The Book of Revelations Revelation

The Book of Revelations is the final book listed in the Books of the New Testament. It is weird, it is dark, and even the text layout just looks odd. Whilst many perpetuate the scripture, some churches reject the Book of Revelations due to the ambiguity surrounding its authorship and its obscure style of writings. This deep scepticism and distrust is for very good reason…

The Book of Revelations

by Sevi – The Black and White Cow

The Book is split into several parts. Chapter 1 serving as an introduction, followed by the following header texts as they are spelt in the Bible:

  • To Ephesus, Smyrna
  • The Four Beasts
  • The Fixt Angel
  • The Church Persecuted
  • The Beast
  • The Earth Reaped
  • The Whore of Babylon
  • The Lamb’s Marriage
  • The Heavenly Jerusaleum

The texts contains absolutely zero, nada, zilch, content from the original Founder Records, the Yeshua Manuscripts, or any other sacred transmissions or words from God.

The Throne of Jehova

The Four Beasts kneeling before the Throne of Jehova that are referred to in the Book of Revelations, pertain to the Founders Original Genetic Records and their representations of consciousness in the planetary grid system. The Lion, the Ox, the Eagle, and Man, are the embodiment of the most powerful Founder Guardian Consciousness Networks interconnected with the entire Planetary Grid and Stargate System. These extremely high and powerful energetic intelligence consciousnesses are reflected as the Great White Lion, the Scared Blue Cow, the Golden Eagle Grid, and the Four Pillars of Man. The intended plan to conquer and dominate these specific planetary grid network consciousnesses, would see them slain and brought to their knees in fealty and worship at the Throne of Jehova.

The headers in the Book of Revelations reflect the areas of intended deconstruction and the book goes on to outline the triggers and implementation of pre-planned Armageddon Software, designed to thwart the natural planetary transcendence at the end of the Ascension Cycle.

The Book of Revelations is a coded bible passage. Step by step it denotes how assorted negative alien and inorganic technologies are to be systematically implemented to wreak havoc upon the earth by infiltrating the collective conscious layers to bring into manifest and incite; terrorism, cataclysm, and pestilence.

It is a blueprint denoting a strategic plan for the intended takeover of the planetary consciousness in order to serve the ‘New World Order’ objectives of the NAA through the puppeted control agenda elite. To destroy all Founder Records, and to saturate humanity with destructive and self separating organized religions, and all with the objective to manipulate the end Timelines during the Ascension Cycle and thus put the entire stargate system under the control and at the mercy of the NAA. It is referred to and known as worshipping at the Throne of Jehovian Annunaki.

The Book of Revelations was never part of the original Founder Records, or has any basis in the Emerald Covenant or Founder Records, the Essene Tribes or Guardian Translations, or any other sacred knowledge whatsoever.

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