Thoth The Imposter Egyptian Priest

Over 22,000 years ago, a military operation was carried out to massacre the Essene Tribes. Males were murdered and their sacred female counterparts were forcibly abused for strategic hybrid breeding. The sacred information that was held and being protected by the Maji Grail King of the 11th Essene Tribe; which was related to universal quantum mechanics and the alchemy of immortality, was stolen.

Theft and Distortions

The sacred information stolen from the Essene Tribe was copied by Thoth and masqueraded to originate from a source other than its true origins. It was later to become utilized for the purpose of controlled beliefs in the areas of Hermeticism. These controlled beliefs formed the idealist concepts of Elitism, the Kabbalah, and various other Mystery Schools and Secret Societies based on the same concepts that later emerged throughout history and particularly prevalent during the Middle Ages. Created by the Luciferian Knights Templar, these societies have maintained to keep the true ancient knowledge of the origins of humanity hidden from the masses, ushering in mind-set beliefs of superstitions, ignorance, and open to the organized religions further designed to exacerbate separation.

This was all down to Thoth.

Thoth and Ak

During Ancient Egyptian times, Hatshepsut, meaning first noble lady, and Akhenaton also known as Ak and the original patriarch of the 2nd Grail Line, were sworn to the Guardian mission and had vowed to protect the original Essene Tribe descendants of the Christos and Jeshua 12 lineages. It is the bloodline of Akhenaton that is still circulated in the Krystic or Christos bloodlines today.

To maintain control over the Atlantean Conspiracy relating to the distortion of information about the location of Atlantis and the advanced technologies that were being used by the ancient Atlanteans, and also to keep informed on ground level of the work of Hatshepsut and Akhenaton, Thoth incarnated, as he would throughout many times, as an Egyptian Priest.

He self-advocated his position through his wealth of knowledge which he passed off as his own or bestowed upon him by the grace of God. He performed magical marvels and flaunted his intellectual prowess, and all based on the stolen sacred Founder Records knowledge which he had finessed over many lifetimes. As such he was able to manipulate accounts of true historical events and further deceive the Egyptian people as to his real agenda against humanity. Thus he was awarded high accolade and the status of a high Egyptian Priest blessed by the Gods,

All the time and still unbeknown to most, it was Thoth who was carrying out a range of vile and deeply sinister practices. It was Thoth, who introduced the likes of blood rituals, human sacrifices, demonic worshipping and black magic practises that are rooted in the same that exist today.

Because Akhenaton was alerted to Thoth’s true affiliation and purpose behind implementing the Egyptian Pantheon, when he was appointed as Pharaoh, Akhenaton abolished the sacrificial practises and idol worshipping with the aim of dismantling and eradicating the Amen Priesthood. He began to justly guide and influence the kingdom back toward the true Law of One based spiritual teachings that were commonplace before the Atlantean Flood. All this work however was obliterated by Thothian groups shortly after the murder of Akhenaton, and with his death, the cult of Thoth grew.

Thoth Energy

It needs to be understood that Thoth holds an energetic consciousness. Though Thoth incarnated as a being with this name in Ancient Egyptian times, it is the energetic consciousness of that Thoth that has re-represented itself throughout the ages. False and unnatural mind-set and belief systems stem from this energetic consciousness. It is an inorganic negative polarity consciousness manifested and represented physically through all this wicked and wrong with the world. It is the epitome of evil.

Thoth’s namesake went into to false history records of the NAA as the all-knowing teacher of sacred works who taught and proffered ancient wisdom. In the Book of the Dead he is appointed as God of the Underworld, who judges and weighs the hearts of the deceased with the power to declare if a soul is worthy enough or not to enter heaven. Although the Thoth identity has not entered the truth halls of the God Worlds, he achieved immortality in lower dimensions due to the use of spiritual alchemical practises and by harvesting the loosh energy of humans – the energy produced by human beings that other entities feed from.

The hermetic principles attributed to Thoth contain direct content from the scared and original Founder Records, CDT Holographic Plates, and Essene Tribe Translations. The stolen information was reassembled for presentation in a later timeline as the Emerald Tablets. In this falsified account of the sacred Founder Records, Thoth is the Emerald Order citing himself in the role of one chosen to directly receive the true and scared Founder Records knowledge and further purposed with guiding others.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The overall dual-objective was for Thoth to become immortalized as a God, and to also intercept and divert the divine right of all humans to discover the sacred knowledge and spiritual practises for themselves. Alas, the reassembled information was passed into Greek and Roman culture around the times of Alexander the Great and so the deceptions continued, and so they spread.

Our history books and the web are filled with both intentional and unintentional false accounts of Thoth. The extent of Thoth belief systems and ideologies and the depth of Thothian infiltration into the human and collective psyche is huge. Even just a quick glance on the web reveals the confusion chaos surrounding this identity. Yet the constant is the presence of Thoth in every dark magic and associated practises, in all dark occultism, throughout all the ages. The evident reverence Thoth is awarded in such circles including by his servant the vile Alistair Crowley, is the telling real identity and agenda of Thoth.

Thoth is a master of using part Scared Truths, to bury the full Truth in Lies. It is the trait of all Luciferian, Thothian based forms. Be under no illusion, Thoth is the Great Pretender, the Luciferian Evolution Practitioner, the Egyptian Imposter Priest.

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