The Black Star – Rogue Saturn

Galilleo Galilei re-spotted Saturn in our night sky in 1610. But whilst Saturn may look pretty, it is ugly in other very real and damaging ways and certainly the most problematic planet of our Solar System Dozen.

Solar System Dozen

5D Tara was exploded millions of years ago in some intense circumstances and pulled into a reversal Black Hole fragmenting the entirety of the fifth dimensional blueprint into the 12 celestial bodies making up our current 3D Solar System. Although science only officially recognises and attributes 8 planets that make up our 3D Solar System, probably initially due to two of the others exploding in to the asteroid belt a long long time ago, rather, our perceived 3D Solar System like many others, is made up of 12 celestial bodies: Mercury, Earth, Venus, Mars, Maldek, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Niburu, and the Sun Star – The Solar System Dozen.

Saturn The Black Star

However, Saturn sold out. It became utilized as an Orion Group Outpost and is also known as The Black Star. Saturn is only one step away from becoming a Dead Star. A Dead Star is an indication of the Black Sun or Draconian Agenda, that has completely coveted a planet, like the Dead Star – Abbadon the Destroyer, and linked to the Black Cube Matrix within the heart of Saturn.

It is the Yahweh Matrix system that is linked to the Black Cube Matrix on Saturn, which due to its manipulation misalignment has been sucking the life force out of Universal Time Matrix, and then channelling it back into its Black Hole system. The Saturn collective are heavily associated with the Nephilim or Fallen Angels, False Gods religions, and the Kabbalah and its False Artificial Tree of Life teachings. Saturn is not cool. And when it takes centre stage, we know about it, we feel the effects down here, and not in a good way. Saturn’s Black Cube and what it is used for is dark beyond dark. The low vibrational consciousness it is responsible for feeding are all the things associated with darkness, the vile, the perverse, and the unholy, in all forms, from stellar matter, to entities, to humans, to actions, to personalities, to thoughts.

The 7th Solar Gate UV Reversals

Saturn is the 7th Planet in our Solar System Dozen and as such is the 7th Solar Gate. Just as the natural process of high frequency plasma ray light activates sequentially higher levels of DNA within us, when inverted, the opposite also applies. By inverting plasma rays, distorted reversal rays are created which can then be broadcast into our planetary atmosphere. These reversals are intended to activate and perpetuate the seed in the universal shadow and further create all manner of distortions in our planetary body including changes in astrological influences, all of which reflect directly in kind in our collective and individual light-body.

The connected 7th Solar Gate of Saturn has been used to broadcast out a reversal 7D Violet Ray Light for an incredibly long time, thousands of years. To understand how this is reflected in the planetary systems by the damage inflicted in the vertical axiatonal lines upon which were impaled the crucifixion Implant and corresponding in the individual light-body and human consciousness, is to also understand some of the devastating results for humanity, and they should not be underestimated.

The Crucifixion Implant

The Crucifixion Implant is one of the results from the Galactic Wars which for the human consciousness meant we were no longer able to create and evolve naturally as our original blueprint was intended. With no memories of our origins and purpose, we have been perpetually reincarnating in a karmic loop, numbing to the pain of existing in anti-human based structures, with no connection to our Soul or Source. This is not natural, this was not the intention. There have been multiple inorganic mutations implanted into our macrocosmic and microcosmic structure or Logos, over an extended period of time, designed to separate us further and further from our origins and to divide and rule the human race. One of the most significant implants into our collective consciousness has been the false gods programme and the story of a crucified Christ and a salvation in the ‘second coming’. This is nothing short of an ironic mockery of us as it represents the human crucifixion when we were invaded, and of which salvation from lies within the individual Soul body and the corresponding energetic intelligence consciousnesses of the 7th dimension and reconnection with the Christos consciousness. The holographic Crucifixion Implants inserted into the planetary ‘mind’, and reflected in the human body as genetic distortions, are holding this karmic energetic reality, also known as the blood wounds of Christ. These programming structures are known as the Crucifixion Implant.

These measurable structures are positioned in the 7th Dimension and thereby also exists in the 7th Chakra of the human light-body. As always, as above, so below. We would be unaware of this until the individual 7th Chakra Seal is opened and reveals this to us. Many people continue to live completely unaware of this if their 7th Chakra remains closed and would disregard such teachings, which ironically is the very intention behind the implants, and so it goes on.

Armageddon Software

Endemic in the fields of medicine, finance, education, and science, other mind control strategies are used interchangeably in the fear-based programming such as war, disease, pestilence, and cataclysms, and all designed to control and supress human consciousness. This type of programming is known as Armageddon Software and essentially designed to bring about the demise of the human race though such extreme spiritual warfare manipulation strategies that would see humans turn on each other to the point of their complete downfall – descension into madness and despair, with no ownership of self and thereby at the mercy of control by another. Whoever controls the Mind, controls The Soul…

It has been realised that the 7th Solar System Stargate situated inside Saturn, has been broadcasting AI beams through the Moon, to essentially corrupt and pour out reversal 7D Ultra-Violet Waves in our magnetosphere. Some of these 7D reversal technologies have also been used for the purpose of enabling quick access into the earth field through parallel doorways which have been traced to lead to an underground water base in Lake Titicaca.

The good news however, is that this has recently been closed down and secured by our true spiritual family, amongst many other successful endeavours in what are to all intents and purposes, recon, re-alignment, secure and rescue missions. Humanity will be able to feel the positive effects of this particular dismantling, in matters corresponding the 7th Chakra, which shows up like being easier to clear energetic blockages and generating greater individual mental clarity, and also benefitting from improvements in pineal and glandular related physiology. For many, it has brought and is bringing in an inner questioning of what’s going on – people are asking the right questions and seeking the truth.

The Dragonfly Mission

Noteworthy is the pending Dragonfly Mission. Dragonfly is a NASA mission to Titan scheduled to launch in 2027. The spacecraft is an 8-bladed drone-like craft called a quadcopter and is due to make short flights around the surface of Saturn. It’s almost farcical. From the ‘accepted’ basis of discovery reports and the permitted limiting technological applications, we are far surpassed by the technologies of the interdimensional beings that are negatively interacting with our planet and the human consciousness. Rather, the mission seems to have another purpose, one that many will be reliant on NASA’s {Not A Space Agency} version of whatever transpires. Pay attention to the narrative that transpires and use your inner discernment.

This is not a time to be fearful but instead to know in our minds and hearts that we are not alone and that there are many more high level consciousnesses assisting and supporting us in line with service to the Universal Law of One teachings and for the greater good of humanity. The playing field is being levelled and restored to its natural and organic state, as decreed and as was the original intention.

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