Soul Psychology – Mind Distress Is A Disease Doorway

If we engage with negative thoughts and express them and their associated detrimental emotions, we are sending out an invitation to negative energies to enter both our physical body and our energetic field auric body through a doorway we have just created.

If negative thoughts are magnified and strengthened through repetitive unaddressed negative ego-based behaviours, the more volume and intensity of the corresponding negative emotional energy and its essences they are going to gather.

When people obsess, ruminate, or loop in a mental reverie about something that brings feelings of distress of any kind, this behaviour then grows negative energy. Like a gradually dripping bath tap, depending on the volume and intensity of the drip, eventually that bath is going to overflow and start pouring out into the surrounding environment.

Mind Distress

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Consider then that when excessive negative energy has accumulated, a person can lose control of themselves and explode in a rash rage of intensely dark negative reactions by way of an emotional outburst. In severe cases, sometimes the person can appear momentarily possessed by these negative emotions and appear to have lost control of their personal faculties and even not remember the extent of their outburst at all.

This is also why a person attempting to numb or block negative thought and looped thinking patterns by taking drugs, alcohol, or other consciousness altering substances, is instead just aggravating the situation, and thus the vicious cycle is maintained.

It’s important to understand that when negative and rash outbursts occur, the vibrating negative energy of that person’s emotional experience is felt by negative spirits in other realms who hold a matching energetic vibrational frequency to that negativity. These negative entities that resonate to that same frequency essence also strengthen from it and so enthusiastically tune into the mind of that person, before, during and after the outburst. In an expanding downward spiral of polarity, once this negative connection is made, it can serve to further amplify that person’s negative thoughts and emotions to be carried out on even more destructive levels.

The stronger and more forceful the negative thoughts become inside that person, the more likely it is that they will give in to acting out these destructive behaviours being enhanced by negative spirits. That person may then become increasingly distressed or angry or rage filled and thus in that moment become overwhelmed and unable to choose their reactions. Even if it goes against their own belief systems, they may act out destructive actions internally against themselves or externally against others.

All unwelcome negative thoughts and violence are projected out from the source of blackness and matter demons that makes up inorganic and dark forces. These dark spirits are seen in and around all destructive actions. All actions of destructive violence and insanity that can be observed in the world today are the result of negative spirit influence or Possession of a person suffering from massive spiritual wounding.

These negative spirits co-existing in our world are from other dimensions and realms in time. They are constantly attempting to take over a human mind and body by placing a person in dark servitude in order to carry out the telepathically transferred negative agenda. These Imposter Spirits are Negative Polarity Spirits and use Mind Control and deception to achieve their goals through manipulation of human beings existing in the material world, and on all four levels of the bodies of the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit.

The exact moment of being emotionally triggered into negative emotions poses a very real danger. If we can’t control our own mind, then someone or something else will. Therefore, we must strive for and then master being able to mentally and emotionally choose if that destructive behaviour is truly being acted out by personal will or being controlled by outside forces.

The critical importance of resisting these negative thoughts and destructive actions that are being falsely projected into our mind and body telepathically, cannot be over emphasized.

Energetic Debt Bank

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The tragic consequences of a person that allows themselves to be controlled by destructive thoughts or negative spirits, and further leads them to commit destructive actions, is that the energetic debt of that destructive action is now the responsibility of the person that has committed the action. Simultaneously, when a person commits destructive actions, that person is negatively invoking the Law of Consent and giving their permission to the dark forces that have mind controlled them to commit that action. As a person carries out rash and repeated spiritually destructive actions, he or she is now subjected to the physical laws or mind control that has been manifested by the dark forces. That person will not recognize the Soul aspect of themselves or be protected by the loving based Natural Laws as a result of their own such harmful choices. Further, the Soul is severely impacted by carrying out destructive actions and the aftermath of this destructive energetic residue is left recorded on a cellular level. This corrupts the energetic integrity of not just the Soul, but also the entire Mind, Body, and Spirit of their being.

