Incoming – Glorious Blessings

Finally the collective consciousness is turning the corner and blessings are incoming.

Homeward Bound

Finally we are shifting into our long awaited new paradigm. Our authentic selves are about to step forward into new levels of consciousness awareness thanks to the hugely significant uplifting, unifying, and unique energy flooding into the planet, our Central Nervous System and DNA. This is more other-worldly stuff. It is a new planetary blue-print embodiment that lays any doubts to rest and flies in the face of the naysayers. There may be tears of joyful relief for many.

Since the start of this never before available activation cycle, massive changes have been happening within the original manifestation grid and its architecture. This is the expansion we have been facilitating and which has assisted with the opening up of various pathways connecting our current time matrix directly into the higher Divine or God realms. We have unlocked the 6th Harmonic Universe layer and its corresponding higher frequencies of the non-dimensionalized consciousness levels of the 16D, 17D and 18D, which are the Founder or Source realms.

In addition, in order to anchor in the triple solar feminine consciousness levels of the Rishi Matrix and enable it to embed in the planetary grid architecture, the 19D, 20D, and 21D levels also needed to be opened. These related frequency code transmissions were being activated during the winter solstice in 2022, and their integration into the planetary grid has been achieved. This is huge.

Even if there are those still experiencing consciousness from the lower levels of the HU’s, it doesn’t matter, in the sense that we are all being impacted by this tremendous expansion. On an individual level, the coded transmissions are enabling increased levels of frequencies to be received and run through our central nervous system assisting us to serve our highest expression, by opening up access to the highest level of consciousness available that is specific to each individual. Subsequently, this then also enables access to corresponding additional timelines which in turn determines our next stage of creational experience, dependant on our level of consciousness growth. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all light-workers all over the world and from all walks of life involved to make this happen, especially the ground crew that have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for all of us.

On a planetary level, this means that our entire Milky Way system, our Universal Time Matrix, has now shifted into the domain of the higher frequency non-dimensionalized Cosmic layers of the Source or God field and as part of the Guardian Host Ascension Failsafe Plan.

The Guardian Host vow was to find every Human Soul in this fallen Time Matrix and to assist in the return to their spiritual homes. They have been working hard to make good on that promise. Whether folk fully understand what’s going on yet or not, it doesn’t matter. The delays are over. Proof is in the pudding and increasing amounts of great positivity will start to become more and more evident in our individual environments and in the public domain at large. That is, for those people, places and things that are able to receive and hold these higher frequencies. At the same time, these benevolent consciousness frequencies and transmissions continue to expose and dismantle all inorganic structures, systems and individuals that refuse to align with the greater good of humanity.

Finally, humanity is on the way to thrive in its intended and organic harmony with the Cosmic Laws. It’s going to take a while to all play out, but this time, this time the channels are wide open and so are the exit doors.

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