Sixth Chakra

Sanskrit Chakra Name: Aagnya / Ajna
Alternative Chakra Name: Third Eye
Frequency Colour: Indigo Ray
Vibrational Note: A
Shape: Circle, Triangle,
Biology: Pituitary Gland
Energetic Essence: Intuition
Location: Between the Eyebrows
Astrological: Virgo – Mercury, Jupiter – Earth

The Sixth Chakra is heavily linked to intuitive based thoughts and inspiration. When ideas come to us, or when we have epiphanies and they feel good, its likely due to an open Sixth Chakra. As we strengthen the Sixth Chakra, we can discern authentic inner images, and psychic related abilities are amplified. Unification of the Masculine and Feminine Principles in both the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra is through the Sixth Chakra.

Throat Chakra Imbalance – Physical Symptoms

  • Overly rational
  • Rigid Thinking
  • Lack of receptivity to new ideas
  • Lack of clarity
  • Lack of Focus
  • Disconnect from Intuition
  • Scattered and Confused Thinking Processes
  • Headaches
  • Issues with eyesight

Introductory Throat Chakra Healing

It only takes 21 Days to rewire and activate a new behavioural or thought pattern.


Carrying or wearing indigo coloured crystals and declaring positive affirmations – with intent, will help send messages to your sub-consciousness to kickstart unblocking and maintaining a clear 6th Chakra. Handle them often and always inject them with positive intentional energy. After repeat and regular practise, you should start to receive their frequencies. Clean them before and after use in water, ideally sea salt water.


Cleanse the 6th Chakra with or by listening to; a singing bowl of note A and let its resonance permeate your energetic field.


Do what you need to do to be healthy, get rid of what is not. Pay attention to your thoughts and what and where they are coming from.


Try and incorporate Meditation and deliberate focus as part of your daily routine. Visualize the 6th Chakra and hold the image in your mind. Focus on the image and your breathing. Chanting the Om tone is also associated with the 6th Chakra.

A general and effective start to Meditation is to practise the observation point. This form of Meditation involves observing thoughts, watching them and identifying their source and what emotional memory they are connected to. Not reacting to that emotional trigger, simply acknowledging the memory they are associated with and letting go of that source, then returning to a centre point to observe any additional thoughts and processing them in the same manner. Commitment to Meditation for at least 21 consecutive days is not only recommended but yields results and lays the groundwork for further spiritual advancement.


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