Next Wave – Protocol

Due to the planetary activations in 2012 and the galactic core alignment and opening of the Neutron Window, there is access in and out of our solar system and for as long as the density locks are open throughout the different dimensions. This has provided opportunities to communicate with an assortment of extradimensional enlightened beings

Guardian Host Concerns

The Guardian Host holds concern for angelic humans that have not been properly briefed on mindfulness, the necessity of clearing negative ego, and developing related emotional competences. In addition is the degree of spiritual maturity required in the proper handling of contact made by their direct spiritual family lineages.

For Starseeds, Indigos and awakening humans who this affects, it is important to have the mindfulness of the personal responsibility needed to comprehend that no otherworldly enlightened being or extra-terrestrial race should ever be perceived as greater than or of higher value then our self. It is highly suggested to practice the Law of One guidelines as a lifestyle as this is a pre-requisite for preparing for enlightened contact.

Getting Ready To Be Ready

It is also crucial that those humans that will be contacted by their star family or related lineages in the future, have some basic understanding of Guardian Host Protocols along with the mindfulness of mental and emotional maturity needed to remain stable and personally competent to engage in productive mutual communication. To prepare to interact or communicate with a range of benevolent non-human beings from other worlds, we need to be grounded with mindfulness and practical awareness of embodied self-love, self-acceptance, and the commitment to personal responsibility that is required for maintaining personal sovereignty.

We should also have some practical understanding of what it takes to manifest in this reality with principles of ethical conduct and responsible co-creation, along with having gleaned some wisdom and maturity from direct life experiences. To be an acting Guardian Representative, would encompass a loving, stable and competent person that has self-assessment skills of emotional self-regulation. Such individuals avoid displays of delusions of grandeur, messiah complex, superior-elitist thoughtforms, and addiction tendencies, while knowing the dangers that hero-saviour and self-delusions pose to rapidly digress mental and emotional health. Acting in the role as ambassador or liaison to interstellar communications and being available for direct enlightened contact requires some self-mastery with the psychological and emotional competence to remain coherent and clear in the presence of beings that appear very differently to ourselves. This is not a game of fantasy to be trifled with.

The return of the Emerald Order correlates to the fulfilment of the Emerald Covenant which is specifically for the purpose of freeing humanity and liberating the planet from her oppressors, which are comprised of interdimensional non-human and humanoid invaders and those that serve the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA). Humanity is caught mostly unaware in the midst of a strategic war game for control over Earth in which those opposing the Emerald Covenant promise to guide us to fully free humanity, are using everything they have available to take control with AI machinery and attempting to de-rail as many as possible by inciting distractions via false flags and World War.  

The return of the Emerald Order is the primary directive of the Guardian Host and they are returning to educate humanity about the ancient knowledge of our stellar histories and the alien hybridization conflicts our race has been involved in, but were subsequently blank slated into amnesiac mind-controlled slaves in order to forget and be exploited by these invaders that are not native to or planet. These have been humanities dark ages that many are finally leaving behind, as more and more people are taking off the blinkers and challenging the belief systems we have been fed and lived by for so long. For anyone who doesn’t know, Angelic humans were originally designed to be the Guardians that protected the planetary templar complex of Earth-Tara-Gaia network, which includes time travel through interdimensional stargates, portals, interacting with other races, and having access to natural methods of accessing abundant forms of clean and sustainable free energy.

Recognition Signs

The Guardian Host will never initiate contact through urgency, coercion, demands, manipulation or use force. They will never accept involvement in any mind control agenda or that which violates natural laws, or violates the rights of any human being or life form. They consistently emanate the highest Krystic ethics conducting themselves within the Law of One principles and the scientific laws that govern the mechanics of creation.

Authentic Guardian races will assist any sincere spiritual seeker that addresses them through principles of the Law of One, whereby they are committed to the expression of unconditional love, truth, respect and reverence for life. Any contact that feels or promises anything other than these recognition signs, are not of the Guardian Host or working in service to The Law of One Natural Laws. These are exciting times. Be discerning. Remember who you are.

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