The Cosmic Court Case – Grounds of Claim

Most have known things aren’t right. Most have prayed for a change and a better life. Most are certain that however incarnation on the planet works, they didn’t come here to witness or experience the disgraceful and shameful B.S. going on. Well, it’s all about to change, and what we did come here for was to witness this massive consciousness evolution transformation showing up on every level conceivable and then some.

Most of the history and news stories we have been told are the lies and conspiracies we are finding out hand over fist during Earth’s Great Disclosure. The events playing out in all areas and all walks of life is the evidence revealing the staggering depth of the deceptions we have been force fed for thousands of years. There’s a lot more to come. But this uncomfortable exposure is necessary in order for the shadow structures, systems and those driving them, to be exposed, purged, and rid from our planet.

We can summarize this in the form of a Cosmic Court Case which is essentially what has been going on over recent years and leading up to this global Disclosure Event, the End Games, and Judgement. It is important to keep in mind that there are three levels or structures, involved and effected simultaneously, Astronomically, relating to the structures off planet and systems in Space, Astrologically, relating to the structures of Earth, and Anatomically, relating to us as individuals. Each ‘body’ is intrinsically linked, and this is at the basis of understanding this article.

This article is not for the feint hearted.

The Cosmic Court has been in session. A Line was drawn in July. Judgement has been ruled and Sentencing Cast. The case is summarized below and in the following article.

  • Representing the Claimant – the Humanitarian Earth Collective, are the Emerald Order Melchizedek Cloister and Races of the Founders’ Emerald Covenant.
  • Representing the Respondent – the abomination invaders and their Controllers on our planet, the Extremely Low-Frequency {ELF} field consciousnesses of the Orion Group. These are very specific groups or races, with known names, but we’ll come to that later.
  • The Case is to answer for the Crimes Against Humanity
  • The Grounds of Claim are the Breach of Universal Laws
  • The Judge in session, is the All One.

The Court Order

Eviction and Rehabilitation, or Annihilation, for those orchestrating and/or facilitating, Crimes Against Humanity

Grounds of Claim

The Respondents are in Breach of Cosmic Law. Specifically, Breach of the Universal Natural Law of Consent, Breach of the Universal Natural Law of Cause and Effect, Breach of the Universal Law of Structure, Breach of the Law of Gender, and Breach of the Law of Free Will. This has been carried out by the following methods:

  • Manipulation of Natural Negentropy Open-Source Energy Systems creating reversal Inorganic Entropy Closed Energy Systems
  • Genetic Theft and Mutation of DNA
  • Human Sacrifice
  • Implementation of Armageddon Software through the vehicles of Finance, Education, Medicine, and Religion
  • Mind Control and Manipulation
  • Abuse and pillaging of Earth and her inhabitants


For thousands of years Humanity has been under attack from those that would seek to destroy the Human Race. Around 5,500 years ago, the DNA of humanity was finally unplugged and cut off from Source Consciousness.

The NAA attempted to permanently hijack the planetary architecture and Diamond Sun templates for their explicit use to enslave human consciousness and earth. They became the superimposed creator and architect of the current global design via the architecture they built for running the anti-Christos agendas. They did this through alien hybridization, breeding programs and genetic engineering which involve numerous experiments carried out by many non-human species.

Known subsidiary networks exist at every planetary stargate, such as the Iran Gate, Michael Mary Reversals in Calgary, Cathar ley lines, and Dragon Moth and Snake Networks in Asia. All energy is collected and returned to the United Kingdom. A tower of crystal exists in the earth under Stonehenge manipulated to serve as a central re-cycling hub for energetic collection and distribution off planet, essentially feeding and sustaining inorganic forces in an organised, systematic and disgusting never-ending energetic buffet.

Saturn is the 7th Planet in our Solar System Dozen and as such is the 7th Solar Gate. Just as the natural process of high frequency plasma ray light activates sequentially higher levels of DNA within us, when inverted, the opposite also applies. By inverting plasma rays, distorted reversal rays are created which have been broadcast into our planetary atmosphere. This has been on-going gradually over thousands of years for the purpose of distorting our DNA processes.

The Saturn collective is heavily associated with the Nephilim or Fallen Angels, False Gods religions, and the Kabbalah and its False Artificial Tree of Life teachings, culminating in a broad spectrum of imposed false belief systems.

It was realised that the 7th Solar System Stargate situated inside Saturn, has been broadcasting AI beams through the Moon, to essentially corrupt and pour out reversal 7D Ultra-Violet Waves in our magnetosphere. This was also connected to establishing quick access into Lake Titicaca in Peru for all manner of dark agenda operations with additional information identifying connection through underground systems all the way to the Vatican.

The Moon’s artificial matrix became an embedded source of magnetic control with a primary Octagonal pattern made in sound waves to manipulate and harvest massive amounts of energy from the Earth grid network.