It is especially devastating to the Soul when people commit depraved actions such as in the name of religion or serving their God, believing that they are committing their heinous acts of destruction in order to rightly justify their violent religious beliefs, which is an oxymoron in itself. These groups of destructive people in particular bring extremely negative energies into their human body, leading to full blown possession and bondage to corresponding negative spirits. This manifests aggressively spreading diseases throughout all four facets of the whole, of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Any energetic debt is held in the cellular memory bank and will remain with a person not just throughout their current lifetime, but every lifetime thereafter and until it is cleared. When we leave here, this physical realm, we start from where we left. So, if a person does not want to keep this particular negative resonance doorway open or continue to allow a corresponding reality experience of energetic miasma, relative work is needed to clear the debt.

Dimensional Resonance

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We came across an article by a man called Jerry Decker who covers dimensional resonance from his personal investigative perspective, in the below excerpt from his “series of speculations on time and dimensional travel.”:

Each spatial and possibly TEMPORAL location, no matter what dimension it resides in, has a specific coordinate, referenced by a combination of frequencies that equate to the ‘signature’ for that location. These are nested frequencies – like bubbles within bubbles – because they are all standing waves produced by 180-degree phase conjugation.

If a modulation – representing a specific ‘signature’/coordinate – is imposed on this stress field, then a portal is opened to that location. My concept is that a resonance is established between these two locations (there can be more), i.e., the physical-spatial location and the artificially created image.

By adjusting the amplitude of the vibration between the two resonant bodies or spaces, an energy flow can be established in either direction between them. High amplitude always flows to low amplitude in the natural attempt to achieve equilibrium, thus creating a flow between the bodies or spaces.

Once a resonance is established, I believe that a mass can be caught up in this flow and physically transported between two resonant spaces. I am of the opinion that the claims of time travel are much closer to being a dimensional shift where multiple realities exist within the same location yet slightly out of, phase alternate realities or dimensions.

Jerry W. Decker

Soul Trauma and Disease

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Between the energies of the Mind, Body, and Soul, there is a subtle balance that exists which is responsible for the manifestation of states of health or disease in every person. Soul trauma and constant exposure to negatively stressful circumstances are the cause of all psychiatric disorders and many pathological diseases. Medical Research clearly identifies the associated impact on the immediate environment and indeed all aspects of our life, including on those we live with or are close to, and everyone else we interact with.

Extreme states of stress that are created from negative energies and negative spirits, will cause breaking points or Soul fractures in the weakest links within our genetic record and accumulated cellular memories. If an aspect of our biological, mental, or physical form is vulnerable, this is the area that will be attacked first, a foot in the door.

When an energy fracture occurs, it sends Electromagnetic Signals to message our cells, which record that imbalanced energy into our body systems and impairs the functioning of our Mind, Body, and Soul. The imbalanced messaging changes the brain chemistry and body metabolism, which may cause a variety of injuries that will manifest from the genetic record of that particular Soul’s trauma. That weak link in the record of the Soul’s trauma is determined from the ancestral record or family genetic connections and until these ancestral records have been cleared from impacting our spiritual bodies. Ancestral genes carry the links to the expression of the accumulated imbalanced behaviour or emotions that are recorded in our cells, and this determines the type of weakness, disorder or disease, we are susceptible to. Negative energies promote diseases and if left unaddressed and uncorrected, it allows for further accumulation of negative emotional energy that deepens the state of disease into the bodily matrices. The determining factor of which kind of disease will manifest is genetically determined and is a function of the memories within our own unique genetics.

During this awakening timeline and our ever-expanding consciousnesses, many have been clearing such energetic debts from other lifetimes; acquired to some degree and irrespective of the type and extent of the debt accrued. Moreover, learning how not to perpetuate the behavioural pattern that racks up these energetic debts for the Mind, Body and Soul, which then manifest into Physical and Mental Disease, is crucial to our well-being and in experiencing positive abundance in all areas of our life.

Shut The Door

So, “take a moment to relax, before you do anything rash”. Our thoughts are like a group of kids in a playground, all with different personalities. Some of them are funny and easily interact with others, some sit on their own unless joined by others, some run around causing chaos until someone responsible takes control of the situation. You get the idea. You control what goes on in the playground of your mind, not your thoughts, so choose which ones you want to engage with. Choose the thoughts that make you feel good. Choose wisely. And shut the door behind you.

Master Oogway

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