Dancing In The Dark – Light Workers, Starseeds, and Walk-Ins

Many have heard the terms Light Workers, Walk-Ins and Starseeds, and many claim to be one or all of these. But what do these terms actually mean? Who and What are Light Workers, Starseeds, and Walk-Ins?

Starseeds – Origins, Profiles, and Missions

These are conscious Souls that have lived or originate on other planets, other galaxies, spacecraft, or other dimensions and interlocking world spaces, and who have volunteered to assist in bringing in the Ascension Cycle and with assisting Earth through her next phase of evolution. They generally inhabit their human body from its birth with some born knowing their identity and purpose, while others are to be activated, or woken to their lineage, mission, and higher particle existence, at a later time.

The timing of the moment of birth is deliberate and orchestrated with specific Blueprint coding. Souls agreeing to come to Earth together find corresponding genetics that fit their Soul’s mission. A lot of experiments have been put in motion through bloodlines just for this purpose in order to house the Starseeds operation. There are many variations of these experiments with Starseeds and there are many combinations of astrological star codings from planet placement, to blood and genetic requirements, to match specific galactic agendas.

Starseeds are essentially programmed with a spiritual mission and higher purpose to aid in the activation of their brothers and sisters DNA in collective advancement through moral, ethical, mental, and spiritual guidance, during the expanding consciousness evolution occurring in this Ascension Cycle Timeline. When a Starseed is called upon to gather in ‘unison of purpose’, that is when others seem to witness miracles or magic in motion because of their combined galactic heritage.

Those not fully activated into their knowing however can, and do sometimes turn to darker agendas of behaviour and can be harassed by Imposter Spirits. This is a major problem and why there needs to be an understanding with these current Starseeds that we are ALL but mere cogs in the overall system and must work together. Much of the delay is the ‘possession’ crucifixion implants now plaguing Starseeds, who are trying to control and hold ownership of this messaging. It is not their knowledge but provided through them, this is key to understand.

True power of Starseeds comes from knowing their total journey, the bigger picture, as well as their specific mission with the earth and humanity and of clearing Negative Ego and Pain Body trauma they may have inherited through accumulated Earth miasma. However most Starseeds that are truly activated from all levels seem to hold their optimism about the missions that they have chosen.

Another trait of Starseeds is to totally rejuvenate their bodies through meditation or other modes of healing. There also seems to be a constant among Starseeds, which is that a higher guidance system oversees their stay on Earth, assisting when truly needed and which is connected to a larger group spiritual purpose.

Time To Shine

Although they hold more genetic memory from future stations of identity in the higher dimensions of this Time Matrix, the particular groups of Soul-Spirit beings that have incarnated in a 3D human body are referred to as Starseeds who activate higher levels of DNA progressively. There are other Starseeds that are here dimensionally who usually arrive with their higher levels of consciousness already activated.

Starseeds have specific roles in humanitarian spiritual missions based on the Law of One, to help free the planetary collective soul from spiritual and energetic oppression enforced by the NAA through the false belief systems and archetypes embedded in the human psyche. They are here to fix , elevate, and change or remove, destructive timelines through genetic rehabilitation and erase negative inorganic mind control software programs.

These software programmes were put in place by the NAA after the final Egyptian/Sumerian Invasion takeover in 9558BC. This goes back to Guardian betrayer Thoth along with Annunaki brothers, Enlil and Enki, and their own agenda of dominion over human consciousness, in pursuit of achieving their own immortality in order to be worshipped as Gods.

This has involved aeons of deceptions and genetic manipulation that has slowly regressed the human angelic genes and DNA, to a point where we were not only no longer connected to our higher particle selves, but all the DNA memories and knowledge of that connection and humanities true origins origins was wiped from our consciousness.,

The current Guardian Starseed Christos Reclamation Mission is to reverse that process and bring the truth and healing and Light Source Codes back to the planet. In order to do so, the Negative Alien Agenda of planetary domination, enslavement, hybridization and abduction, has to be revealed to humanity. This is being actualized on the planet, as all inorganic structures, systems, and people, are being deconstructed from the inside out.

Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauty – John Collier – 1921

Many Starseeds are aware of the Psycho-Spiritual Warfare between extra-terrestrial races and is why they came to this planet as embodied human intelligence portals to feed back to the overall group effort in its reconnaissance mission, back to their home planet or Universe. However when most arrived, they too were subjected to the same alien implants, mind control systems, dark force infiltration and victim-victimizer software, as other human beings. For these reasons many still remain asleep or subverted to the fact of their real spiritual mission and consciousness. 

But the main reason that most of our Guardian brothers and sisters still sleep is due to the ‘Speakers’ hiding. These are those who were entrusted with certain knowledge and to hold it for the rest until the appropriate time but who due to being spiritually attacked, and threatened by the self imposed powers that be, instead retreated from the public for fear of persecution or whatever, thus preventing many from even knowing the existence of these teachings. Ironically this supported the very agenda they were supposed to expose.