The lunar matrix of false magnetism transmitted from The Moon is designed to emit artificial waves in the geometric shape of eight lines of reflective symmetry in Octagonal cymatic shapes. The internal angles of any Octagon is 1080 degrees. The Octagon shape has a 1080 Hz frequency that can be doubled to form into and transmit Black Cube geometries with a 2160 Hz frequency.

The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is the 2nd grail Stargate connection on earth that was built with an octagonal floor plan aligning it with The Moon base and a black cube matrix. Octagon geometry can be found in many ancient structures built on powerful ley lines throughout the Earth grid as well as black cube designs used for religious worship such as in Mecca. This all goes back to The Moon and lunar control.

The Octagon Group located in Davos, Switzerland is the same group behind the current World Economic Forum, and fourth wave of the transhumanist Great Reset that have a Black Sun chain of command extending to The Moon and other planets. These same lunar entities and their preferred bloodlines have been administering an assortment of surface cataclysms by obliterating chosen demographic areas for decimation. The Moon satellite as a magnetic weapon has been a part of their arsenal against human beings on the surface.

Catastrophic flooding, earthquakes and volcanic activity have been a major tool of the NAA to bury, hide and destroy ancient artefacts, structures and buildings that reflect an established human culture, as well as the remaining evidence of advanced technologies of human civilization.

The three markers forming the energetic unholy trinity on the planetary grid are the three main Obelisks located in London, Vatican, and Washington D.C. These Obelisks are designed as satanic pillars that denote the four directions that act as the main compass for running black magic reversals into the North, South, East and West pillars of the inorganic four. They hold multidimensional layers of alien machinery that run reversal energies into the planetary grid which enforce the satanic portals and frequency fences that are used globally by the NAA. These main pillars are Cleopatra’s Needle in London, Caligula’s Obelisk in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, and the 555-foot-tall Washington Monument in central Washington D.C.

These main three link into the many hundreds of Obelisks and pentagram geomantic structures that have been set up all over the world that aligns directly to the Orion constellation. The Orion constellation is the original home of the Black Sun non-human entities, the majority of the NAA or non-human forces.

The elaborate satanic rituals are meticulously well organized to directly communicate and interact with the anti-Christos forces, mainly nonhuman entities. Through black magic sorcery, human sacrifice and blood harvesting, they receive detailed instructions from the off planet anti-Christos forces, to carry out the next moves for their One World Order agenda. These black magic rituals, including child sacrifices, go back to the NAA invasion and the introduction of the Kabbalah teachings, when the Artificial Tree of Life and demonic hierarchies were presented in Babylon by the Saturnian blood worshippers. This spiritual template is still being used by Satanists and Luciferians worldwide today, it is their religion.

Some believe they are the descendants of superior alien Gods such as the Annunaki and the practice of blood ritual sacrifices gives them the means by which to contact demonic entities and their dark spiritual master and carry out his wishes. Alistair Crowley was one such traitor and practitioner. There have been many before and since and up to current day where their presence has become more prolific. These are masterful deceivers who cloak themselves in many assorted names and labels, which go way beyond the Church of Rome, choosing their disguise to hide behind many different religions, atheism or secret societies. This makes them appear to be separate groups, but they are actually running the world under the same unifying umbrella of hidden satanic practices.

Since the Atlantean Cataclysm, these practicing hybridized bloodlines, sponsored by the NAA, have been enslaving humanity by instigating never-ending wars, racial discrimination, poverty, and blood sacrifice. Through divide-and-conquer manipulation tactics and increasing world suffering they have been maintaining control over the human race.

The Vatican, along with the Draconian infiltration of the trained militants of the Jesuit Order, brought their combined objectives to infiltrate all world governments and cultures with the ultimate goal of achieving global satanism.

This includes the implementation of Armageddon software and instigating wars and conflicts in partnership with the NAA. The Jesuits are behind the key soft kill methods being used in the attempt to accelerate the death rate for global depopulation and eugenic models through deploying and weaponizing multiple toxic exposures: GMOs, vaccine injections, chemtrails, radiation, nuclear and toxic waste “accidents” and the transhumanist agenda.

From about the 13th century, several Northern Italian aristocratic families infiltrated by the Khazarians much earlier, began to develop into the highest of the ruling satanic elites through the accumulation of vast wealth in the banking and merchant businesses. These ruling elites found their wealth exploding through satanic practices of blood and child sacrifice and began to settle into the areas close to the power centre of the Vatican. These wealthy Roman aristocratic families are the main lineages of the Black Nobility and Papal bloodlines whose ancestors include: the House of Sfroza, Visconti, Savoy Genovese, Torlania, Colonna, Massimo, Aldobrandini, Doria, Orsini, Farnese, Pallavicini, Ruspoli, Hapsburg, Hesse and Rothchild.

Additionally, the Jesuit Order was being structured into a male only secret military operation from about 500-years ago, which began to infiltrate these same aristocratic lineages for gaining power and control in geo-politics. Over time the Jesuit secret oath for complete obedience to the Supreme General, who eventually became the Black Pope, progressed considerably when the secret order became influential and in full control of the obscene amount of wealth hidden in the Vatican underground vaults.  

