Fourth Chakra

Sanskrit Chakra Name: Anahata
Alternative Chakra Name: Heart
Frequency Colour: Green
Vibrational Note: F
Shape: Spiral
Element: Air
Biology: Heart, Thymus
Energetic Essence: Love
Location: Centre of the Chest
Astrological: Cancer – Moon, Jupiter – Water

We can retrieve the memories of our experiences that are engraved in our cellular matrix body stored in the first Chakra through our sensory emotional feelings. This is when we recognize and can relate to the energy signature associated with an event, or place, or person, and which we refer to as feelings of de-ja-vu – when the details of a previous encounter or event may be unknown, but the energy of it is known. When the Soul body layers are not healed or whole, these higher sensory abilities will be distorted or non-existent, which causes an absence of this cellular telepathy and the ability to experience empathy and true love.

Green Heart – Building Wings

Just as the first three Chakras make up aspects of the Soul Body, the fourth, fifth, and sixth, Chakras make up the aspects of the Monad Body, or the Astral Plane. The fifth Chakra also known as the Heart Chakra, starts with receiving the Green Spectrum of Frequency Wave which relates to the manifested Soul-Spirit bodies. Working toward unifying these bodies is referred to as ‘Building Wings’. When the harmonic unification of these bodies is achieved and the Wings are established, the next level is Monadic integration.

Blue Crystal Lotus Heart

When the higher mind observation principle aspect of the spirit body kicks in, the entire heart pattern changes. The Green Heart changes to Blue as it begins to receive and transmit a Blue wave spectrum of frequency relating to the Turquoise Mother Arc Ray and which activates the Amoraea Flame. The Amoraea Fame is the inner holy spirit aspect of self in the heart centre of the Permanent Seed Atom located in the higher heart complex, which in turn is situated in the Eighth Chakra.

Heart Chakra Imbalance – Physical and Energetic Symptoms

  • Heart related problems
  • Breast Issues
  • Thymus issues
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Limiting lower astral energy attachments
  • Low level astral travelling particularly when asleep 

Introductory Root Chakra Healing

It takes 21 Days to rewire and activate a new behavioural or thought pattern.


Just as everything else in the Universe, Crystals carry and transmit frequencies and vibrations. The Minerals in Crystals hold very specific vibrational frequencies. Carry or Wear Green and Blue Crystals and declare positive affirmations – with intent. Feel them, inject them with positive intentional energy and receive their frequencies. Clean them before and after use in water, ideally sea salt water


Cleanse the Chakra with or by listening to, a singing bowl of note F and let its resonance permeate your energetic field.


Do what you need to do to be healthy, get rid of what isn’t.


Through noting the harmonious or disharmonious results, we learn when to act and when to flow, when to speak when to listen, when to move when to stand our ground. When we learn to maintain a neutral state amidst the chaos of opposing forces, we rise above the swing of the pendulum and are able to act in alignment with that which is for our highest good. Practise empathy with self, others, and all living things. Practise self-love and ignore opinions that achieving this is a bad thing because a person cannot unconditionally love anything or anyone else in its absence. Take the Buddhists advice:

  • Don’t Hate
  • Don’t Compare
  • Don’t Worry


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