7 Bio Systems – 1 Healthy Body

The Human Body eliminates the waste that is toxic to our bodies by detoxifying itself through 7 principal systems. When these systems are overburdened, they don’t work as well as they should. To compensate, the toxins that haven’t been removed are forced into the bloodstream and deposited in the organs with the least tolerance, and if there are organs that have suffered some sort of damage previously, these are a likely destination.

Naturopathic Knowledge – Back To Natural

When our body is presented with a toxin or inorganic substance, it wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. Eli Metchnikof was a Russian Physician with expertise in naturopathic knowledge. In 1904 it was Eli who determined that the body will recycle any foreign or toxic element that it is incapable of getting rid of. In this recycling process, all 7 elimination systems will be used in attempts to rid the body of the toxicity. These 7 principal systems deal with specific toxins and in different ways, and keeping all of them in top condition is paramount to a healthy body.

Knowing the 7 Systems

The 7 principal systems for dealing with eliminating toxins or poisons are; the Liver, the Lungs, the Kidneys, the Colon, the Lymphatic System, the Blood, and the Skin.

The Liver

The Liver is both one of the largest organs in the body and also one of the most important. Through different chemical processes the Liver filters toxins and turns food into energy, new growth, and waste products. When operating in a healthy way, the Liver stores fats, vitamins, sugars, and other nutrients that the body needs. It produces, builds, and regulates chemicals that the body uses to stay healthy and to also break down substances in the body like alcohol and other substances that are damaging. The Liver also cleans and removes waste from the blood.


Using Milk Thistle based supplements are recommended because it contains a powerful antioxidant flavonoid called silymarin. It is used the world over to treat Liver conditions like alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and viral hepatitis.

It works in a triple format strategy; by attaching to the outside of liver cells and blocking off free radicals from entering the cells, foraging and ridding any toxins that are already present in the cells, and helping the Liver with its natural production of its own powerful antioxidant glutathione.

The Lungs

We use our Lungs to breathe, that’s pretty important as far as bodily functions go. We can strengthen our Lungs as we can with all our body parts, and that’s through exercise. The best way to exercise our Lungs is to give them a work out and they love deep breathing.


Smoking just is not good for our body in any way and our Lungs in particular hate it. So it’s pretty clear cut, don’t smoke and do deep breathing preferably in the fresh air, daily.

The Kidneys

The Kidneys elimination system of waste is through Urine. From the basic to the serious, there are a mass of health issues that derive from unhealthy Kidneys. Most of these issues stem from something as seemingly simple as dehydration. One of the first indicators of dehydration of the Kidneys, is the colour of urine. If it’s not clear as clean water, you are dehydrated. Think of a pond that hasn’t been touched by rain water for months, that water becomes stagnant, things grow in it… drink more water.


Corn Silk is a natural supplement that assists with cleaning and providing nutrition for the Kidneys.

The Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System is so important as it supports the Immune System which is our deliberate and powerful self defence system against any biological attacks. Many western medicine treatments, irrespective of any alleged genuine objectives, attack this natural and intelligent organ, and it doesn’t make sense regardless of how any related justification is dressed up. Instead, we should believe in the capabilities of the Lymphatic System that has been doing its job for far longer than our perceptions of its abilities.


The natural herb Arabanogalactan is a natural cleanser of the Lymphatic System. However, regular exercise is the best treatment that our Lymphatic System can receive. The Lymphatic System is the bodies filter system which supports immune function. A healthy and well functioning Lymphatic System is more than capable of filtering out and dealing with any toxins, bacteria, foreign particles, or chronic illness states that it is presented with. Don’t underestimate its capabilities, don’t underestimate yourself.

The Blood

BloodBlood is an organ too albeit a liquid one. On a physiological level, it works as a biological delivery system, transferring and transporting different substances throughout the body. It delivers all the nutrition to those areas that are in need and in just the right amounts.


Red Clover and Chlorella {not Cholera!} are effective natural cleansers of the Blood System. Regular exercise stimulates the Blood System too and helps to keep it pumping to rid the body of waste.

The Skin

The Skin is the largest organ of the Human Body. Sweating is a natural process that helps cleanse the Skin and keep it elastic and healthy.


Going to a Sauna and sweating is an age old tried and tested health regime for the Skin. Aside from this non physical activity of generating sweat though, there are many other physical activities that we can partake in to generate sweat. Sweat is good. Clean sweat is an indicator of healthy Skin.

The Colon

Anything the body doesn’t want or has extracted all the goodness from, needs to leave. The Colon is vital to effective health because it serves the function of transporting waste out of the body. Hydration of the digestion system improves Colon Health.


Drinking enough water in ounces equivalent to that of your body weight – daily, is the recommendation. Some reports have stated that cellular damage starts to occur when a cell is holding less than 65 per cent water.

For the undaunted, and if you want to go there, hydrating the Colon through Colon Hydrotherapy is proven to be a fast track benefit to clearing out toxins and re-establishing a healthy system. Another better received by most strategy is to go on a water diet. The effects on the human body and range of benefits is proportionate to the duration of the water diet.

The importance of these 7 Systems are fairly simple but at the same time crucial to understand for maintaining a healthy body. The care and respect for these predominant organs should really be paramount for all of us. These organs and how these systems operate, are designed to serve our bodies, to serve us, and should be treated accordingly. When we respect our body, we respect our self.