Brotherhood of The Snake, and The Odyssey of Geodesy

Our true history, how long we have been here, who we are, what we are capable of, what we have achieved, and what’s really been going on, is very different from what our history books and those pushing our narratives have been telling us. Humans have been on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years, we are advanced multidimensional beings, we are capable of incredible feats of engineering, creativity, self-healing, multidimensional travel and higher communication abilities, and we are not on a rock alone in space.

We have been memory blanked of all of this amidst a war over human consciousness and our DNA both on and off planet. This article looks at some more of the evidence of our history and some of the architecture used with the Geodetic Knowledge that flies in the very faces of those who seek to deny it and who perpetuate the false history of humanity.

Hey Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone

It may already be obvious that the academic and education system are captured, and have been designed to target children and young minds with psychological manipulation tactics and the indoctrination of the controller narratives. The educational system is based upon the textbooks provided for, and approved by, the elite that reinforce the falsified histories that dumb students down and mould them to grow into adulthood as obedient and predictable employees or worker slaves. Through the investigative research of John Gatto, a former teacher, school was designed to be a branch of industry and a tool for governance by the power elites that gained ground at the turn of the century. Gatto examines the problems with schooling being structural and that it is unable to be reformed because it has been built to serve a particular function. A function that at its core is anti-human.

John D. Rockefeller founded the General Education Board In 1903, which provided major funding for schools across the board and was especially active in promoting the State-controlled public-school education system. The Rockefellers, along with other elites such as the Gates, Carnegies and Vanderbilts, along with their false fronts posing as philanthropic organizations, have been able to mould society by funding and pushing compulsory state schooling for the masses.

Up until the 1840’s, the American school system was mainly private, decentralized, and home schooling was common. Americans were well educated and literacy rates were high. In 1902, John D. Rockefeller created the General Education Board at a cost of $129 million. The General Education Board and other Corporate Foundations including the Carnegie Foundation provided major funding for schools across the nation and was very influential in shaping the curriculum and format of the current school education system.

Typically, the board started to impose strong control on the policies of State educational institutions based upon their funding and research grants, placing demands on standardizing courses and inventing a bureaucratic maze of conditions and educational reforms. Those teachers, schools, universities and researchers, that took the funding and did what they were told were greatly rewarded and they quickly advanced to be placed in positions of authority. The resulting education system of schooling creates the receptivity to mind control tactics that are used and rewarded for obeying commands but punished on some level for thinking critically, goodness forbidden if a student dares to challenge a ‘Teacher’!

“Never Confuse education with intelligence”

Albert Einstein

“I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers’

John D Rockerfeller

This is just what the Controller’s had in mind. Currently in 2020, it is estimated that 34% of the population have basic literacy levels, while half of U.S. adults can’t read a book written at the 8th-grade level. Subsequently and due to additional factors, such as an overload of stress, media literacy skillsets are very low. Many adults are unable to discern, comprehend, or synthesize the information they are reading, and thus rely on the televised propaganda churned out by the Controllers mainstream media broadcasts of CIA owned news anchors.

Floods and Snakes

After the real Christos Mission project connected Yeshua returning the true Essene records back to humanity, the NAA introduced insidious religion in the counterfeit name of Christ. More specifically the Church of Rome would act as the Border Guards for the Black Sun interests, operating to destroy any counter narratives of unapproved historical accounts while being used as a front cover and control mechanism for tyrannically enforcing the falsified versions of history.

It should be obvious that there is something very fishy about the flood story. That’s because it was the prize of the negative aliens with control on the moon base, showing us how they use mass floods at will whenever humans upset them using the narrative that it is the will of the Gods serving us punishment. Utter drivel.

To be blunt, the Vatican operates as an Italian mafia, scouring the planet for any riches to plunder, hoarding artefacts and evidence of our past, while introducing the approved narratives of the Church, all the while hiding historical records in the underground vaults meant only for their priesthood. Thus, the introduction of negative alien religion, the Church of Rome, and the manipulation of the amnesic population were adopted by setting up the Control Pillars of Society that are used for the ongoing indoctrination of propagating the false histories made up for the benefit of the NAA.

