Virtues – Armour of Amor, and 10 Shaolin Principles

The goodness of Virtues is our Spiritual Armour. It is our light in the presence of shadows. It is a mighty weapon and it is a gift as we hold our ground against the very real dark forces and entities being exposed to us irrespective of our understanding or belief of them. We must remain committed to establishing and maintaining our connection with all that is good and natural in our purpose of existence and evolution which are in line with all service to One based teachings.

A New Era

What do you believe in? Do you know who you are? The intense planetary, collective, and personal pressures we have faced, have presented as the Universal Shadow and are realized in our personal experiences as facing a form of Dark Arts Training. It has been necessary to face, endure, and to neutralize these extreme lower frequency polarity expressions however they show up, in order to be prepared and to gain the proficiency required for the highest expression of our potential in the next cycle.

This profound initiation process that is going on and affecting all of the earth’s inhabitants consciously or unconsciously, has required a pulling back of the veil by many that has hidden such unacceptable interference in planetary and human evolution.

Without an accurate assessment of the multiple forces operating on the earth at this time, how else are we supposed to understand how to navigate through the chaos they produce?

We are standing at the precipice of a new era. In this final battle that humanity is facing we can turn the tide together through expressing our own personal and individual integrity, and by holding our personal inner spiritual power, which is necessary to rid all unnatural energies and everything they represent and have forced upon us and our planet without our consent, to develop our awareness in every area and evict the shadows from our existence, each other, and our planet once and for all.

So we find, demonstrate, and maintain virtue in all our dealings and thereby strengthen our spiritual houses. We learn discernment so that we can read energy and not fall into traps designed to trick us and lead us astray and divert us from our path. There are no quick fixes whether they be based in the practical, emotional, or physical. One issue will simply be replaced by another of the same energy just in a different jacket on a different day until we embody the right virtuous response, and then we pass it, and thus we expand.

Five tips and themes to focus upon during this end game cycle; when we’re addressing or having to face difficult situations, painful energies, clearing of the shadow, deal with complex social situations or whatever it might be.

Number 1: Love is all. Source is Love.

Number 2: Compassion. Practice self-compassion first.

Number 3: Thoughts are things. When you have the bandwidth, explore the three Law(s) of Mentalism, the Law of Suggestion, and the Law of Response.

Number 4: Align to your Divine Will at all times. Thereby we will naturally align to the universal laws without effort. Not ‘My Will’, but ‘Divine Will’, will align us to the natural laws, even if it’s not understood exactly how they work in this moment.

Number 5: Law of Vibration, this is just making sure that we understand absolutely everything is conscious energy. Anything that appears inanimate as an object is a type of conscious energy. It has a vibrational frequency. 1

We are humanitarians, we are powerful, and we are changing the story. It starts with our self – our mind and our beliefs and the character and will power necessary to make and maintain the changes. It is imperative to take control of our mind and thoughts. If we don’t, someone or something else will, and all that matters is lost again.

The 10 Shaolin Art Virtues – by 35th Generation Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi

The Shaolin are known all over the world for their incredible feats of strength, will power, and discipline. Yet all these abilities are available to each and everyone of us. Like all spiritual based disciplines, it begins with training the mind, and that begins with an understanding of consciousness. To expand our consciousness and strengthen our spiritual houses we must practise virtuous behaviours until we embody them as our natural state of being. That is our Armour. It is an Armour of Amor.

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