The Jesuit control over the Vatican institution further evolved into the generation of many other subsidiary organizations for handling assorted operations such as the Military Order of Malta, along with the creation of various central banks, secret societies and cults. Many of these subsidiary organizations, run by the high-ranking Jesuits, were the driving force behind the creation of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and NATO after World War II. These are the “globalist” organizations that were put in place after the largest and most recent human holocaust, to fully protect the monopolies represented in the international business interests that promote the same anti-human agendas of these bloodlines.

Their sinister plan is to destroy sovereign nations and cultural identity in so to lay the groundwork for the one world religion, which is based upon the open acceptance of practicing Satanism by the ruling elite satanic families.  The cornerstone of these depraved practices includes child sexual abuse, child sexual ritual, human blood sacrifice, blood drinking, and cannibalism. Packaged as a religion that is desired and promoted by non-human alien entities, assorted lunar forces and demonic spirits, these most vile planetary controllers carry out abhorrent anti-human agendas. Covered in opulent robes, they publicly profess to be devout men of God praying for world peace, while behind closed doors, the top echelon is negotiating to incite terrorism, war, and run child trafficking rings to every corner of the globe.

The Vatican and its armies have played a major role in the proliferation of global child trafficking and the paedophilia epidemic. High-ranking fallen elite oversees an assortment of international banking and criminal activities making them the wealthiest organization on the earth. The obscene amount of this stolen and accumulated wealth remains largely unknown in its accurate scope. The Vatican’s legal status as a sovereign nation with protected borders has made this wealth largely unaccounted for and tax-free. However, it is known that the Catholic Church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator, and property owner in existence–on the entire planet.

Child Trafficking is rife worldwide. Where once confined to the shadows it has been leaking out in the conscious awareness of the public domain. Timothy Ballard is the founder of Operation Underground Railroad which has gathered former CIA, law enforcement and skilled operatives, that lead coordinated efforts to identify trafficking victims and rescue them from their captors. Timothy has worked for over 17 years in undercover operations which included a tour of combating sex trafficking on the U.S. southern border. He stresses that strengthening the border wall has been one of the most effective tools in the rescuing of trafficked children. He goes on to say:

“The United States is one of the highest consumers of child sex in the world. As an undercover agent I have bought a child for sex on every single social media platform. The U.S. is also one of the wealthiest nations in the world and simple economics tells us what follows. Child traffickers, who currently control millions of enslaved children worldwide, want to get these children into the United States where they can force them into this lucrative illicit market. The State Department reports that around 10,000 children are smuggled into the U.S. annually and forced into the commercial sex trade. Add adults, and that number almost doubles. And when these evil actors act, we don’t want to lose the opportunity to stop them and liberate their captives. The Wall gives us an opportunity to do just that.”

These crimes have been harboured and protected by those in the highest positions of governmental power, which explicitly serve the financial interests of the multinational corporatocracy that is being run by the fallen Power Elite paedophiles that are wielding global tyranny.

Endemic in the fields of medicine, finance, education, and science, other mind control strategies are used interchangeably in the fear-based programming such as war, disease, pestilence, and cataclysms, and all designed to control and supress human consciousness. This type of programming is known as Armageddon Software and essentially designed to bring about the demise of the human race through such extreme spiritual warfare manipulation strategies that they would see humans turn on each other to the point of their complete downfall.

There is an obvious retaliation to all of those groups working for the disclosure of such technologies as well as aggressive attempts to erase and distort the more accurate accounts of our previous history. Another on-going global attempt is being made by the Power Elite to erase recent history with controlled public indoctrination of falsified histories as written by the Controller’s narrative. The NAA mind control weaponry has been accelerated into another quality completely and this is sourcing from the red cube matrix designed by Wesa black hole entities, in which the prime headquarters for its nested operations has been identified underground in the Carpathian Basin

This appears to be some of the most treacherous and insidious mind control programming broadcasts of fanaticism, zealotry, and radicalism, with misguided and violent types of hero-saviourism that are laced with pure poison in order to generate as much harm to those involved as possible.

This must all end. To choose service to One over Service to Self, one must be able to make an informed choice. With wiped memories, mind control, vulnerable people, spiritually asleep, all unable to realise the extent of the atrocities waged on the Human Race, is in itself violation of the Law of Structure, the Law of Polarity, the Law of Gender, the Law of Consent and Law of Free Will.

Plot attempts continue and escalate. Requests to leave are dismissed. Warnings have been ignored. The Humanitarian Collective of Earth, The Guardian Host, and all higher dimensional consciousnesses In Service to the Law of One, call Judgement on the Respondent, and all their representatives. Now.

The Trial has been on-going, testimonies have been heard, events have been witnessed, souls have been measured. The Judgment and Sentencing is in the form of the Consciousness Evolution Edict, presented by the Founder and Guardian Host by natural decree in accordance with Cosmic Law.

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