The Octagon Group considers themselves royalty originally from Italian bloodlines going back to the Brotherhood of the Snake, so there is a deep connection with the Vatican and managing its massive global financial dealings.

The Brotherhood of the Snake is an organization that secretly and methodically infiltrated the original angelic human culture and stole the high technological knowledge from Atlantis for their own uses. They made a pact, a contract, a covenant to utterly and completely destroy our historical timelines and the cellular memories held within our DNA, to erase all records of the highly technological civilizations of our past. The deliberate elimination of all this technology, histories, and identities during the advanced civilization of the Atlantean colonies, is the conspiracy, made with the illuminati hybrids that make up the power elite and who answer to an even more sinister rule. And its time this is exposed.

The Octagon Group evolved from out of the Brotherhood and have been put in charge of the orchestration of intentionally confiscating the records and rewriting history in every potential growth cycle, in the intended planned takeover of the Earth. They call this the culling, when they decide it is time for the useless eaters to be killed and sacrificed, as they have decided now under this current cycle of their planned Great Reset. Effectively, these are fallen entity scum that have infected our planet and have been stealing ancient knowledge from our original angelic human culture in order to use that knowledge as a consciousness weapon against us and humanity as a whole. Further, during their ‘Great Resets’, use directed energy weapons {D.E.W.} to destroy our cities, destroy our sacred buildings, and destroy our way of life through war, floods and failing that, by instigating genocide.

Since Atlantean times, their preferred bloodlines have been hiding this ancient knowledge and murdering others who had this knowledge and stood against them. This was the secret pact behind the Atlantean Conspiracy. It goes much deeper than just covering up the Atlantean timelines, it also captures all unapproved narratives that reveal truth or evidence relating to our advanced technology and access to free energy realized and used in our past. Not to mention the practices of blood sacrifice, blood drinking, human trafficking, paedophilia and child sacrifice these creatures are involved in and conspiring to hide from the public. And like someone once said, the truth doesn’t change depending on our ability to stomach it. Ignorance and turning a blind eye are some of the very things they rely on.

We can see the tactics of brute force denial control everywhere. If an unapproved topic goes public that shines truth on their nefarious plans and criminally deviant lifestyle, they deny, attack, and reverse the victim to become the offender, and viciously persecute anyone that dares to provide testimonial evidence or speak up truthfully.

To overcome this, it takes moral courage sourced from a profoundly deep spiritual bond with Source our creator. This is the time for developing ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, in order to build the inner strength required for the moral and spiritual courage to face the truth ad all truths. People cannot forsake themselves or others and continue to ignore it just because it feels uncomfortable. On the contrary, it’s a lot more uncomfortable and disempowering in the absence of it. This affects all of us.

Geodetic Chieftains

Toltec Atlantean Figure

The ancient world and our predecessors had access to a universal system of measurement that was understood as the Geodetic mathematical knowledge of the planet which was used in city planning and for performing amazing feats of architecture. This Geodetic knowledge awareness and application related to ley lines, stargates, plasma domes, platonic solid math, and Cymatics based architectural principles that harnessed free energy and which was and is supposed to be at the foundation of angelic human civilization. As the result of several warfare campaigns, previous Great Resets, and bringing in the false magnetism of the lunar matrix and its operators, humanity lost its consciousness memories and thereby the ability to retrieve this knowledge.

Geodesy is the Earth science of accurately measuring and understanding Earth’s geometric shape, orientation in space and gravitational field, as well as the physics of energy movement in space and time. The knowledge base in the field also incorporates studies of how these properties change over time, with exposure to a variety of forces as they have also defined the equivalent measurements for other planets.