Due to natural though very specific planetary alignments during this end cycle, the Neutron Window is now open between our third dimensional planet earth which intersects with the Universal Trans-Harmonic Gateways. Whilst the Neutron Window is open, it is these trans-gate timelines which allows Starseeds to reconnect and return to their home frequency after this ‘tour of duty’. For Starseeds, this lifetime has been a recon mission that was required to gather the intel needed to comprehend the levels of genetic damage, the source of planetary invasion, the identity of the main intruder races, and attempt to offer sovereignty and freedom to the Souls which had been enslaved, abused, and entrapped, in repeated reincarnation cycles.

Holding Space

The Starseeds Races, or Soul Groups, that are endeavouring to hold and be conduits of higher frequencies of energy, are now doing so again. This is how the higher frequency energy gets into this reality system. We are all connected to the the Earth and each other and everything via the universal time matrix. As these energies are being exposed to the planetary grids, it is our bodies that actually work as human acupuncture points in bringing these energies into this realm and reality, which builds and weaves larger fields of energy which are called Morphogenetic Fields. A Morphogenetic Field is a Form holding blueprint and every lifeform has a Morphogenetic Field. It is a blueprint with an instruction set that gives that life Form its qualities and attributes.


The Holographic template of the energetic Form is being upgraded in such ways to assist the human species with being able to work with transducing the new frequencies coming through our bodily and energetic systems at this time. There’s really two levels of beings on this planet. A demarcation has been formed and this is a frequency split between 3rd dimensional structures and higher multi-dimensional energy structures.

These are new Timelines (timeline = dimension) and as we move into the future Timelines, we are moving into higher resonant frequencies and spaces. We are moving forward into time, or skipping into the future, as we move up the dimensional scale. At this time, there are groups going through a new physicalization process and this is a much different process than the spiritual initiation that many of us have been familiar with in the past. 

The part of Ascension that we go through is an initiation into higher frequencies, and as these frequencies become absorbed into the auric vehicle and Light-Body, we  develop more neurological plexus receivers, so that we can work with these new plasma frequencies. Thus many of us have activations and at certain levels of increasing critical mass of these higher frequencies, DNA activations occur. 

This is yet even further and beyond spiritual ascension or Kundalini initiation. This is the actual physicalization of an entire new birth creation in human Consciousness that the Guardians are referring to as ‘The Trinitized Form’ into Hierogamic Union. In the Trinitized Form, it is the spiritual house of the Cosmic Christos energy as the son and daughter of God, or Source, or Christos-Sophia. These related 12D Ray plasma frequencies some have been expanding and holding as core of their foundational daily techniques, is where the human species original genetic template was created as a 12 DNA Strand Avatar.

Light Workers

Light Workers are those helping to preserve the Earth and Starseeds missions and want to be involved with their agendas. They are the angelic worker bees of mission control. Many will choose to have astrological star codings, although they will not be Starseeds, but by frequency they seem to resonate to healthy lifestyles and empower mental, moral, ethical, and spiritual behaviour wherever they go. Their home is the Earth and they want to keep it sustainable for all forms of life. When their mission is completed, they will be returning to a version of the Earth reality; not to the stars or other planets.


The classic definition of a Walk-In is an advanced soul choosing to volunteer, through a combination of galactic agendas, to assist Earth through her next stage of evolution. There are many different types of Walk-In agreements.

One common type is a specific group that do not go through the birth process; they trade places with someone already in human form through a pre-arranged agreement with that Soul. If a Starseed or Light Worker have no other way to complete their Soul Mission, then they might agree to leave the body and make a trade with a Walk-In. Many advanced galactic civilizations have used these Walk-In experiments at the pinnacle of evolutionary change in order to fulfil celestial agendas. This is not to be confused with being possessed of a spirit, that is another matter all together and is not a Guardian Practice at all. These Walk-Ins that are being placed in human form are guided in deliberate fashion and in accordance with ‘Free Will’ at cosmic levels of agreements. 

The Silver Cord of life force is travelled upon to imprint the new consciousness of the Walk-In, and agreements are made to fulfil certain family concerns left unfinished by the Soul that is walking out. After a period of adjustment, certain behaviour patterns emerge and drastic changes start to take place such as weddings, divorces, re-location, or change of occupation.

Walk-Ins can be permanent, which means that the original Soul will not return. Whereas temporary Walk-Ins can use a human body for short periods of time while the original is gathering new instructions while residing in other realms before returning back to body.

There are also other ascension prototypes for the Walk-In that differ from this classic template. These can be Soul Braids from Galactic families, embodiment of Star or planet Logos, or other arrangements that are specific to genetic template creation and birthing which is required for Soul groupings to incarnate in other planetary chains.

In addition there are also future self Walk-Ins which is the future identity of a being that has travelled back into past Timelines and steps into the previous identity body in order to change Timelines from destruction, or to help in the evolution process. These are future Souls or Monads which come here to the past to help change the event horizon in the future.

As we can discern, there are many different Soul Contracts and is a further indicator of why we should not judge any of our fellow beings as we are on all individual paths with our own specific Soul evolution objectives, albethey all relative and intrinsic to the bigger picture and overall objective of the healing and expansion of humanity and the human race.

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Compiled from the works of Ra-Law of One, Q’uo, Anna Hayes, Dolores Cannon, The Elohim, Ascension Glossary, Krystal Rap