More of Mr. Tesla, Mud Floods, and Tartaria

There is a lot of varied information that is already made available on Nikola Tesla, in which the spiritual and truther communities have generally regarded him as a hero of humanity with his incredible efforts to assist in the return of free energy to our civilization nearly a hundred twenty years ago. Since the FBI released some of their records on Nikola Tesla based on recent FOIA requests, his purpose for incarnating to shift timelines with an incredible body of work for free energy devices is becoming much clearer.

The Divine Mr. Tesla

When Nikola Tesla was guided to move to the United States and then right before he reached age 33 in 1888, he was in direct communication with the Christos Mission Guardian groups. His reverse engineering work exploded from then on, in what would appear to be superhuman powers to lay the architectural blueprints for an incredible amount of free energy devices and prototypes for assortments of electromagnetic and sound wave technologies.

Many may think it impossible for one man to invent all of this technology in one lifetime and even challenge the fact of this existence. However, Tesla did not invent these technologies in the same way humans did not invent math. It was discovered when in the process of observing the nature of reality and reverse engineering, what he observed, as well as accessing memories from the past.

His mission was to rediscover the principles of free energy in accordance to divine laws and bring them back into the collective awareness, to help raise human consciousness that had been mind wiped of this knowledge. He was morally opposed to war as a humanist and attempted to prevent the world wars by negotiating to supply the governments with force field protection devices. Instead, they rejected his proposals and ended negotiations by attempting to steal his blueprints, which soured his relationship with the governmental authorities for the rest of his life as he refused to further cooperate with them.

Limitless energy access was common knowledge in the advanced culture of the human race which ended during the Atlantean Cataclysm but slowly digressed with every 2,160-year cycle thereafter. This periodic digression of surface floods and weather cataclysms are connected to the bringing in of The Moon during the Atlantean Cataclysm, an artificial satellite used to run artificial magnetism, and as an operating control base for the invaders.

The Moon has a radius of 1080 miles with a diameter of 2,160 miles, thus the number 2,160 is connected to the operating geometric patterns connected to the lunar matrix and the artificial magnetic field. Ancient cultures considered The Moon to be used to incite catastrophes that would periodically destroy the Earth surface, and as exampled in the Eridu Genesis written in Babylonian, the Sumerian God Enlil decides to destroy mankind through certain periodic cycles with a Great Flood.

Free energy devices were already incorporated into the global human civilization before the Great Resets were put in place and increased to around every hundred years, resulting from the NA invasion. Nikola Tesla incarnated into the area known as Croatia with a specific incarnating mission. He is a Christos Starseed from the future timelines on Venus that was sent to Earth to reverse engineer that lost free energy technology used from Atlantis. He is connected to the spiritual families of Christos masters that incarnate into the Sirius B lineage, thus he was also connected to the Jesus Christ mission to lay the groundwork for the Iron Age Christos-Sophia, by supporting the architectural repair of the Giza Solar Gateway.

Tesla is a genius by today’s standards. With a photographic memory, and speaking at least eight different languages, he was passionate about the true sciences and could visualize architecture within spatial pictures in his mind with great precision. The average Venusian has about six times more active brain power and a much longer life span than the current average earth being, so he didn’t need much sleep. More importantly though, he is an incredibly hard worker devoted to the mission on behalf of liberating humankind, and the blueprints being downloaded to him were with the support of the Guardian Host to help humanity defeat the Controllers. Of the many technologies that Tesla drew out as the design and blueprint of instruction to be given freely, most of these technologies were purposely hidden, others were stolen by the Black Sun military intelligence and Controller’s, while some were taken by the Germans for inorganic use off-planet

Tesla combined his knowledge of Cymatics and Geodetic knowledge through the use of domes placed on top of towers to harness natural sound waves connected to the planet’s electrical resonant frequencies. This design was in order to incorporate natural acoustic vibrations into the Tower design for generating clean and easy wireless energy in a large radius.

