The False Tree of Life

For aeons we were constricted by the False Tree of Life, the Black Tree, where there were only 10 points within its structure. Using all kinds of dark and low frequency-based strategies by the NAA; which we discuss in more detail elsewhere, the missing nodes were an intentional attempt to keep the true and organic Tree of Life Grid in a closed system, purposefully designed to syphon off our energies, feed them back into leeching entities, and cut us off from our connection to source energy consciousness. It is part of the virus history that has infected the the true and organic Tree of Life.

Judaism’s Kabbalah and the Artificial Tree of Life is based on metratronic or reversal teachings intentionally given by the Thothian groups to generate inversions in the knowledge given in the original Founder Records. The esoteric information was brought in through pieces from distorted Melchizedek intelligences and reverse engineered, through their original knowledge of the Universal Tree of Life and the true quantum mechanics knowledge.

This was only part of the teachings and knowledge of a huge amount of additional information held in the 12 holographic CDT plates of the Emerald Founder Records. This information includes the true origins or humanity, and we have been deceived for a very long time.

It is the true Tree of Life that connects us to the one true source energy consciousness our higher selves, and other higher dimensional energetic consciousnesses. The True Tree of Life has 12 nodes. It is the Personal and Universal – the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic 12 Point Tree of Life.

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