Sacred Truths and True Lies – Brief Introduction

The entire human history of events prior to the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion have been attempted to be expunged from history books as if nothing ever happened. We have been dealt accounts of the origin of Humans that vary on the scale of what was and what wasn’t and have been fed and fuelled all types of distortions and coverups about our origins, purpose, ancient civilizations, technology, medicine, bio-weapon mind control agendas, crimes against humanity and the rest. The extent of the deceptions is staggering and exposing them is what the Great Disclosure Event that has been happening and recently gathering momentum, is all about.

In the articles in this category and the ones that follow, we take a look at some of the polar opposites of Sacred Truths, and True Lies.

Galileo Galilei
Flannery O’Connor

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