June this year.

Dragons Solar Identities

The primary Ray Systems of energetic intelligent consciousness, form the electromagnetism, blue-prints, and elemental substances of our entire galaxy. Their creative force is the collective unified intelligences of the Cosmic Christos Consciousness. These consciousness parts are intelligences forming the creation codes and their geometric reflections in form, which are the building blocks and prime material governing all natural kingdom creations and planetary lifeforms. These original Cosmic Architects of our Milky Way are the everlasting infinite Suns, the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons.

Embodying all principles of the Universal Natural laws, they emanate their infinite life consciousness streams throughout all sacred geometric expressions that are either masculine or feminine principles. Representing many Ray Systems and their genetic lineages, these Cosmic Creators are the everlasting sovereign solar consciousnesses choosing to travel throughout the dimensions of the Cosmos from within their Dragon Consciousness Body, ever expanding, and ever evolving, and always embodying in Cosmic Christos Consciousness, as all natural creations are sourcing from and in service to, the organic creator consciousness realms of Source, or Cosmic God Source.

Dragon Nodes

Based on mathematical knowledge and the complex coding of geometric design, ancient templars and architects designed many Yantras – which are structures using sacred geometry to enhance spiritual connection to cosmic energy – and for our purposes, within the planetary grid network and to thereby maximise the dragon energy consciousness flow into these Yantras and underground tunnels and caves. These points are known as Dragon Nodes. This promoted the understanding of a number of spiritual practises that not only survived but being revived including meditation, singing certain hymns and chanting mantras at specific times and during certain astrological alignments. The significance being to maintain the spiritual energetic exchange in and out of the planet and equally the collective and individual bodies. This amplifies the intelligent higher consciousness energies which stream into the individuals light-body soul body layers through the Nadia Structure – the blueprint for our central nervous system.

Taking Care of Mother

Planet Earth is a Cosmic Mother. An enormous energetic intelligent consciousness of the Emerald Order. The Emerald Order is the Primal Sound Field of Source or the All-One or Eternal Creator, and is also an aspect of the Triple Founder Flame of the Christos Race of angelic humans, and Founder of the Interdimensional Free World Councils. The immense aqua-emerald higher intelligence energetic light consciousness transmits the perfect proton and perfect neutron energy consciousness from her Cosmic Womb to be received during the natural ascension process and thereby realigning human DNA into its intended and original pure form.

As one divine race created by our Cosmic Mother and Father, we are the caretakers of the Earth. Through our enlightenment we realise the one unity consciousness that binds us altogether together, and our duty to protect all the Earth and its sacred places, each other, and ourselves, through higher emerald heart activation which ultimately connects us to the All-One, Eternal Creator, Source, The Divine, or God.

The Great Clean Up

The Great Clean Up needs all of us. When the final battle has fully felled the inorganic systems, structures and people, and evicted them from our planet, and the chaos as a result of this subsides, the Earth is going to be a messy place. Repairs are going to be necessary. This will require a global detoxification of all the filth that has accumulated, from sacred temples and holy places to the earth we walk on, to the air we breathe and the water we drink, all and everything is going to be purged of any trace of toxicity. How long this takes us is how long it will be to bring back all the abundant energies to our planet and allow them to flow freely, as was divinely decreed, thereby enhancing every aspect of civilization and for every inhabitant to experience and as is their divine birth-right – but we are receiving assistance with this process. And the tipping point is upon us.

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