Any advanced comprehension of the larger picture of our planet as an energy matrix system and cultivating a suitable habitat for the ongoing evolution of higher consciousness by developing higher potentials throughout human society, requires Geodetic knowledge. With many applications for building structures in harmony and alignment to natural laws, by comprehending the total mass, we can determine the gravitational constant and calculate the gravitational effects of the force between two objects caused by gravity. As an example, the Equatorial bulge is an integral component of the forces that are acting to impose rotational and orbital stability on the Earth as it travels around the Sun. Through Guardian gridwork, some have observed ‘inorganic’ machinery manipulation of the equatorial bulge to artificially manipulate the equatorial electrojet (EEJ), as a narrow ribbon of current flowing eastward in the day-time equatorial region of the Earth’s ionosphere. Clearly there are organizations with this advanced Geodetic knowledge of our planet, which has been used to manipulate such magnetic fields and direction of energy current at these extensive levels for some energy harnessing benefit.

Master Builders

It is made clear that the Ancient Builder Races or Master Builders, understood Earth’s fundamental Geodetic parameters on a level not equalled until the emergence of modern satellite surveys. And we still see modern day builders unable to understand or replicate the many feats of many architectural wonders that we can see that were left for us to reflect upon today.

After World War II, an aspect of the Controllers agenda was to institute the degeneration of our society through the introduction of modern architecture as a type of enemy warfare, where architecture in public buildings and in public spaces started to appear to be a display of direct hostility targeting aestheticism and harmony.  A type of architectural terrorism sprouted in cities to assault our human senses with an anxious energy behind the deconstruction of our true past that would see us fracture into ever smaller fragments. The intentional visual and practical uglification of our world is used to incite dehumanization through chaos and depression, in which this agenda seems to have suddenly arisen with a fury through mass-produced utilitarianism.

Cement jungles of small pod apartments stacked up like coffins and statues of twisted steel shards and massive metal arachnids supposedly reflect creative and practical design solutions and popular modern art forms. That’s art they tell us. And we’re supposed to admire and appreciate these spiked twisted metal sculptures or piece of the graffiti art on the wall along with synthetic public price tags of multiple millions. They are wholly intentional. These disguised suggestive creations are examples of deconstruction in action and the essence of anti-beauty and anti-art forms. They carry specific energetic signatures that are designed to instil oppression, fear, and sadness and come from the deviant mind of the predator. 

With an open mind we must at very least consider the possibility that our history is wrong, our timelines are wrong, the theory of Darwinian evolution is alien propaganda gibberish. We can then further contemplate that our human culture was invaded and taken over by an infection, by parasites. Many of the exquisite architectural wonders we still have some access to see on the planet are misdated, the timeline is wrong, and credit is given to the inheritors assigned as the cover story, long after its original creation.

Great Pyramid

Giza is said to have chronological estimates dated back to the reign of Khufu and his pyramid roughly between 2700 and 2500 BC. This information given to the public is connected to the controller’s pact of the Atlantean conspiracy, so that all resulting buildings and architecture which might inform the public of the free energy devices used through Cymatics principles of the Ancient Builder Races, are to be confused, erased, and in their place, a foolish narrative fed to the unsuspecting public that has been sufficiently mind wiped of their true past.

The Great Pyramid is nearly 50,000 years old and was built with Geodetic knowledge and cymatics principles common from Atlantis. The Pyramid at the time was functioning as a harmonic energy resonator in the prime meridian location of the planet. Further, marking this location as the main Solar Stargate and defining the prominent vertical connection to the powerful Great White Lion network, which the Sphinx was originally designed to represent.

Geodesy was incorporated into many other ancient sacred sites and buildings across the world in which indisputable evidence is found in the mathematical measurements of the constructions as aligned to the coordinate location points of the meridians or ley lines.

The sciences have been arrested for a very long time so that any developed and curious minds that challenge the narrative will find themselves threatened and/or out of a job and blacklisted from their career and at the same time often ostracized with qualms cast on their integrity for good measure. We see it all the time. Yet we also see the perfect symmetry of mathematical and geometric resonances that are found within many of the older or ancient structures, buildings, cathedrals, temples and power stations created all over the globe by our predecessors.