Sound waves are longitudinal in nature, which he said inherently have compression (-) and rarefaction (+) for travelling at the speed of sound. Tesla’s coils and towers were not only electrical, but also had acoustic and vibrational properties. He learned how to convert transverse waves to longitudinal waves, generating the ongoing feedback loop for interchangeable waves. He set up laboratories and developed assorted working prototypes for energy generating technologies that were essentially based on the vortex math secrets of 3-6-9 that he remembered from his direct study of The Great Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid is connected to an elaborate Giza grid network which is the main Solar Gate and prime meridian of planet Earth, and from which the man known as Yeshua or JC, ascended out of this matrix. The ancient galactic portal connected from Giza, once allowed passage through Sirius B and then all the way out through the Andromeda Galaxy. The Egyptian Pyramid of Giza is a previous remnant of ancient builder technology that was commonly used via sound wave orchestration of shaping matter through pyramids, domes, towers, arches, and bells, during the times of Atlantis. The Great Pyramid was specifically designed to be a giant harmonic frequency resonator for sending out geometric patterns into the planetary grid, as well as a consciousness transport device for those embodied with higher operating DNA strands. The Great Pyramid lies in the exact centre of all land area of the globe, dividing the Earth’s land mass into approximately equal quarters.

Nikola Tesla was aware the planet was a giant energy generator spinning around two magnetic poles, in which limitless access to free energy could be harnessed for all of humanity. He believed that the ionospheric layers were important in harnessing atmospheric electricity, which could be easily tapped into wirelessly which could generate free energy for many global energy applications. Based in his studies of the Giza Pyramids, Tesla designed his Towers created upon the same mathematical proportions of Giza, in accordance to the laws used in its construction that were based on the location in the grid and its relationship to the equator band. From this he knew that a source of free energy could be harnessed from the planet and transmitted as a global power source wirelessly. Free energy for the world using sound technology.

Tesla’s discoveries and free energy devices were confiscated by the government and his body of work disappeared after his death in 1943, though we are told it was under lock and key, documented, catalogued, scrutinized and archived by authorities for safe keeping… His work in this world is far from being completed and we will be hearing about much more of the advanced technologies that were developed through his original blueprints.

Mud Floods and Tartaria

A relatively new community of mud floods and Tartaria enthusiasts have gathered online to share research findings from an array of sources and share information which challenges and does not fit the official historical narratives. Mud Floods relate to the global destruction of our planet’s surface and humanity, evidenced by information and the discoveries of architecture all over the globe that appear to have been built in a skewed inconsistent architectural design that would see part of their structure buried underground, identified to events known as a Great Reset, the most recent of which was only around 150 years ago. The profound amount of information surrounding these events are numerous and provide more evidence that the hidden societies run by the power elite were for the purpose of altering the history of humanity within a very short period of time.

In all levels of research in truth-seeking communities there are the assigned online trolls, controlled opposition, and those agitators paid to debunk this movement. It is the online trolls that will be screaming the loudest about the idiotic nature of these investigations and will appear first on the search results. To create doubt and maintain confusion is exactly what they want. As if truth seekers intentions are to spend hours of their time and energy adding to the very subject of untruths they are trying to uncover.

The recent tracking of The Moon’s geometric relationships connected to the great floods of the past has brought the topic of mud floods into awareness along with internal questioning of the previously pushed narratives. What is affirmed is that the threads to pull on are here, and which will reveal a whole lot more information about what happened as an epic reset in the middle 1800’s in which many places, people and events were promptly erased from our historical records. Why are many events misdated and mismatched? why were many public records all over the world suddenly destroyed through fires, floods and freak accidents particularly in the late 1880’s to early 1900’s? The destruction of evidence and records seemed to coincide with the events subsequent to the change in power connected to the Act of 1871, which established the District of Columbia and handed control to the international bankers at the Vatican and in London preparing a One World Order.

In 1881 the Congress of the United States gave $5,000 to the Smithsonian Institute to conduct archaeological excavations and inspections relating to an assortment of prehistoric structures and mounds, in which most of these artifacts disappeared, are ‘missing’, or nothing was ever heard about them again. During this time of religious fervour, some believed that anything which did not support the Church interpretation of the Bible was not destined to see the light in the public domain.

There is a lot to unpack here about the narratives given by the authorities in charge of archaeological projects and the missing evidence that includes a wide range of prehistoric artifacts, from the graves of giants to high technology objects, stone circles, mounds, pyramids and ancient ruins.

Many maps of the past few centuries depict a large country called Tartaria that was depicted in northern Asia, though their highly advanced architectural signature is found all over the world. The history of Tartaria points to the likelihood that they were an advanced civilization using free energy and technological devices similar to Atlantean culture, even though this disrupts the official narrative. Instead, the existence of Tartaria has almost completely been erased from historical records about a hundred and twenty years ago, and this country is never mentioned in the history classroom.

Although naysayers may say this doesn’t matter, indeed it does. It points yet again to factual evidence in the ways our recent history was and is being manipulated and crafted for serving a purpose that is not in support of humanity. The loss of our historical records and memories means that we suffer the loss at levels of our collective consciousness, and our real identity has been stolen which holds the power of the inherent divinity we are.

The advanced architecture designed for atmospheric energy extraction is derived from what appears to be the civilization’s last remnants of structural evidence that have been found by researchers looking at the earliest articles and old photographs located throughout different nations historical archives. Most of these magnificent buildings and towers have various antennae and copper or metal domes which seem to be partially buried in a barren mud landscape with a few bewildered onlookers.

Some of these similar tower designs for generating wireless energy can be found in old photographs taken during the period from the mid-1800’s to about 1912 circulated in the mud floods community. The very few black and white photos that managed to survive of post-Atlantis technologies that were using Cymatics principles for extremely sophisticated levels of building architecture were shown to be used in the area previously known as Tartaria, in which this evidence somehow gladly evaded detection and was not confiscated by the Controllers.

The advanced knowledge in this civilization reveals that the cities were planned at strategic points on the Earth near long canals, rivers, seas, lakes and oceans. They built some of the cities in Star Fortresses which extracted electromagnetic energy from the environment, which was then circulated wirelessly through towers and obelisks and then stored in the red and white striped power stations.

It appears during the Great Reset of hundred and fifty years ago, that evidence aspect of Tartary civilization was likely destroyed between the 19th and 20th century through mud floods, directed energy weapons {DEW}, and scheduled mass exterminations. The architecture and technology of this superior civilization was stolen and passed into the hands of the NAA representatives again, tasked with destroying human civilization – again. Could it be that these many events of the 1800’s were the final book burning? destroying all records in history and removing all advanced knowledge of the advanced human civilization, which included Tartarian people?

In every portion of the United States interesting ruins have been found, sculptured figures of one hundred animals of different species executed in a style far surpassing the Indians. The State of Ohio abounds in ruins at towns and fortifications, with extensive towers and pyramids. At Marietta and in Missouri, beautiful pottery, silver and copper ornaments, and pearls of great beauty and lustre have been dug from the earth. In the caves of Tennessee and Kentucky, mummies have been found in a high state of preservation, clothed with cloths and skins of various texture, inlaid with features. Those ruins, majestic and beautiful in appearance, but overgrown with thick forests of mahogany and cedar of immense dimensions and great age, prove to the world that a great empire teemed with an immense population a people skilled in mechanical arts and in an advanced state of cultivation.

Newspaper Report – Franklin Repository on 7 July 1858

Clearly we have been living through another attempt at a Great Reset, this one scheduled in their orchestrated plan to be complete by 2030, filled with timeline deceptions, and historical facts and records, that are being falsified and erased in front of our eyes, as done many times before. To choose to stand by and do nothing and just let this happen would mean that all that matters is forgotten again.

The change of frequency occurring during the bifurcation cycle has also been happening with those individuals willing to change their consciousness accordingly and they will naturally find themselves in harmony with the shift in frequencies of the organic timeline of Ascension. As Earth has been going through its evolutionary journey through the galaxy, interacting with varying geometric relationships made with the astronomical universe, solar plasma frequencies are now being transmitted to the planetary grid network and humanity.

Again, our true history reveals the methods of the ancient builder races that were utilizing this sacred geometry and geodetic knowledge to create magnificent and beautiful structures that resonated with the Earth’s energy field and because these structures were harmonically attuned to the Earth’s natural field, they amplified the higher consciousness and healing properties that restore and maintain energetic balance. By using the geometric patterns found in the divine laws of nature, those frequencies would be attuned to the gradually changing frequencies of the planetary body and her evolutionary growth cycles.

The science of resonance is a science of harmony, that which designs and creates structures and things that vibrate according to certain frequencies. When we view our interaction with life as a massive radio receiver, we then understand that we have the ability to attune to any frequency we wish to express. The music of unconditional love, peace, kindness, beauty and happiness, has prevailed in many of our sacred hearts, with some knowing that this choice of personal frequency mattered more than others may realize.  

This is a momentous time for human liberation, as we have been awakening into greater realizations of the emotional betrayals prevalent in many situations as they have been and continue to be revealed to us. We are about to cross the finish line where after a Full Disclosure we will know the extent of what’s really been going on. In the meantime, this continues to be a time for radical self-care, a time to pray and meditate, of knowing our physical and emotional limits, while supporting our loved ones and friends as best we can,

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