Machu Picchu Citadel

As an example, many of the existing Gothic cathedrals were built with their own cubit, or ancient linear unit of measurement, and that cubit measurement is based upon a multiple or subdivision, of the meridian length at the latitude that cathedral was specifically chosen to be built upon. Instead, we are told that these magnificent structures were just plopped down on the ground in some random spot and that these incredible feats of architectural artistic beauty and expert engineering, were built during a time with an ancient primitive people, using primitive tools, who had no access to electrical energy or machining tools, and then scratch our heads as to how it was possible and ponder over how long it must have taken, when all we need do is consider the alternative for it to all make sense.

Chartres Cathedral Interior – France

It is fairly obvious with any critical thinker to find Ancient Builder sites across the world, where clear examples of machined or tooled construction is made completely obvious when looking at magnificent examples of architectural genius. But the timeline they say it’s been dated from does not fit the mode of construction. When closely looking at the details in some of these incredible feats of architecture, we just need remember that the dates, timelines and credited builders or civilizations that we have been sold in the written history are not accurate. The Controllers have purposely constructed a false timeline of our history and moulded the dates to fit their Darwinian evolution model of humans evolving from apes. Gibberish. Rather these marvellous examples of outstanding architecture from antiquity are many times thousands of years older than they have been cited and have been rebuilt or modified several times over lengths of time, by much lesser builders that inherited these buildings much later on.

Many of these structures are the remnants from our ONE angelic human advanced global civilization that did not have the mind control imposed from any lunar matrix pushing organized religion and associated control agenda narratives. Instead, these beautiful cathedrals and architectural wonders were built throughout the world’s different cultures, as objects and structures to display art and beauty that held geometric frequencies and Cymatics principles with energetic frequencies, designed to uplift humanity.

Ankhor Wat – Cambodia

Many of these magnificent buildings were placed on the exact geographical centre of the demographic area or ley line for which it was built, in order to amplify the natural harmonic sound wave resonances, and to elevate the atmospheric frequencies for the wellbeing of all living things in the environment. In this way, the cymatics principles of the architecture functioned as natural formations for generating feedback loops in the ley lines called chalice configurations, in which the local natural energies on that grid line were being multiplied, magnified, and harmoniously circulated into the area.  Provided by the Stewards and Stewardesses on behalf of the Guardians we have been given a few places to ponder and reflect upon the cymatics principles used in such constructions designed to multiply atmospheric energies for environmental harmonization.

  • Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland -55°51′19″ N, 3°09′37″ W
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, Chartres, France – 48° 26′ 50″ N, 1° 29′ 16″ E
  • Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna – 48° 12′ 30.6″ N, 16° 22′ 22.8″ E
  • Wells Cathedral, Somerset, England – 51° 12′ 37.44″ N, 2° 38′ 37.32″ W
  • Pantheon, Rome – 41° 53′ 54.96″ N, 12° 28′ 36.48″ E
Pantheon Dome – Rome

If ancient humans were primitive creatures in the dark ages without technology, as mainstream science tells us, then how were all these incredible ancient buildings and massive monolithic structures made possible? Certainly not by the methods we’ve been expected to accept. The methods of the ancient Master Builders utilized sacred geometry and Geodetic knowledge to create structures that resonated with the earth’s energy field and because these structures were harmonically attuned to the earth’s natural field, they amplified the higher consciousness and healing properties that restore and maintain energetic balance, by using the geometric patterns found in the divine laws of nature.

Wells Cathedral – England

The Earth has a heartbeat which is quantifiable. This is reflected in The Schumann Resonance which is based directly on the interconnection between the Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems and humanity. The science of resonance is a science of harmony which designs and creates structures that vibrate according to certain frequencies. Those frequencies would be attuned to the gradually changing frequencies of the planetary body, and its evolutionary growth cycles. When out of alignment with these planetary frequencies, humanity is impacted adversely. This is the sort of Geodetic knowledge that was stripped from humanity as part of the gradual mind control agenda used to enslave and suppress humanity.

Well, it’s time to return this knowledge back to the earth’s children, and the human race. Amongst this knowledge is Mr. Tesla’s unequivocal massive body of work in free energy which is soon to be restored to the public for the betterment of humanity. And this time, it’s here to stay.

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